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Yoon's Landscaping Lawn Services in Torrance, CA

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My name is Edward Yoon, but you can call me Eddie. I operate Yoon’s Landscaping off of Torrance Boulevard in the beautiful city of Torrance, California. I offer lawn mowing services and lawn care services for people from Old Town to Southwood and all points in between.

I recognize that all the lawns around Torrance are different from one another in many ways. Every neighborhood is different with some properties having smaller lawns and others having big spots with plenty of trees all around. But my goal is to give all homes in the Torrance CA area the lawn service needs that they deserve.

I much appreciate that I have the opportunity to provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services to people in and around Torrance with the best lawn services around. That’s why I put my utmost attention to detail into every lawn care job I do for my clients. The lawn care and lawn service includes not only providing a comprehensive approach to my work but also ensuring that my services are suitable for each client. I work hard to provide my lawn care customers with the grass cutting help that they need while also being affordable and useful for their home care needs.

So, what goes into my lawn care services and lawn mowing services? To start, I can help you with reviewing your lawn to see how well it is growing. I can review the drainage and the elevation of the lawn. The goal is to figure out if the soil needs to be loosened up or if the lawnmower needs to be placed at a specific height suitable for the lawn. A full mowing is performed based on what appears to be proper for the lawn.

After this, I can assist you with trimming and edging spots around the property. This includes edging the grass near the driveway, sidewalk, and other paved surfaces. The goal is to keep the concrete places exposed while grass will not be likely to grow over all those spots. This all depends on the lawn care package you choose to get from me.

Our lawn care services also include weed control and removal among other landscape maintenance services. I am available to clear out various weeds that might grow around your lawn, including thick grass leaves that might be a sign of something concerning.

Everything I have to offer is designed to be affordable and easy to utilize. Ask us anything about the charges you will spend and how much it will cost for my lawn care services and lawn mowing services.

The lawn care services and lawn mowing services are great for any property. Maybe you have an apartment complex around Delthorne Park. I can come to the park up north and review the individual lawns around the space to see what each part of the complex requires. The goal would be to keep the yards looking consistent and green all around the area.

If you need assistance with lawn mowing services, lawn care services, or landscape maintenance in Torrance, I can help. You’ll find that I’ll provide excellent service for your lawn without busting your budget. You can even call me Ed if you want to; I’ll still give you the best service.

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Martinez Landscape Lawn Services in Torrance, CA

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Martinez Landscape wants to be your only option for lawn maintenance and lawn care services. We are based out of Western Avenue in Torrance CA, but we also serve people around Carson Street, Sepulveda Boulevard, and all the other vital spots around the city.

We work in the Old Town and Southeast Torrance parts of the city, but we also provide lawn care services to others around Torrance and other parts of the county. We provide lawn mowing services and lawn care services to every property from the smaller mobile units to the more massive mansions with all their mowing grass services.

But the most critical part of our lawn care services is that we can help you with mowing your lawn and doing other things for your space the right way. The odds are you might assume you can take care of lawn services maintenance functions on your own. But you might be mowing grass the wrong way.

Have you considered that mowing the lawn shorter isn’t going to help you all that much? Mowing grass too short will add stress to your lawn bed and makes your space susceptible to weeds. We will provide a full lawn mowing service that entails a review of your lawn’s height and seeing how short the lawn needs to be cut to avoid harm while allowing your space to look beautiful. Our trimming processes around landscapes and other slim or tight spots will help as well.

Have you tried removing weeds on your own? You might have felt that pulling those weeds out of your lawn is good enough for your landscape maintenance plans, but you’re spreading the seeds produced by that weed around the space. The weed will come back after a while and might be worse. Our weed removal service will use a specialized process for clearing out the weed and removing it, so the seeds die out.

You may also think that some parts of your lawn need extra water, but that might cause the grass bed to flood and experience fatigue. We can review your soil quality to see if it needs to be aerated. The yard maintenance process assists in removing compacted surfaces, thus providing a clearer space for watering without having to use more water than necessary.

The best part of our lawn care services is that we will assist you in taking care of even the largest lawns in the city. Our lawn service and lawn care get that not everyone has a lawn that is as big as Paradise Park, but we do what we can to ensure every yard is treated the right way. No lawn service or lawn care task is too large or small for us. We will even come to your property not long after you contact us, although you can ask us to come out at a specific time based on your availability. You could even ask us to come over while you’re at your job or school. You’ve probably got classes at El Camino College or around at the Alondra course that you’re more concerned about anyway.

You can rest assured that the lawn care services provided by Martinez Landscape will provide your lawn in Torrance CA with the best look the space could ever have. Contact our lawn care business today for a free estimate.

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El Shadday Lawn Services in Torrance, CA

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Let's talk about how busy your life is. You might be working at Village Del Amo or another shopping center, have a demanding studio job in Culver City, or be planning your next flight out of LAX. Whatever you're doing, you probably have enough on your plate without worrying about lawn care.

That's where El Shadday's lawn care and lawn mowing services come in handy. It's easy to forget about lawn care when you're juggling so many other things.

But neglecting your lawn can be costly. It can decrease your property's value and curb appeal. Your grass might die off if the lawn isn't properly maintained, and weeds are likely to take over.

The good news is that El Shadday's lawn care team can handle all your lawn mowing and yard maintenance tasks. We serve the entire Torrance area, from Pueblo to La Fresa.

Our comprehensive lawn maintenance approach is what makes us so popular in Torrance. We offer a full range of services, from mowing and aerating your lawn to trimming bushes. We make it easy to get the care your lawn needs.

Our team is dedicated to making your home look its best. We work hard to ensure your lawn is as beautiful as some of Torrance's public lawns. For example, have you noticed how well-maintained Charles Wilson Park is? Despite hosting numerous public and sporting events, the grass always looks lush. That's because it's regularly treated to ensure proper drainage. We offer the same high-quality services to keep your lawn looking its best.

Our lawn mowing and lawn care services are affordable and easy to schedule. Contact us, and we'll find a solution that fits your needs and budget. You'll never pay for services you didn't request. You have complete control over what we do for you.

If you need help caring for your lawn in Torrance, reach out to El Shadday's lawn care team. We want to be your trusted partner for all your lawn care needs.


Carrillo Landscaping Lawn Services in Torrance, CA

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The challenge that comes with trying to take care of your lawn the right way is not always easy to work with. But the good news is that we’ll assist you with your yard no matter where in Torrance CA you are based. We have the best lawn service that you can trust in the city.

Here at Carrillo Landscaping, we take pride in our work to help lawns around Torrance look their best. We are popular lawn care providers for how we focus on helping our clients around Torrance CA with finding the right solutions for their lawn care demands. Our goal is to give each of our clients the services that they deserve.

We are open to helping you with everything from grass cutting to trimming the trees around your property. The comprehensive approach that we provide for your lawn care needs is extensive and gives your property the support it requires for looking its best.

You can trust us to provide great lawn care to your lawn no matter how big or small it might be. We serve small lawns around Normandale and double-wide spaces around El Dorado. We also provide lawn care services around the trailer parks in the Torrance area. We will take care of even the smallest commercial properties even if it’s a small island of grass on the corner.

The functions we provide for your lawn care and yard maintenance needs are diverse in that we cover every part of your lawn. We will mow the main body of your lawn. We will also trim the edges of your yard where our mowers might struggle to reach. You can also trust us with trimming the spots around the walkways so your paved surfaces will be appropriately exposed.

We will also help with your landscape by providing a full trimming and weed removal service. We can also aerate the landscape if necessary to make future plans for mowing grass easier to follow.

Your trees will also be cared for through our service. We will provide you with a comprehensive approach to taking care of your lawn with the right trimming efforts in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your trees stay upright and that they will not be at risk of toppling or experiencing further damage from any issue that may come along.

Our lawn care and lawn service are also affordable for anyone in Torrance CA to utilize. You don’t have to be a CalTech grad to afford what we have to offer. Of course, we mow the lawns of CalTech grads too, but that’s another story. The point is that we’ll only charge you for the services that you ask for. You’ll always know what you’re going to pay for services before you agree to them and we carry out our work. We want to give you the full-scale approach to handling your lawn that you deserve to have on your property.

Get in touch with us at Carrillo Landscaping if you need assistance with getting your lawn to look its best. Our lawn mowing team will help you with everything from lawn mowing to lawn care and everything in between in your space.

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Justin Wilson lawn care service in Torrance CA
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The tree and grass space around my home at the Torrance Gardens mobile park isn’t much, but it ties the space together. It has been hard for me to find a good solution for caring for that spot without cutting too deep. Eddie comes over every month to help me with both cutting the grass at the right height and trimming the tree so it won’t tilt over. He’s done so well for me that some other people around the mobile park have asked him for help with clearing out weeds around their lawns and with cutting their grass.

Peter Lawrence lawn maintenance in Torrance CA
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My work at the chemical plant along Crenshaw Boulevard is tiring enough to where I need a good shower after each shift. I don’t want to make things worse by having to mow my lawn in the Delthorne area after I get home. Martinez Landscape comes out while I am working once a month to mow my lawn for me. The team does well with measuring and inspecting the lawn. They’ve done well with aerating my lawn on demand as well. The team always does services based on what I agree to without any surprises. They always leave notes for me about my yard so I can review them when I get home too.

Amanda McCabe lawn cut in Torrance CA
lawn-care-services-in-Torrance-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Torrance-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Torrance-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Torrance-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Torrance-CA

I work every weekday at an auto repair shop, on Crenshaw and Sepulveda, and I spend my weekends taking care of my car. Lawn care is the last thing that I know about. The good news is that El Shadday is there for me. The team comes to my property every month and helps me with mowing my space and taking care of all the cleanup. They do well with my lawn near Hickory Park, but the thing that impressed me the most was how well they aerate the yard. I haven’t had any standing puddles of water on my lawn in months.

Lauren Jefferson lawn care in Torrance CA
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Carrillo arrived at my home in Marble Estates at the time they said they would come. I don’t ever recall the cable guy ever doing that. Carrillo also helped with measuring my lawn and checking on its drainage before they started mowing. I found out that my lawn was being cut too short and that it needed to grow a slight bit for the grass to feel healthy. After a few sessions, my grass looked greener, and the weeds started to disappear. They also explained in detail to me what they did for my lawn, something that other lawn care professionals hardly ever do at my place.