Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Haines City, FL as of May, 2024

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Edinson Castillo Lawn Services in Haines City, FL

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How much would you pay for an eye-seducing, magnificent, and lush landscape? What if you could pay a whole lot less for better lawn care services in Haines City, Florida, or Polk County? By hiring the professionals at Edinson Castillo, now you can.

Our lawn care business gets your lawn to look greener and healthier without draining your bank account. Our lawn care experts are trained to deliver a menu of services including aeration, overseeding, weed control, yard work, and much more.

With our free site assessment and fast responding customer service, you get the total package when hiring us. Everything from lawn mowing services to edging is all available when you hire us here at Edinson Castillo.

You can hire us without being locked into any contracts. Our lawn mowing services and lawn care services are fully insured. You’re completely covered in case of any incident, which we proudly have never run into.

Our solid background makes us one of the best options for quality lawn service and lawn maintenance work. Customers love the fact that we use time-saving and cost-effective tools. Everything from the fertilizers we use to the lawnmowers we maneuver is eco-friendly by function.

Even our grass disease and weed control services use safe removal practices, especially with the addition of quality herbicides and fertilizers. By making sure you have proper mowing, watering, and much more, we’ll have your lawn look green and fresh in no time.

With so many options available for you at a great price, we offer the best lawn care package in town. Choose from our many quality lawn care packages. These packages are provided by our highly trained and experienced lawn care professionals.

Edinson Castillo has several lawn service and lawn care options for you. Services including lawn service, seeding, fertilizing, edging, lawn mowing services, and much more.

Check out our business profile to see our list of lawn care services.

You can see the work we’ve done for properties near places like Lake Eva Community Park and many other places in Haines City, Florida.

Hire Edinson Castillo for quality and inexpensive lawn service solutions. 

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Clear Property Maintenance Lawn Services in Haines City, FL

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Are you leaving your lawn open to fungus, disease, growing weeds, or expensive-to-fix problems? If you’re overwatering, not watering enough, not using the right fertilizers, or hiring amateur lawn care companies, your grass could end up looking brown, patchy, and full of weeds. Here at Clear Property Maintenance, we’ll help create a lawn that works together for maximum growth.

Our lawn care professionals at Clear Property Maintenance are interested in making sure we get your lawn or yard looking at its best. You’ll high-quality lawn mowing services and lawn care services in Haines City, Florida, and Polk County, from us.

If your lawn is in bad shape, it will need some aeration or dethatching. We’ll implement proper overseeding practices and use fertilizers to help nurture a growing lawn. By adding proper water to your lawn at a recommended volume, we’ll be able to give it that rich green color.

We offer different lawn care packages for grass already in good condition. For the most part, a well-rounded watering, mowing, and lawn maintenance job are needed. Our lawn mowing services consistent with edging and other cleanup work.

Whatever it is we do and what you hire us for, you’ll get proper lawn care in Haines City. Choose from our many services including lawn mowing services, lawn service, aeration, weed control, yard work, and other lawn care services.

You can see the lawn care work we’ve done for properties near places like Haines City Public Library, and many other places in Haines City, Florida.

Download the free GreenPal app and hire Clear Property Maintenance now for quality lawn care in Haines City. 

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Booso Lawn Care Service Lawn Services in Haines City, FL

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(overall rating 4.5/5.57 Reviews)

Dealing with a thinning lawn? We have an easy fix. Don’t know how or when to top-dress your lawn? We know how. Don’t know why your lawn is not looking great even when you’ve done everything right? We might know why. Need someone to do the lawn mowing to free up your weekend? We can help.

Whatever lawn care services or lawn mowing services you need, the lawn service experts at Booso Lawn Care Service can help. Our affordable prices and a laundry list of full-scale landscaping solutions are your key to a better and more polished outdoor space in Haines City, Florida, or Polk County.

With our three-step evaluation and geographical assessment, we’ll dive deep into the root causes of all your lawn care issues. With the proper balance of watering, upkeep, seeding, fertilizing, and lawn mowing, we can get your lawn to near perfection.

Our careful attention to detail will help you avoid overwatering, “burning,” underwatering, or using the wrong seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides. Using soil moistures, mowing practices, and seasonal yard maintenance, you won’t find another full-scale solution like the one Booso Lawn Care Service offers.

Whether it’s lawn mowing services, edging, or lawn maintenance, no one offers the same quality customer service, affordable prices, or dedication to excellence.

Booso Lawn Care Service has great reviews, long-standing history, and proven background that makes us unmatched against most of our competitors. We’re confident in what we do and what we can do for you.

You can see the work we’ve done for properties near places like Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club and many other places in Haines City, Florida.

Contact Booso Lawn Care Service today for quality lawn care services in Haines City.

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Michiee Bee Lawn Care Lawn Services in Haines City, FL

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(overall rating 4.7/5.218 Reviews)

We’d like to thank you and welcome you to our page. Michiee Bee Lawn Care is a company committed to making your lawn look better or help keep it that way for a long time. Our lawn care business will answer all your questions, provide responsive customer service, and deliver on all our promises.

We don’t believe in hyping our services. So, we encourage you to read over our many reviews to see how we’ve helped hundreds of people transform their outdoors into greener pastures.

When you hire Michiee Bee Lawn Care, we promise to deliver premium lawn care services in Haines City, Florida, and in Polk County.

Our lawn care services will make your lawn look better than ever. Our lawn mowing services come packed with everything your lawn will need. From proper mowing to a good balance of watering, we’ll fix, restore, or maintain a healthier outdoor space.

We’re experts at treating all types of grass and soil types in Florida. We are very experienced in Zoysia and St. Augustine grass and usually recommend Scott’s Turf fertilizers and other herbicide products for those grass types. Depending on where you live, we’ll also recommend about an inch or so of weekly watering.

Our recommendations do change based on the condition of your grass, how it looks when you hire us and based on other little things. Brown, bald, or messy grass will need to be treated soon to avoid spread or long-term issues.

We’ll also cut your grass using our energy-efficient lawnmowers. Because they’re silent, you’ll barely even hear us. Our other tools are used for pruning, trimming, edging, and more.

Whatever you need, we’ll make sure you get the best lawn care package without being locked into any contract or paying crazy prices. If you want lawn care services in Haines City for the best possible results, our lawn care professionals will help you.

Visit our business profile and check out the lawn care work we’ve done.

You’ll see the projects we’ve done for properties near places like Feltrim Sports Complex and many other places in Haines City, Florida.

Sign up for the GreenPal app and hire Michiee Bee Lawn Care for all your property.

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Marcial Reyes grass cut in Haines City FL
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After what felt like an eternity figuring what was wrong with my lawn, I decided it was time to hire a company. I got so much conflicting information online and it only confused me further when I tried doing any work on my property that is near Haines City Mall. After learning about GreenPal and hiring Edinson Castillo, they immediately identified the issue that was plaguing my lawn. I couldn’t have asked for a quicker solution to my problems. Thank you!

Andy Higgins lawn cut in Haines City FL
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I had a great-looking property at one point. It was green and taking care of it was pretty simple. After a while, it started fading and wasn’t even growing back the way it used. I was confused since I was doing everything I used to do. Clear Property Maintenance pointed out what the issue was and quickly dealt with it. After a few weeks, I’ve seen incredible changes on my property near Boone Middle School. They’re fantastic.

Orville Harris yard mowing in Haines City FL
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After searching a while for lawn mowing services near me, I was introduced to the GreenPal app. I read about some people’s experiences with it and tried it for myself. Booso Lawn Care Service was the first and only company I hired. For almost a year now, they’ve been taking care of my property that is near Haines City Public Library and I couldn’t be happier.

Erika Ingram lawn cut in Haines City FL
local-lawn-care-services-in-Haines City-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Haines City-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Haines City-FL lawn-care-services-in-Haines City-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Haines City-FL

I highly recommend you hire Michiee Bee Lawn Care. They’ve been awesome for me and my property that is near Alta Vista Elementary School. They’ve done a great job for me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.