How to edge your lawn like a pro


How to edge your lawn like a pro

So you want make that edge on your lawn like the pro’s do?   Well… here is your how to guide  :-)

First off, you have to have the right tool for the job. The problem is many consumer edgers are difficult to use, make a lot of mess, and get bogged down easily.  I bet you know that pain.

You will need to buy a straight shaft weed-eater that is powerful enough to do the job similar to one similar to what the pro’s use.  Kawasaki has an entry level commercial grade model that can be purchased for around $275.

Next, you will need to remove the guard around the head.  While this is not by the safety book, it’s what the pro’s do.  This is what allows you to invert the weed-eater to cut in the edge at 90 degree angle, like you see here.

This is how to edge the lawn like the pros

So now that you have a professional weed-eater, with the guard removed, next you will need to practice.

Using 4-6” of string on each end , position the weed-eater at 90 degree angle and experiment with the throttle giving it enough power to cut back the overgrown grass.    At first you are going to be doing a sloppy job, but with practice you will cut a beautiful edge like you see in the picture above.

At first, do it while walking backwards, this will discharge the debris always from you.  As you get better, and have a maintained edge, you will be able to do forward and backwards.

When I was training new recruits at my landscaping company, it would take about a week for a new team member to master edging with a string trimmer.   So it will take you some practice, but hey, it’s better than paying someone to do it, and it will be faster and more beautiful than any other method.  

Be advised this method may or may not work in areas such as Florida that have sandy soils.  Many of our lawn care vendor partners in St. Petersburg, and Tampa Florida prefer to use a blade stick edger because the soil contains allot of sand.

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