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How much should a bag of mulch cost to install?

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Bagged mulch install:
Calculating the right price matters So, how much should I charge to install mulch per bag?

It's true, installing mulch by the bag can be a lot easier than ordering mulch in bulk.

Less mess, easier to transport, and sometimes you can get a better deal.

But how do you charge for mulch when it's bagged?

And, should you charge by the bag or by the yard?

Well, below you will find the answers, along with other landscaping tips!

So, How much should I charge to install a bag of mulch?

It's true, part of mulching like a pro is pricing. And the answer is fairly simple. But there are two general pricing models most landscapers choose from. So you will want to consider each carefully before setting a price on your mulch.

In general, when it comes to bagged mulch, landscapers will either charge by the bag, or by the yard.

Charging the right price for mulch is simply part of establishing your lawn care company.  

By The Bag Pricing of Mulch

So what is the right price to charge to install one bag of mulch? 

Well, many lawn care professionals will simply double the price of the bag.

For example, if the bag costs $3, they would charge $6. 

So if you install 18 bags containing 1.5 cubic feet or one yard at that rate, it would cost the homeowner $108 a yard, which is on the low end of what a landscaper would charge when installing bulk mulch. 

While pricing this way can be simple, it can cause a wide range in prices. And significantly impact how much you will make off of each bag installed. 

Therefore many lawn care professionals will simply opt to charge by the yard or a fixed rate per bag. 

Pricing stratagies for bagged mulch Greenpal

Fixed Price Per Bag

Many lawn care professionals have a fixed rate per bag. Which helps keep prices from wavering. While this is similar to charging by the yard, it offers a more accurate price for the cost of service.

Therefore some landscapers will simply divide the cost for a yard by how much mulch is in each bag. 

For example, if your target is $130 per yard of mulch, and you are installing mulch that is packaged in 1.5 cubic foot pages. Then you would divide the price you want per yard of mulch 130 by the number of bags you need for a yard which would be 18. 

Giving you a cost of $7.22 per bag. 

This pricing model is really a mix between charging by the yard and charging by the bag.

Pro Tip! There are 27 cubic feet in a yard, and you will want to remember there are different sizes for bags. Some are two cubic feet; others are 1.5. Always double-check how many cubic feet are in the bag before setting your price.

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Charging By The Yard For Bagged Mulch

Charging by the yard rather than by the bag can also help standardize your prices. 

Most lawn care professionals charge at least $90 a yard for spreading mulch. With many charging $120 or more per yard. Which includes the cost for both time and material. 

This method can simplify your pricing across the board, especially if you install both bagged and bulk mulch for different clients.

Here's the deal, the trouble with charging by the yard comes in rounding the numbers. So if you aren't willing to round to the nearest yard, you may want to consider a fixed price per bag.How to spread mulch by the bag GreenpalBenefits of Installing Mulch By the Bag

There are a lot of benefits to installing mulch by the bag. 

In fact, we have written a lot about whether you should buy mulch in bulk or by the bag. And we have found that it really comes down to your circumstances and personal preference. 

Bagged mulch has several benefits. Most notably is that it is easier to transport and use. 

Transporting bagged mulchBagged Mulch is Easier to Transport

It's true; bagged mulch can be transported much easier. 

And if you are just getting started with your lawn care business and only have a van or a car. You can still transport bagged mulch until you can get a trailer or a truck. So it can be incredibly helpful if you are a beginner or intermediate landscaper.

But even if you are a seasoned veteran. Bagged mulch may still be preferential. In fact, we conducted a survey which showed that 19% of landscapers prefer using bagged mulch

Further, we found that 33% of landscapers said it depends on the job and occasionally uses bagged mulch

survey of lawn care professionals on how they prefer to spread mulch. Bagged or bulk? Greenpal

Best for Difficult Terrain

Unless you have a mulch blowing machine, bagged mulch is much easier to get into difficult-to-access garden beds, such as a garden bed on a slope or a landscape bed that is difficult to access. 

Rather than having to use a wheelbarrow to heave mulch up a hill or through rocky terrain, you can simply sling a bag or two over your shoulders and walk it to the bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How many bags of mulch do I need? 

To determine how many bags of mulch you need, consider the area you wish to cover and how thick you want the mulch layer to be. Generally, a bag containing 2 cubic feet of mulch can cover around 10 square feet if spread to a depth of 2 inches.

 What's the most cost-effective mulch type? 

The best mulch for your budget depends on your specific needs and financial constraints. Inorganic mulches are often less expensive and could be a suitable choice if cost is a primary concern. However, organic mulches offer added benefits like improving soil health and retaining moisture, which might justify their higher price in the long term.

 How deep should mulch be? 

For optimal results, a mulch layer in most gardens should be between 2 to 3 inches deep.

 How much does a bag of shredded bark cost? 

The price of a bag of shredded bark mulch varies, typically ranging from $3 to $10 per bag.

 How much does a bag of colored mulch cost? 

Colored mulches, such as red or black, are priced between $5 to $13 per bag.

 How much does a bag of rubber mulch cost? 

Rubber mulch tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, costing between $7 and $15 per bag.

 Where is the best place to buy mulch? 

You can purchase mulch at various places, including home improvement stores, garden centers, and landscape supply companies. Additionally, online shopping can sometimes offer great deals.Decide how to charge for each bag of mulch

Charging For Mulch By The Bag

Here's the deal, the method of pricing you want to use to charge for each bag of installed mulch is up to your personal preference. 

Many lawn care companies start off using bagged mulch but later switch to bulk. Yet, there will always be certain occasions where using bagged mulch is a better option. 

Whatever your case may be, one of these two pricing options will help you charge a fair price for your services. 

TLDR: Charging for Bagged Mulch - Easy Guide

Lawn care pros charge for bagged mulch either by the bag or by the yard.

Charging by the bag:
  • Simple: Double the bag price (e.g., $3 bag = $6 install).
  • Less accurate: Prices vary depending on bag size and number used.
Charging by the yard:
  • Standardized: $90-$120 per yard, includes material and labor.
  • Tricky: Rounding numbers can affect pricing.
Choose based on:
  • Personal preference.
  • Job complexity. Bagged mulch is easier for difficult areas.
  • Business stage: Bagged mulch is easier to transport for beginners.
Bonus tips:
  • Consider mulch type (organic vs. inorganic) and color for pricing.
  • Know your target profit per yard to set fair bag prices.

GreenPal is dedicated to helping lawn care professionals grow their businesses. And if you are looking for more related reading, check this article on how to calculate how much mulch you need.  Sign up on GreenPal for lawn care success

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