​Blow Anything Away with these Top Commercial Blowers

​Blow Anything Away with these Top Commercial Blowers

​Blow Anything Away with these Top Commercial Blowers

“A cherry on top” metaphorically means something good follows a series of other fortunate events. It stems from the idea that a bowl of ice cream is fantastic, but even more fantastic if a cherry were placed on top. This “cherry on top” in the landscaping business can be correlated to blowing off a property. After carefully mowing perfect stripes in the lawn, edging around all of the landscaping and hard surfaces, what the provider has left are grass clippings and debris from the mowing and edging.

Without properly blowing the debris back into the lawn and off the visible areas of the property, lawn care pros can leave a property looking messy and unattractive. Landscaping pros have many choices when it comes to blowers—electric or gas, hand held or backpack, 2-stroke or 4-stroke—are a few questions that need to be answered. For lawn care pros cutting grass in Marietta, Georgia or mowing lawns in Gastonia, North Carolina, electric and hand held options are impractical. Below is a breakdown of the most popular gas powered, backpack blowers that hopefully can help make your next “mind blowing” purchase.

Makita BBX7600—This Makita blower combines a powerful 4-stroke engine and also provides an incredible amount of comfort thanks to padded shoulder straps that have been ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue. The engine is very fuel efficient and omits the need of mixing fuel and oil that is mandatory on 2-stroke blowers. At only 74 decibels, this blower is relatively quiet, making it a great choice for residential use as well as commercial use. At the top of the price chain, this blower comes with a 2-year commercial manufactures warranty.

Engine Type: 4-stroke

MPH: 195

Weight: 22.5 pounds

Cost: $499

Troy-Bilt TB4BP—Troy-Bilt designed this 4-stroke blower with comfort in mind and also eliminated the mixing of fuel and oil by using a 4-stroke engine. The TB48P has a multi-material suspension framework that disperses weight evenly in the middle of the shoulders and hips, designed for multi-hour use. Being one of the cheapest blowers and quietest at 72 decibels, this blower is able to handle most small landscaping needs, residential or commercial, and comes standard with a 2-year manufacturer’s commercial warranty.

Engine Type: 4-cycle

MPH: 150

Weight: 21.8 pounds

Cost: $229

Husqvarna 350BT—This Husqvarna workhorse was designed for performance and comfort. Having moderately high top end air speed, this 2-cycle does require fuel and oil mixture. Nonetheless, with its padded shoulder straps and hip belt, the weight of the engine gets distributed across the shoulders reducing any regular, long-term fatigue. Being fairly priced, this blower is a little louder at 104 decibels and is mainly used by commercial landscaping companies. The 350BT comes with a 2-year commercial manufacturer warranty.

Engine Type: 2-cycle

MPH: 180

Weight: 22.5 pounds

Cost: $319

Shindaiwa EB854RT—This powerful Shindaiwa blower combines the best of a 2-cycle’s lightweight engine with the power of a 4-cycle but will still require a mixture of oil and fuel. The Hybrid engine provides more torque, power, and fuel efficiency without adding all of the weight. A little heavier than most, the Shindaiwa is very well balanced thanks to padded hip belts in the backpack frame and shoulder harnesses and designed for big jobs. Mainly used by commercial landscapers, this blower is quiet enough to be used in sensitive residential areas due to only being 77 decibels loud. The powerful Shindaiwa is very pricey but comes with 2-year commercial or a 5-year residential warranty.

Engine Type: 2/4-cycle Hybrid

MPH: 213

Weight: 27.6 pounds

Cost: $529

Echo PB-770T—This Echo blower has enough power to handle any and all landscaping needs. Its 2-cycle engine will require mixing fuel and oil but has one of the highest air speeds available. The 770T is a little heavier than most blowers but is also one of the quietest at only 73 decibels. The vented straps and double padded shoulder straps make it ideal for prolonged use. This blower is more expensive than most but comes with an optional 5-year consumer warranty or a 2-year commercial warranty.

Engine Type: 2-cycle

MPH: 234

Weight: 24.3 pounds

Cost: $499

Not blowing off a property after mowing is a cardinal sin when it comes to lawn care. This act tidies up any property and instantly adds a cherry on top to any freshly cut lawn. With so many choices of equipment for professional lawn pros, which one takes home the trophy? You cant go wrong with any of these professional grade backpack blowers, however, our recommendation is the Shindaiwa.  It packs the biggest power-to-weight ratio, overall durability, and newest engine technology.  . 

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