Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lake Charles, LA as of Feb, 2024

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Hungry Horse Lawn Services in Lake Charles, LA

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(overall rating 4.3/5.98 Reviews)

The locally owned and operated lawn care company that has been providing premium lawn care services to property owners in Lake Charles, Louisiana is ready to help you transform your lawn. If you are in need of lawn care services or any type of landscaping maintenance, we suggest you check out our wide selection of lawn care services. At Hungry Horse, we have several years of lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and landscaping experience that has turned once impossible to fix lawns into beautiful curbside views. Our high-quality and affordable lawn care services can breathe new life into your property and at affordable prices. Let the professionals at Hungry Horse help enhance your lawn.

You can book us for a variety of lawn care, edging, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services. Hiring our professional team of lawn care experts means you’ll be receiving luxury style lawn care treatment without spending a fortune for it.

Hungry Horse has methodically trained our lawn care team to provide the highest quality of lawn care services on a consistent basis. Our company is readily prepared to handle any lawn care problem you may be going through.

Our combined years of skills and experience have helped prepare us to provide tailor-made landscape and yard maintenance services for your lawn and yard. Through investing in our own business, attending major conventions, taking part in conferences, following industry-leading practices, and constantly upgrading to cutting edge technology, we can provide lawn care services unlike any other.

Most lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers invest in much time as we do in bettering our company and providing lawn care services that are both affordable and of high quality. This is even more true for lawn care companies who are looking to cut corners or spend the least amount of time working your property.

You deserve more than that! We have provided a vast number of lawn care services and grass cutting work for many commercial and residential property owners for many years.

If you determine after looking at our profile that you want to hire us, you’ll be able to select from a wide selection of lawn care services like landscape maintenance, core aeration, dethatching, grass cutting, insect control, sodding, weed control, lawn mowing, mulching, and much more yard maintenance services.

Our goal is to serve property owners in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our inexpensive and trustworthy lawn care services will completely transform your lawn and ensure your yard is receiving proper lawn care treatment.

We have worked for property owners in many neighborhoods and areas including near Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu, Mallard Cover Golf Course, Orange Grove & Graceland, St. Henry Catholic Church, and many other areas in Lake Charles.

If you need weekly or monthly lawn mowing, precision bush and shrub trimming, edging, grass cutting, fertilizing, sodding, seeding, or any other lawn care services, we suggest you hire us.

So, if you see any of our lawn care services that you like, get started by downloading the free GreenPal app. We’ll place a lawn care bid on your yard or lawn. You can then decide to hire us if you think we are a good fit.  

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Green Earth Services Lawn Services in Lake Charles, LA

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(overall rating 4.5/5.47 Reviews)

Here at Green Earth Services, we truly pride ourselves in the caliber of our lawn care services we provide residents and property owners in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We can take your yard or lawn and completely renovate it to your desire. Every lawn and yard can benefit from having a properly cared for and well-nourished lawn. If you own property in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Green Earth Services can provide premium and reliable lawn care services at affordable prices. You’ll receive the lawn care services your lawn needs to thrive while improving its appearance and saving you money too.

You shouldn’t have to pay double the amount for lawn care or lawn mowing services by going with another costly lawn care company when you can get the same high-level lawn care services by working with us.

Residents of Lake Charles, Arkansas, and its surrounding cities can hire Green Earth Services for a selection of grass cutting, sodding, landscape maintenance, or a wide variety of lawn care services. Not all lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers can perform the same level of lawn care services that we do.

Some lawn care companies don’t always provide the same level of treatment on an ongoing basis or offer lawn care services without royally messing up your grass over time.

We remain strong in expanding our list of happy clients consecutively for years because of the dedicated lawn care services we provide.

Green Earth Services answers the call for receiving quality lawn care services. If you have ever received poor lawn care services at any point in time, you may be jaded or a lot less trusting. We get it. Some have experienced the no-shows, the always late workers, or the lawn care providers who don’t deliver what you ask.

Like many of our happy customers, you too can benefit from our lawn care services, treatment, and prices.

We guarantee that you’ll receive the lawn care services you deserve and at a better price. We have provided all types of lawn care services to people all over Conway, which includes places near Killen Stadium, Prien Lake Mall, Pearl Watson Elementary School, Lock Park, The Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana.

The free GreenPal app makes it really easy to compare rates in your area and match them with our lawn care and lawn mowing services. You will soon find out that we offer some of the best contracts around. You can hire us for any lawn care services you can probably think of. These include landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, edging, power washing, mulching, grass cutting, sodding, and many more services.

Our reviews can make this choice easier for you too. We are one of the most regarded lawn care companies in Lake Charles, Louisiana and we’re ready to help you.

You can get the lawn cut for affordable prices and receive grass cutting, fertilizing, sodding, mulching, dethatching, or weekly yard maintenance services. Your choice. We offer that and much more. Check our profile and reach out to us after you download the free GreenPal app.

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Lee's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Lake Charles, LA

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(overall rating 4.9/5.29 Reviews)

Thank you for considering Lee’s Lawn Care. We encourage you to take your time to browse and search through our company’s profile to determine if we are the best fit for all your lawn care needs and goals. We’d like to nudge you in our direction. You can choose to hire us on the free GreenPal app so that you can receive high-quality lawn care services and pay insanely economical prices. Whether you have a nagging lawn care problem that’s been affecting you for a while or need someone to take on the lawn mowing chore, Lee’s Lawn Care has the answer for you. Our lawn care company serves people in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We offer several services such as trimming bushes, lawn mowing, grass cutting, core aeration, sodding, fertilizing, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, mulching, planting, and many other landscaping and lawn care services.

A busy life will hold you back from simple chores like mowing your lawn. The energy-draining task can be challenging when you have work, school, kids, or all of the above. Plus, the effort it takes to keep your grass looking healthy and green all year takes a lot of effort and consistent work. We know things happen and wasting another weekend making sure your yard and lawn are kept in good condition shouldn’t have to be a time-waster. We want to make your life easier and even ease the burden of stretching your wallet.

At Lee’s Lawn Care, we have grown to be one of the top-rated lawn care companies in Lake Charles, Louisiana because we provide high-quality lawn care services at an affordable rate. We don’t believe it’s fair that you’d have to spend more on lawn care services if you don’t have to.

We have provided lawn care services to various people in Lake Charles. Much of our work has been done in places or near popular locations like McNeese State University, Calcasieu Parish Public Library, Huber Park, Riverside Park Complex, and many other areas in Lake Charles.

If you’ve been considering hiring lawn mowing providers or even local lawn care companies for any lawn care service, you can expect to receive lawn care services from trained professionals who are prepared to handle just about anything you throw at them.

If you’re going to hire local businesses, you might as well consider working with a lawn care company that will save you money and equally deliver quality lawn care services.

When downloading the GreenPal app for free, you can have us come to your property as soon as the next day if we are free. Decide how often you need yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, edging, grass cutting, or lawn care services for and you’ll have a staff member provide the lawn care services you want quickly and competently.

Look through our profile, you will see our past work and positive ratings. We know this decision is not easy, so we encourage you to take your time and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Book us now on the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your lawn. 

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Southern Roots Lawn Services in Lake Charles, LA

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(overall rating 4.7/5.124 Reviews)

At Southern Roots, our lawn care services are made to make you feel like you are paying to get premium lawn care services without having to pay luxury-level prices. Our lawn care company provides an endless list of lawn care services to help beautify your lawn, renovate your yard, or maintain the curb appeal of your property’s grass. Our premium lawn care services have helped transform lawns and yards all over Lake Charles while helping people save money and win back some free time. We encourage you to binge-watch your favorite Netflix movie or visit the Mallard Cove Golf Course or spend some time with your family while we provide the high-quality lawn care services you requested.

Take advantage of our exclusive deals made available only for GreenPal users. When you sign up for the free GreenPal app and hire us for specific lawn care services, we can begin the day you schedule for us to arrive at your property.

If you were to hire expensive lawn mowing providers, you would easily end up spending double or even triple the amount for the same lawn care services we provide. Even more so, you don’t know if you are going to get high-quality lawn care services from lawn care companies you hire. Just because they have a nice website doesn’t mean you’re going to get a properly cared for lawn.

We provide both affordable and high-quality lawn care services to give you the best of both worlds.

Our growing list of customers and a long line of positive rating is the direct result of our quality lawn services that we continue to produce all the time.

If after reviewing our profile you determine we are the right fit for your lawn care needs, we want to remind you that at Southern Roots you’ll be partnering with a lawn care company that provides customized solutions at prices you will be comfortable paying. We offer numerous inexpensive services such as lawn mowing, edging, sodding, yard maintenance, grass cutting, and landscape maintenance services that can handle just about any issue you may have or help you achieve any goal you’d like.

Our trained staff of lawn care professionals has been effectively trained on how to follow the industry-leading practices for delivering a consistent level of quality services. We use cutting edge technology and greener products so your family is not exposed to harmful chemicals

You can get our lawn care services as soon as the next day or this week if you book us at a certain time. You don’t even need to be home or at the property while we work. We can share updates via message and give you progress updates.

So, if you need core aeration, sodding, mulching, dethatching, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, grass cutting, lawn mowing, or another lawn care service, we will help you.

Download the free GreenPal app and hire us as soon as you’re ready. We want to learn more about your needs and goals.  

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Gene Steadman lawn care in Lake Charles LA
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-lawn-services-in-Lake Charles-LA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA lawn-care-services-in-Lake Charles-LA

The crew members at Hungry Horse came to my property the day after I contacted them. They were extremely professional and are very warm people. I had several questions regarding some lawn issues I hard and they took the time to answer my questions. I wanted to get the lawn cut and prior to hiring them, I searched for lawn care services near me. With so many lawn care companies to choose from I discovered GreenPal, which is where I found Hungry Horse. I hired them for lawn mowing services and weekly yard maintenance for my home near Lake Charles Multi-Sports Complex. I highly recommend them for any lawn care services. 

Samuel Kim lawn service in Lake Charles LA
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA

One of the first things I seek when hiring any kind of service is good customer service, convenient scheduling, positive reviews, and solid work history. After searching for lawn care companies near me, I decided to hire Green Earth Services because they were super friendly, clear about the lawn care services they were going to provide for my yard that is near Huber Park and patiently answered all my questions. In my opinion, they did a great job for our yard. My wife and I were so happy with the lawn care services we received from them that we hired them for ongoing yard maintenance work. They are awesome and well worth it. 

Mike Lewis lawn cutting in Lake Charles LA
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA lawn-maintenance-in-Lake Charles-LA lawn-care-services-in-Lake Charles-LA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Lake Charles-LA

Lee's Lawn Care is the type of company I enjoy working with. They do not waste your time and get the lawn cut without hassle or hesitation. My lawn and yard that is near Millennium Park and I wanted to hire a reliable lawn care company that wasn't going to waste my time. After I downloaded the GreenPal app, I chose to hire Lee's Lawn Care. When I spoke with them they were straight shooters and listened to everything I was asking for. Their one-time lawn care service turned into monthly yard maintenance and lawn mowing service. If you want a lawn care company that will deliver great results for your lawn, Lee's Lawn Care is the team to hire.  

Douglas Boyce yard cutting in Lake Charles LA
local-lawn-care-services-in-Lake Charles-LA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Lake Charles-LA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Lake Charles-LA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Charles-LA

A close family friend had hired the lawn care company Southern Roots for lawn mowing and yard maintenance services. Their home is somewhat close to Contraband Bayou Golf Club. I saw how great their yard looked, especially the fact that their lawn had basically no weeds protruding from on their property.  I really liked their lawn care services a lot that I decided to hire them for more yard maintenance services. They come every other week and update me when they have to cancel because of the weather or some other reason. They keep an open line of communication with us and it has been a great experience having them work on your lawn.