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Simplify Your Lawn Care Companies Accounting with Gusto (4 Pro Tips)

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With so many apps for lawn care pros and businesses on the market…

Choosing the right ones to use can be more difficult than cutting a lawn in the rain

But we think Gusto is one that you should check out!


Well here are 4 great reasons you should consider using Gusto for your lawn care company

But first, let's break down what Gusto is!

What is Gusto?

“Gusto can help business owners automate processes like payroll management, processing timesheets, and paperless transactions. Gusto even offers a mobile app that you can use to perform operations on the go. It can also help you compile year-end forms and submissions to ease the process of filing taxes. Speeding up your operations can help you manage more stuff in your landscaping business. It will allow you to give more time to your business and focus on its growth.” -Jeremy Starke Founder of Green Thumb Gardener

Gusto is an application that helps companies automate many of their business needs. 

Gusto is all about handling the difficult aspects of your business including; insuring your company, managing employee benefits, scheduling, and invoicing. 

It’s no secret, handling your accounting can be overwhelming, but Gusto helps business lawn care pros manage many aspects of their finances in one place. 

Pro Tip! Integrate Gusto with Zapier for maximum efficiency

Here are 4 ways you can use Gusto to simplify your lawn care companies accounting. 

#1 Automated Your Scheduling

“Lawn care professionals can comfortably handle staff and jobs with Gusto from any device with internet connectivity. Your schedules can be accessed instantly from your laptop, computer, or cell phone, whether you're caught in traffic on the subway or stuck at an airport waiting to fly home” -Thilo Huellmann, CTO of

Look, no one wants to handle the nightmare of scheduling out a companies work week!

Not only do you have to schedule which lawns to get to on which day you also have to schedule which employees you will need. 

In a perfect world, scheduling may not be that difficult. But in the real world, there are rainy days, employees calling out sick, and countless other issues. 

With Gusto, lawn care company owners can more easily manage their schedules.

A few of the benefits of using Gusto are: 

  • Automatic system updates when employees call in sick,

  • Track when your equipment leaves the shop and when it returns, 

  • And automatic scheduling for recurring services.

#2 Automate Your Invoices

“By bringing all of the required data together in one location, invoice automation simplifies the process of billing customers. Gusto enables you to manage invoices automatically based on client appointments. All recurring appointments and assignments are included and do not appear on paper invoices.”

“Gusto will not only provide you with business-related information but will also deliver it to your customers. This makes it easy for your clients to pay on time, and it frees up your hands to concentrate on customer support and operations..” -Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert, VPNoverview 

If you are like most lawn care pros, keeping up with whose lawn was cut, and when is a nightmare

While using GreenPal can help automate some of your invoicing for clients, Gusto can fill in the gaps. 

Giving you more time to focus on the more important dynamics of your company such as getting perfect strips in your client's lawn

#3 Increase Your Work Efficiency

“Gusto helps to integrate your business's payroll, bookkeeping, paying employees, filing taxes, and accounting into one system. Use Gusto for all of your employees' time tracking needs so you can be confident that they're working when they say they are.” - Nirajan Panthee, CEO at Wolf Matrix

Much like other automation applications, Gusto can help you run your business more efficiently. 

Beyond the points made by Nirajan, Gusto can also help you manage:

  • Employee 401k’s and other benefits (health insurance, workers comp, etc.)

  • Hiring and on-boarding tools,

  • And your company's HR needs. 

In my experience, Gusto takes care of all of the most stressful aspects of a lawn care company. Freeing me up to focus on the parts of my company I enjoy. Like marketing my lawn care company on Facebook.

Speaking of tasks I don’t enjoy, let’s jump to tip #4!

#4 Automatically File Your Taxes:

“Gusto can help lawn care pros automate their business practices and grow their business by automating file taxes every time they run payroll. Gusto makes direct deposits the following business day for only qualifying businesses. Then it will file and forward payroll taxes to the right federal, state, and local agencies.” - Carley Head Of Social And Customer Care at Friendly Turtle

Easily the least enjoyable task of running a company is handling the taxes. 

Fortunately, Gusto is there to automate your lawn care companies taxes; both state and federal. 

Furthermore, Gusto automates all of the nitty-gritty details of taxes such as payroll taxes and deducting expenses. 

Gusto in a Nutshell

Gusto is a great option for medium to large lawn care companies that are looking to simplify their financing. 

The application offers many benefits, and in my experience handles the least favorite aspects of running a lawn care company.

If you are looking to cut your financial headaches as well as you cut the grass, I highly recommend giving Gusto a shot!

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