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How Should You Handle Your Lawn Clippings? Bagging, Mulching or Side Discharge Infographic

There are so many ways to handle your lawn care clippings. From side discharge, to bagging, to mulching the grass. Which is the best way to handle your grass clippings? There is a lot to cover. So, let’s find out what this infographic has to tell us!

Is there a best method for handling clippings?

Truly, each method has its positives and negatives and there is no “one size fits all” method to handle your grass clippings. Factors like the size of your lawn, the height of your grass, or even the conditions you are mowing in. Can determine which method is best for you. 

Which grass discharge method is best for tall or wet grass?

For tall or wet grass using a side discharge is the best method. Simply because your engine will have to work harder to turn the blades. This is especially true for lower horsepower engines. Side discharge mower decks are helpful for the lawn mower because the mower can eject the grass clippings immediately. 

What is the preferred method among lawn care professionals?

A majority of lawn care professionals prefer using a mulching kit. Mulching grass clippings is beneficial for lawn care providers because it not only gets rid of nearly all grass clippings. It offers non-stop cutting, without the risk of launching debris into a car, home or person. 

What is the most common method for handling grass clippings among homeowners?

Among homeowners, the preferred method for handling clippings is either using a side discharge or bagging kit. Most homeowners have no problem getting rid of bagged clippings while they mow the lawn. 

Why isn’t bagging clippings always the best method for handling clippings?

According to this infographic, in many ways bagging is truly a great method for handling lawn clippings. The biggest downside is that bagging clippings takes longer due to having to empty the bagger throughout the mowing process. An additional downside to bagging clippings is removing the grass results in removing nutrients that could have gone back into the lawn. 

Can any lawn mower mulch or bag leaves?

Must lawn mowers, even consumer level mowers can either mulch, or bag leaves. The biggest determining factor is how much horsepower your mower has. Cheaper consumer lawn mowers may not have the extra HP to cut the grass and shred it or move it into a bag. 

As this infographic on the best way to handle grass clippings shows, there are many pros and cons to each of the methods for handling grass clippings. Side discharge allows for a very clean cut, but shoots grass everywhere. Mulching and bagging make the clippings disappear, but at the cost of some of the mowers cutting potential. 

Whichever method you chose, be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family! And if you need help mowing the lawn. Hire the lawn care pros at GreenPal.

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