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How to Landscape for Hurricane Preparedness (Infographic)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • June 19, 2022

No doubt about it, hurricanes can tear any landscape apart, no matter how good it looks. That is unless you prepare your landscape for hurricanes properly! In this infographic we cover the best ways to create and prepare a landscape that is better prepared to withstand a hurricane. 

Why is salt-tolerant greenery good for hurricane preparedness?

There are a lot of conditions which impact the health of plants. And one of them is the amount of salt they are able to tolerate. Hurricanes often blow ocean or salty bay water many miles inland. If your plants have low to no salt-tolerance, they can die from salt water exposure. That is why having salt-tolerant greenery is essential to protect your landscape from a hurricane. 

Are there hurricane-resistant trees?

Yes, there are many tree species which are adapted to withstand high winds. Trees such as the Live oak, and Southern Magnolia, are not only salt-tolerant, they are also wind-resistant. 

How Far from my home should I plant tall trees?

For hurricane protection you want to plant tall trees at least 20 feet from the home as the roots can grow under the house if they are planted any closer. If that tree should fall and it is too close to the home, the roots could tear your home apart. 

Will pruning protect my landscape from hurricanes?

Regularly pruning your trees and shrubs will reduce their wind load, promote more vigorous growth and remove dead or damaged branches. This will prevent branches and trees from falling where you do not want them. 

What is the best mulch to use for hurricanes?

Ideally you want to use a soft mulch if you are in an area that is prone to hurricanes. Soft mulches like pine straw, wood chips and grass clippings are ideal. Avoid mulches like pea gravel or volcano rock as they can become high speed projectiles in the hands of a hurricane and cause a tremendous amount of damage to whatever gets in their way. 

How can I prevent my yard from flooding during a hurricane?

According to this infographic you should be sure to clear any storm drains that may help water disperse. Also make sure that any ditches are not clogged and flowing properly.

Using the 6 tips in this infographic you can create a landscape that is gorgeous and more importantly hurricane-resistant. Be sure to share your favorite tip with us on Twitter @YourGreenPal or with your friends and family.

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