Compost Your Grass Clippings

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

If you are mowing your lawn, one of the most common things you do is get rid of grass trimmings. You may dump them in a pile near the back of your yard, you may just put them in a compost bin. You can compost your grass trimmings but your grass trimmings will quickly overload any composter you have. That doesn't mean you can't compost your grass trimmings in a different way to benefit the garden and lawn.

Here is how:

It is called grass cycling,and it is an easy way to help your environment. Grasscycling is the practice of leaving your grass clippings on the lawn itself. Grass clippings are roughly 80 per cent water, and that means they will break down very quickly and when they do, they will release nitrogen directly into the lawn, along with some other nutrients. Mix this with some water-saving mulch, and you have a great way to promote soil aeration with the help of earthworms.

Another great aspect of grasscycling involves the fact that you don't have to keep emptying your lawn mower's bag. This can take up to 50 per cent of the total time to mow your lawn. If you leave your clippings on the lawn, you will also help slow water loss and reduce the need to fertilize the lawn. Now, to do this properly, you need to cut when the grass is dry and you need to keep your mower blades nice and sharp.

Some other tips include not removing more than 1/3 of the leaf surface area when mowing, aerating the lawn in the spring and summer to permit greater movement of water and air in the soil, which speeds up the decomposition of the grass. In addition, you should only water one inch every week, no more.

That is how you can make your lawn shine by just putting the grass clippings on the lawn where they belong. It will make the lawn healthy, it will save you money and it will save you time. It is a great way to get that nice green lawn, without wasting a lot of money on harmful fertilizers that you need to apply every few months.

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