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How to Maintain Your Lawn and Lawn Mower

This infographic covers the best practices for mowing your lawn and maintaining your lawn mower. 

How do I prevent grass build up in my lawn mower?

Wet grass collecting in the deck of a lawn mower is a common issue. There are 3 things you should do to protect your mower. 1. Brush off the mower with a broom. 2. When the mower is off and spark plug is unplugged remove debris with a gloved hand. 3. Wash thoroughly once or twice a year. It’s best to remove the grass before it dries and hardens. 

What annual maintenance should I perform on my lawn mower?

Once a year completely spray down your lawn mower and wash with soapy water. Replace the air filter at least once a year. Replace the spark plug as well. 

How often should I replace the air filter on my mower?

Replace or wash your air filter once or twice a year. 

How often should I change the spark plug in my lawn mower?

Change the spark plug in your lawn mower annually. 

How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blades?

Lawn mower blades go dull relatively fast and should be sharpened every 8-12 hours of use. Keep a second blade on hand for a quick replacement. 

How should I prepare my lawn mower for winter?

Remove all gas from the lawn mower by disconnecting the gas line or running the lawn mower until the gas is gone. Also top up the oil in the engine. 

Learn the tricks of the trade. This infographic covers many tips the pros use to mow the lawn. 

How short should I cut the grass?

You should never cut the grass shorter than 3 inches until the fall. Taller grass retains water, and prevents weeds. 

Why are sharp blades important when mowing the lawn?

Sharp blades not only reduce wear on your mower, sharp blades are better for the health of the grass. Dull blades will tear grass, which can lead to illness or disease. 

What is the rule of thirds when mowing a lawn?

The rule of thirds is simply never cutting more than the top 3rd of the grass blade. This is the best way to prevent uncut or rough cut grass. Also avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet. 

How do I mow stripes in the lawn?

Start by mowing around the perimeter of the lawn, then cut the lawn in alternating patterns. To avoid ruts, always mow the lawn in a different pattern. This infographic does a great job at showing how to mow the lawn and take care of your lawn mower.

To keep your lawn and mower in top condition, clear wet grass from the mower with a broom, remove debris manually when safe, and give it a thorough wash once or twice a year. Annually, wash your mower, replace the air filter and spark plug, and sharpen the blades after every 8-12 hours of use, keeping a spare blade handy. 

Before winter, drain the gas and top up the oil. Keep grass at least 3 inches high for health and weed prevention, always use sharp blades for clean cuts, never trim more than the top third of the blade, and alternate your mowing pattern to create stripes and prevent ruts. This infographic provides pro tips for mowing and mower maintenance.

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