Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Hawthorne, CA as of Oct, 2021


Moreno Gardening Lawn Services in Hawthorne, CA

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Who can you trust when looking for the best grass cutting and landscape maintenance services in the Hawthorne CA area? The answer to that question is right in the city in Moreno Gardening. We have all the lawn care services that you can trust available for your needs right here.

Our team at Moreno Gardening is based out of West 118th Place, an area directly north of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport. We’re able to come to your property in Hawthorne whether you’re east in Holly Park or you’re west in Hollyglen. We serve all neighborhoods and roads in Hawthorne and its surrounding areas.

We know that people around Hawthorne CA would instead be doing other things than mowing their lawns and trimming their bushes. Maybe you’d rather be at the skate park at Eucalyptus Park. Perhaps you’re planning for your next big flight out of LAX, and you need someone to help you with mowing your lawn while you are out. Whatever the case may be, we will help you here at Moreno Gardening. We want to make your yard attractive.

Our team can cover various services for a diverse array of yards around Hawthorne California. Our grass cutting services are among the best you can hire in the Hawthorne area. We will work to cut your lawn as evenly and carefully as possible and without delay. Best of all, our services are thorough and precise all the way through. You will love the attention we will put towards mowing your space.

We also offer thorough landscape maintenance services around Hawthorne. You can ask us for help with everything from mowing a lawn to trimming the bushes at your property among other things. The thorough effort that we put into each lawn care task we offer will help you in many ways.

You can also contact us at Moreno Gardening if you have a commercial lawn that needs help. The small grass islands at Northgate Market and other commercial sites around Hawthorne could benefit from a nice trimming or cutting every once in a while, for instance. You can ask us at Moreno for assistance with your lawn if you have a business that needs to look its best from the outside. We know that your lawn will look more attractive when you have someone come to your space to care for the spot.

Don’t forget about our services for schools. Many of the best educational centers in Hawthorne have vast lawns like what you’d find at Leuzinger High School. You can speak with us for information on a contract plan for taking care of a large yard at any educational site you operate or represent.

You can reach us online or by phone today to talk with us at Moreno Gardening about your lawn care needs. We will assist you with mowing your lawn and taking care of all your landscape maintenance needs. We love taking care of lawns around the Hawthorne area and will help you with making the most out of the space you have.


Yoons Landscaping Lawn Services in Hawthorne, CA

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It never ceases to amaze us about how well the grass spaces in Hawthorne California and surrounding areas look. Go a little further west towards El Segundo, and you’ll notice that the Lakes at El Segundo and the golf course there is a green haven in a sea of dirty spaces. Go back in the Hawthorne City Limits, and you’ll see the Hollypark region has plenty of green spaces with the Chester Washington course adding a beautiful look all around.

You’ve probably wondered if you could make your lawn in Hawthorne look as attractive. But you don’t have to think for far too long. You can talk with us at Yoons Landscaping for help with everything surrounding your grass cutting and landscape maintenance needs.

We serve homes from Memorial Park to Wiseburn and all other popular spaces around the Hawthorne CA area. We know that your home has distinct needs for staying green and looking its best. But the things we have to offer at Yoons Landscaping will make a real difference.

We will help you with your lawn mowing requirements, but there’s more to our work than cutting your lawn down to the right height. We at Yoons will also mow the yard based on the elevation of your space, any curves in your area, and how well the soil can drain where you are. We want to see that your lawn is cut to where the spot looks beautiful while ensuring the grass bed is not exposed to where grass blades could dry out or weeds could develop.

Our aeration service will also help you with clearing out any impacted spaces in your lawn. We know that your yard has specific concerns that you need to note. Maybe you have a lawn that has been flooding in certain spots. Perhaps some areas are prone to ant hills and dandelions. We will analyze the concerns surrounding your lawn and how well the space looks. We love caring for green spaces around Hawthorne and will ensure your area is cared quite well.

You can even talk with us at Yoons Landscaping if you need help with your lawn mowing needs when you’re out of town. You could let us know when you want us to get to your property while you’re out of town from a flight out of LAX. We’ll give you regular text or email updates confirming our appointment with you, not to mention details on when we’ll have finished mowing your lawn and completing other services. You can even ask for pictures of the finished project. Either way, we’ll make sure we clean up before your flight comes back to LAX.

Don’t waste time in your busy schedule with mowing your lawn and doing all those other things that you might not be all that good at. Talk with us at Yoons Landscaping today to schedule a time for us to come over to your Hawthorne CA home so we can mow the space.


Martinez Landscape Lawn Services in Hawthorne, CA

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The worst part about some of the lawns around Hawthorne CA is that they can be inconsistent. The athletic fields of Jim Thorpe Park are a great example of this concern. The areas have plenty of dead grass spots that are hard to maintain. Some of these spots are rough due to issues like the grass not growing well or the soil experiencing compaction.

You wouldn’t want your lawn in Hawthorne CA to become as inconsistent as one of these places. But the good news is that you don’t have to fear when you talk with us at Martinez Landscape for help. We can assist you with all your lawn maintenance needs from grass cutting to aeration and everything in between. We care about ensuring your lawn looks beautiful and has a consistent style all around.

You can ask us at Martinez to help you with even the smallest details surrounding your lawn. We utilize various quality grass cutting materials to keep your home looking clean and refreshed. Our team uses electric mowers to ensure your space is trimmed while also keeping the air around your property clean. This point is especially essential if you live near the San Diego Freeway and you’ve been struggling with issues surrounding the pollution from all those cars in the area.

We also work with manually-operated push mowers for sensitive lawns. The lawns around 132nd and 133rd Streets have narrow spaces that make it hard for grass blades to grow. Our push mowers can trim the grass yards out here and elsewhere to keep these features from growing improperly.

We are available for on-demand services throughout the year, although we are also open for bi-weekly and monthly services. The things we can do for your yard maintenance needs will also vary based on the time of year you need help. You can ask us for help during the fall with aerating your lawn so the area will not become compacted during the winter. You can also reach us in the spring when cleaning out old leaves, thatch buildup, weeds that grow around your space, and many other problems.

You can also ask us for help with mowing your lawn if you’ve got an apartment building that needs maintenance. A well-groomed apartment complex will look refreshing and attractive, not to mention likely to bring in new tenants. You can ask us for help with mowing your lawn whether you’ve got some open spaces like at Briarwood or a few narrow spots like what Village Pointe and Kornblum have. We’ve taken care of just about every apartment lawn style and will certainly help you with yours.

You can reach us at Martinez Landscape for help with taking care of whatever concerns you might have surrounding your lawn in Hawthorne CA. We love making even the toughest lawns in Hawthorne look beautiful. We are open for regular services and for assistance with keeping your yard more attractive and enticing, so your space will look more intriguing.


AGS Gardens Lawn Services in Hawthorne, CA

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How close is your property to LAX? Maybe you have a property on the Imperial Highway that people might drive by while en route to the airport. Perhaps you have a spot in the Hollyglen area on the other side of the highway. Either way, there’s a good chance that people will notice your lawn whether they are driving to your space or taking off or landing at the airport. You should find a lawn care team that will make your lawn look attractive. You can talk with us at AGS Gardens if you need someone to come to your Hawthorne CA property to help you out with caring for your investment.

We’ve been taking care of lawns of all styles in and around Hawthorne for years. We’ve even been working on many of the newest greens in the area. The grasses that have recently been planted around the Parkside Village are only starting, but we’re working our hardest to ensure the newest communities in Hawthorne stay beautiful.

We also know that some older lawns require extra care. The greens just north of 120th Street near the Century Freeway have been growing for decades, and some of their spaces have grass beds that have experienced fatigue from all that pollution coming from the highway and nearby airport. But the good news is that we can care for those lawns as well.

We’ll help you with mowing grass whether it’s on a new or old yard bed. We offer the best cutting materials around, including many electric motors that don’t require gas or let off emissions. Besides, you don’t want to bear with any more pollution in the area than what you’ve already been dealing with.

You can also trust many of the other landscape maintenance services that we offer here at AGS. You can contact us for help with things like removing unwanted pests or weeds. We use carefully centralized processes that entail heating or cleaning out spaces without killing off anything around your lawn. Besides, watering down an ant hill will only cause the ant infestation to spread. Pulling weeds on your own would also allow the seeds produced by the weed to spread around. Our carefully planned approach to treating your lawn’s issues will ensure you’ve got the support you need for keeping your space attractive.

You can reach us for help at any time. We can even come to your property if you are out of town at work or school and you need someone to go to your space. We will mow your lawn and care for it right so the area will look more professional and attractive.

Call us at AGS Gardens if you need assistance with taking care of all your lawn care needs. We love helping people around the Hawthorne area with making the most out of their lawns regardless of how old those lawns might be. Your lawn will look beautiful when people see it from up in the sky.

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Benjamin Sullivan lawn cutting in Hawthorne CA
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My lawn in the Hollypark area had so many weeds recently that the people who run the Chester Washington Golf Course near my property told me that it was hurting the style of the course. I had to get some help, so I talked with Moreno Gardening to see what they could do for me. The team did very well with repairing my lawn and with cleaning off the space. They helped with drying out the weeds and with keeping the rest of my grass from burning or wearing out. The team was useful in helping me with mowing my space after that too.

William Zales lawn cutting in Hawthorne CA
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Hawthorne-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Hawthorne-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Hawthorne-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Hawthorne-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Hawthorne-CA

My work at the Juan Cabrillo Elementary School forces me to spend more time grading papers and managing discipline report than what I can afford. I don’t have time to do many things around my home near Glasgow Park down south, so I contacted Yoons Landscaping to help me with mowing my lawn. The team has been providing me with monthly service for aerating, weeding, watering, and cutting the grass. My yard looks as green as the lawns outside the classroom buildings here at the school. The team also always cleans up after they are done with the task at hand.

Susan Bullock lawn care in Hawthorne CA
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I called Martinez Landscape recently to help me with mowing my lawn on Hindry Avenue. I was surprised that they were able to come to my property, as it’s been tough for me to find a yard maintenance team who can come to this relatively remote part of Hawthorne. But they stuck around for the day and ensured that I would have everything taken care of. They had all the weed removal, aeration, and mowing materials that I needed for my space. I wasn’t worried about how well my lawn would look thanks to the services they offered for my needs.

Sean Farmer lawn maintenance in Hawthorne CA
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I called AGS Gardens to help me with mowing my lawn in the Ramona Tract area. My field is relatively new, as I ordered a new layer of sod a year ago. I was concerned that the grass bed was starting to grow weeds. But AGS helped me with mowing my lawn to the proper height and with identifying trouble spots around the yard. They did well with clearing out many of the old weeds that had grown near my sidewalk. They have also helped me with aerating my lawn bed so the space would be natural to water and clear out.