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How to Make Your Yard Dog Safe- 9 Pro Pet-friendly Tips Infographic

Look, if you are like most people, your dog is precious to you. And caring for them is a top priority for you. If that is the case, then you need to check out this awesome infographic with 9 tips for creating a dog-safe lawn.

How do I use insecticides and pesticides and keep my dog safe?

If you have a space where your dog often hangs out, try your best to use only organic or natural solutions. If you have a pest control company that treats your home, be sure to ask them to use a natural, pet-safe solution. 

How can I prevent my dog from tearing up the lawn?

Simply put, taller grass has deeper roots, and this can enable it to withstand more abuse from your four legged friend. You will also want to take steps to prevent your pet from pacing in the lawn by creating a defined path for your dog to walk on. 

How do I prevent yellow patches caused by dog pee?

There are a few simple solutions to prevent yellow patches in your lawn. One, create an outdoor “litter box” for your dog, two, water your lawn often, three, do not use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and four, be sure to provide your dog with plenty of water. 

What plants can be harmful to my dog?

There are a number of plants which can be harmful to your dog, some are very common in gardens too. Plants that are harmful to your dog include; hydrangeas, azaleas, rhododendron, and even daffodils. 

How do I keep fleas and ticks in my dogs outdoor space?

You can prevent fleas and ticks from your pooches territory by using cedar mulch, treating the lawn with an organic pesticide, and vacuuming your home regularly. These activities will keep flea and tick populations low in your lawn.

By using the tips in this infographic you can provide a great space for your pooch, and keep your lawn looking its best. If you learned something new, be sure to share this infographic, with your friends and family. 

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