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An Illustrated Guide to Selecting the Right Leaf Blower

Selecting the right leaf blower for your needs is an important step to making sure you can maintain your home. Below you will find a few things to look for when selecting your leaf blower, including other landscaping tips. Let’s see what this infographic tells us about selecting a leaf blower. 

What types of leaf blowers are there?

There are 3 types of leaf blowers. The most common is the handheld leaf blower, then there is the backpack blower, and finally the walk-behind leaf blower. While handheld leaf blowers are the most common and cheapest, I would not recommend getting a gas-powered one. Electric is the way to go when it comes to handheld leaf blowers. 

What are some optional features on leaf blowers?

Leaf blowers come with 2 additional options vacuums and mulchers. Vacuums suck the leaves into a bag which can later be dumped. Mulchers chop up leaves so that they can remain on the lawn as fertilizer. 

What CFM power should I get?

When it comes to moving leaves off of patios and walkways anything above 200 CFMs is going to work. However, if you have a quarter acre you want to remove leaves from you want to go with a blower between 200 and 400 CFMs. When it comes to properties over a quarter acre you need at least 400 CFMs, and finally, if you have anything over you need to get something with more than 500 CFMs. 

Do local laws dictate what leaf blower I can get?

Yes, there are ALOT of local laws regarding leaf blowers. Especially when they are gas-powered. In fact, many localities have banned leaf blowers, and some have groups calling for all leaf blowers to be banned. 

Should I go with gas or electric?

Gas blowers are more powerful in general, and are ideal for larger lawns and leaf cleanups. However, I would never buy a gas-powered handheld leaf blower as they are heavy and vibrate a lot.  Electric is good for smaller lawns, but if you go that route be sure to get a battery-powered machine. Electric cords are a pain to manage. 

There are a lot of great ways to help you choose which leaf blower you need for your lawn. This infographic is by Equipment Garage. If you are looking for more info on caring for your lawn, check out our lawn care blog

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