Who sells the best consumer lawn equipment? Are all mowers the same ?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

So you are in the market for a new lawn mower? Where to start??

First how big is your lawn?  Are you in the market for a push mower or riding mower?

If your lawn is an acre or less a push mower will probably do the job, much bigger than an acre you will probably grow very tired of push mowing.

A good push mower will cost $300-$600 and can be easily purchased at the big box stores and they usually have the best pricing on them.  IF you are discerning about how the lawn is going to look you should opt for a mower that can bag and mulch, if you just want to keep it mowed and are not all that concerned with the mowing quality then just buy the cheaper model that will discharge the grass out of the side, those are cheaper, they will cost $200 or less.

Need a riding lawn mower? They sky is the limit there, with the cheaper models running $800 all the way up to $8,000 for the better commercial grade mowers.  IT all depends on what your budget is along with what your expectations are going to be with respect to cut quality, and how long you are wanting the mower to last.  When it comes to lawn mowers you certainly get what you pay for. The cheaper riding lawn mowers may last a year or two and then something will always break. When the cheap mowers break they often cost more to repair than they are worth, and because of the local repair shops really don’t want to work on them, and they push them to the back of the lawn.  The cheapo mower could be down months during the growing season when it breaks down, and it WILL break.

If you are wanting a decent quality riding mower plan on spending $2,000 plus.  I would also recommend working with a local dealer and not purchasing from the big box store.  The local dealer will cost a little more, but he will be there for you for service down the road when it needs repairs.

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