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Is fuel stabilizer worthwhile? (Here is what lawn care pros have to say.)

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Is fuel stabilizer worthwhile?

We have all seen it before, and you have probably used a fuel stabilizer at least once. 

But is using a fuel stabilizer really worth using, or is it a waste of time and money?

While fuel stabilizer is intended to help prevent your gas from going bad... Is it really necessary?

Well, below, you will find what you need to know about whether or not you should be using a fuel stabilizer in your lawn care equipment gas. 

mounted gas cans on a lawn care equipment trailer

Why does gasoline go bad?

It’s no secret if gasoline sits for too long, it will go bad. Typically this process takes about six months to a year. But it depends on a few factors. 

Gas is degraded by three elements:

  1. Heat, 

  2. Oxygen,

  3. And Humidity.

So, gasoline is most likely to degrade in warm, humid regions. Especially if it is not stored in a suitable container, in general, gasoline can maintain volatility for 3-6 months easily. 

Get this, while cars are less susceptible to degraded gasoline. Small engines on the other hand, like those found in lawn care equipment, are more likely to have an issue starting as gas degrades. 

Therefore, many lawn care professionals opt to use fuel stabilizers. 

But is it worth it? Well, let’s see what lawn care pros have to say about it… 

Filing weed eater with gas from trailer gas can

Do lawn care pros use fuel stabilizers?

4 out of 5 lawn care pros recommend using fuel stabilizers.

If anyone knows whether or not fuel stabilizers are worthwhile or not, it’s lawn care professionals. 

So, we polled lawn care pros to see whether or not they use fuel stabilizers, and the results were clear. 

Get this, nearly 80% of lawn care pros say yes, using a fuel stabilizer is worth using. 

With only 22% saying it is a waste of time.

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Is using a fuel stabilizer on lawn care equipment worthwhile? GreenPals survey of lawn care pros.

When should I use a fuel stabilizer?

Here’s the deal, your safest bet is to use a fuel stabilizer when gasoline is less likely to be used in the cooler months. While you most likely won’t need it, it can save you a lot of time down the road cleaning out a dirty carburetor and having to drain the gas out of your lawn care equipment. 

Fuel stabilizer is most often used in the fall to over-winter gasoline that may not be used until the following spring. It's true, adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas, and draining old fuel from your equipment is simply part of preparing your lawn care equipment for winter.

Here’s the funny part, although gasoline degrades faster in hot and humid areas, hot and humid areas also have shorter off-seasons. So gas is less likely to sit around unused. 

For example, in Florida, gasoline is less likely to sit around unused. And is, therefore, less likely to go bad. 

On the other hand, gasoline lasts longer in cooler climates where it is more likely to sit over-winter unused. 

Using a fuel stabilizer can help your gasoline stay volatile for up to 2 years. 

When storing gas in bulk you should use a fuel stabalizer

Truck Mount Gas Tanks, and Bulk Storage 

Part of starting out your lawn care company is picking the right equipment for your lawn care company. Here’s the deal if you are storing gas in bulk in your garage or with a mounted gas tank on your truck, you should definitely be using a fuel stabilizer. 

The last thing you want is for 50 or 100 gallons of gasoline to lose its volatility and have to be tossed out. 

So you should definitely use a fuel stabilizer if you are storing gas in bulk. 

How do fuel stabilizers work? 

It’s simple; fuel stabilizers simply slow down the oxidation process through a chemical mixture. Additionally, they help disperse any water that may get into the gasoline.  

This helps the gas maintain volatility and prevents it from becoming thick and syrupy, which could cause it to gum up fuel lines and other components in your small engines. 

This is crazy, but as little as one ounce of fuel stabilizer can treat between 1 to 2.5 gallons of gasoline. 

Gas can next to lawn mower

So is fuel stabilizer worth it?

At the end of the day, if you are a lawn care pro, fuel stabilizers are definitely a good investment. Most lawn care professionals only use them at the end of the lawn care season. But if you buy a lot of fuel at once, you should definitely consider using them no matter what time of the year it is.

And with almost 80% of lawn care pros saying that using fuel stabilizers is worthwhile. I am hard-pressed to agree. 

Looking for more great info on running your lawn care company? Check out our lawn care pros blog

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