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A&G Property Services Lawn Services in Medford, MA

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It can be frustrating enough to deal with weeds in your lawn in Medford, MA. But it's even worse dealing with crabgrass infestations and other annoying issues like bare spots, brown grass, and pests. Invasive plants can grow in your yard and create an unsightly appearance. The worst part about crabgrass and weeds is how annoying they are to get rid of completely. Need a hand getting rid of them? We can help! 

Weed Control, Lawn Mowing, & Crabgrass Removal 

Our crabgrass removal service involves the use of pre-emergent treatments. In addition to our crabgrass and weeds removal services, we also offer lawn mowing services. We cut grass at about 3 inches to avoid harming your lawn. We'll keep your yard clean, trimmed, and weed-free. 

We can also remove grubs, crabgrass, and pesky weeds. We can clean out dandelions, thistle, and other bothersome things that might sprout and spread in your yard.

Lawn Mowing Done Right

Lawn mowing is the most basic and necessary thing for your lawn. It's important you do it right. You’ve got to cut the grass to the best possible height, use well-maintained blades, and avoid cutting when the grass is wet. 

The lawn must also be trimmed at a new angle every time too. The same lawn mowing pattern can cause your grass blades to become flat. We'll make sure to do it to promote more balanced grass growth. 

Serving All Local Medford Customers

We can take care of your yard no matter what condition it is in. We can also help with everything from trimming trees in South Medford to restoring your landscape groundcover in Haines Square. Regardless of where you are, you’ll find that we offer some of the most affordable lawn maintenance services in Medford. Our lawn care services are affordable. You'll be surprised at how much you can save by hiring us. 

Our lawn service team is always ready. We’ll have all the mowers, trimmers, and other bits of equipment ready for the task at hand. 

Contact A&G Property Services for all your lawn maintenance needs. You can contact us online or by phone to schedule a time for service. You'll also get a full no-obligation site check of your yard to determine what is the best course of action. 


Hamelscapes Lawn Services in Medford, MA

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You can never tell when bad weather might strike in Medford, MA. Whatever the case, keeping your yard healthy to survive the toughest weather conditions is important. Our experts at Hamelscapes can help with that and create strong, lush, and beautiful green grass. 

What We Offer 

We are available Mondays through Saturdays for a range of lawn maintenance and landscaping services. We provide complete lawn care services during every season too, which includes winter services like snow removal or adding salt before a storm. 

Flagship Lawn Mowing Services For A Great Price

You can reach us for regular lawn mowing services too. We offer weekly and biweekly grass cutting cycles. We create a customized lawn mowing schedule based on how your yard grows and what your budget might be. You can reach us for help with any home you have, including one of the larger homes in the River’s Edge neighborhood.

Landscape Design & Maintenance 

We do more than just mow grass. We also help install new garden or patios. A well-maintained garden can add curb appeal which can be complimented even further with a patio. We've mostly provided these services to properties in the Alumni Fields neighborhood and other areas in Medford. 

We also offer a gutter cleaning service. We'll remove all the debris that clogs your gutters and downspouts. We recommend that you contact us for gutter cleaning services two or three times a year. Request more frequent cleanings if your home is near trees that might add extra litter to your gutters.

We also offer fence construction and repair services too. We'll ensure your fence will stick deep into the ground and won’t be at risk of coming out.

Affordable Deals For All

Everything we do comes is available for best rates. Get quality and affordable lawn care services in Medford by hiring us. We’ll only charge you for the services that you request. 

Our work at Hamelscapes won’t be done until you are satisfied. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Puncho Landscaping Lawn Services in Medford, MA

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Too busy for yard work? Perhaps you’ve got lots of things going on at the Tufts campus or maybe you’re more interested in going to the Flynn Rink to practice your skating. Of course, there’s always the need to carve out enough time to bear with the region’s notorious traffic. You’ve got plenty of things to think about and do in Medford. Mowing your lawn doesn’t have to be one of them. Let Puncho Landscaping help. 

Lawn Mowing Services To Promote Greener Grass

We do lawn mowing right the first time. We have been working on yards in Medford for years, and we can care for any yard you have from Wellington to Mystic Lakes.

You can hire us to come to your home while you’re out. We’ll provide you with regular updates and reminders about our work at your property. We’ll also let you know when we leave. Either way, we’ll ensure that your yard remains clean after we are finished.

What We Offer

Here's a list of lawn care services we offer: 

  • - Lawn care services 
  • - Edging
  • - Leaf blowing
  • - Fertilization 
  • - Aeration
  • - Trimming
  • - And more! 

Our team can get the lawn cut to the best possible height. We’ll figure out the right height based on how high your grass is growing and what type of grass you have. Our grass cutting efforts come with a different mowing pattern every time as well. The work we put in will keep your yard looking fresh and healthy. More importantly, it will appear like new every time we go over it all.

Affordable Lawn Care Deals for Medford Customers 

You will save money when you contact us. Hire us for one-off services or for longer contract work. We also offer a monthly service in the winter where we can clean off the snow from your trees, bushes, and other places in your yard. You can save more money when you hire us for regular services, but you’ll find that our single-use efforts are still more affordable than what you might expect.

Contact us at Puncho Landscaping for more information.


Stepside Landscaping Lawn Services in Medford, MA

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Stepside Landscaping have provided all kinds of lawn care services in Medford and other parts of Boston. Take a look at our Instagram page, and you’ll see some of the projects we’ve done. You’ll discover that put in an incredible amount of effort. We'll do the same for you. 

Serving All Of The Local Area

We can care for even the toughest lawns in the Medford MA area. We’ve covered yards from Lawrence Estates to Celeste, but the best bits of work we’ve taken care of include lawns that haven’t been cared for in a while. 

We have worked on repossessed and foreclosed properties. These include places where the grass hasn’t been cut for months. Our heavy-duty STIHL lawn mowers work on even the most stubborn landscapes. More importantly, we’ll ensure that the grass bed isn’t torn up or otherwise worn out.

We use different mowing patterns every time we get the lawn cut. A distinct pattern produces a striking look and to ensure your grass will not become flat and harder to cut later on.

We'll trim the grass in your property and around obstacles like utility boxes, uneven slopes, trees, and anywhere else that a mower might not reach. We’ll trim everything to the same height all around.

Quality Support From The Start 

Stepside Landscaping is that we provide a friendly approach to lawn maintenance. We know that the lawn care process can be a challenge to some. To us, the hard work that goes into mowing your lawn and your landscape maintenance needs always produces the best results. 

We serve property owners in Mystic Avenue and provide lawn care services that include trimming the trees, bushes, and any grass islands in a business site. We know that a well-groomed commercial lawn and landscape will provide a positive feeling to anyone who comes in for work or shopping. This could be one of the best investments you make. 

Contact Stepside Landscaping for help with your lawn today. Visit our Instagram page to see all the work we've done. 

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John Walston grass cut in Medford MA
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The work that A&G Property Services did for my yard in the Gourley neighborhood was beyond compare. Every bit of grass was trimmed evenly. They even did the grass around my fence. They did not scratch the fence either, nor did they leave lots of grass stains. The people did well with cleaning out the leaves in my garden and with removing the weeds. The flowers are much easier to spot, not to mention they’re growing well once again. The weeds haven’t come back since they took care of them too. I feel that A&G is the best yard maintenance team that you’ll find out here in Medford.

Penny Simmons grass cut in Medford MA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-MA lawn-maintenance-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medford-MA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-Medford-MA

Everyone in Hamelscapes was more than accommodating when caring for my yard in the South Medford area. I needed help with renovating my landscape, especially since my old one was looking stale. They planned out a new layout that incorporated my backyard patio into the design. They figured out the right groundcover and bushes to use all around as well. Everything looks beautiful and well-measured, not to mention it’s a whole lot easier for me to take care of every day. The people at Hamelscapes were thorough and ensured they were doing everything the right way the first time around.

Christopher Lanier lawn mowing service in Medford MA
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It’s great to have a team in Puncho Landscaping that can help me with everything my yard needs. The people always come to my home in the Lawrence Estates area every two weeks to get the lawn cut. They check on how well it is growing and always remove whatever weeds they find. That is, they remove the weeds without mowing over them. The team also cleans up the grass after they finish mowing, so everything looks fresh after they leave. I’ve always found them to be prompt in coming over too. They come when they say they will, and not a moment too late.

Dino Hembree yard mowing in Medford MA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medford-MA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Medford-MA

Everyone at Stepside Landscaping had a clear idea of what I need for my yard in West Medford whenever they come over for my biweekly appointment. The team always gets the lawn cut while trimming all the grass in my backyard garden. They also clean out the grass clippings after they were done, something that far too many other companies I’ve hired for help failed to do. They let me know what my yard needs and what it will cost, but they never do anything unless I say so. I appreciate how Stepside Landscaping gives me extra control every time I hire them.