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Year-Round Lawn Care Guide: Seasonal Tips for a Perfect Lawn (Infographics)

No doubt about it, your lawn requires year-round care if you want it to look its best. And this infographic does a great job of breaking down the steps you should take each season to keep your lawn looking its best. Let's jump on in!

What steps should I take to prepare my lawn for the winter?

Preparing your lawn for the winter starts with preparing your garden beds with mulch. Mulch will help hold in heat if the air gets too cold for some plants to survive. Next, you want to be sure you have pruned back all your trees and shrubs. Finally, you will want to avoid walking on snow and packing it into the lawn. As this can cause snow mold to develop and kill your lawn the following year. Further, you want to deer-proof your lawn so that you can protect your plants. 

What can I do in the Spring to make my lawn its best?

In the spring it's a good idea to apply mulch to your garden beds and scalp the turf. Next, you will want to fertilize and begin to mow the lawn regularly, fertilizing in May. Don’t forget to spot spray for any weeds that may pop up!

How can I prepare my lawn for the summer heat?

Continue mowing and trimming weekly. You will also want to cut the grass higher and water regularly to prevent the lawn from turning brown in the summer heat. Finally, you will want to fertilize your lawn and prune back or deadhead spring blooms.

How can I prepare my lawn for fall?

In the fall fertilize the lawn again, now is a great time to aerate and overseed your lawn too. You will also want to prepare for winter frost by rolling up any garden hoses and winterizing your irrigation system. 

Prepare for winter by mulching, pruning, avoiding snow packing, and deer-proofing. In spring, mulch, scalp turf, fertilize, mow regularly, and handle weeds. For summer, mow high, water, fertilize, and prune. Fall means fertilizing again, aerating, overseeding, preparing for frost, and winterizing irrigation.

As you can see by this infographic by Unlimited Landscaping there is a lot to do to prep your lawn to keep it looking its best. For more landscaping tips check out our lawn care blog

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