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Mosquito Repellent Plants (infographic)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

If you are looking for plants to put in your garden to keep mosquitoes at bay, this infographic has got your covered! Here you will find a complete list of mosquito repellent plants. Lets take a look!

What herbs can repel mosquitoes?

There are many herbs that not only have culinary use in the kitchen, but lead a double life by repelling mosquitoes from your lawn. These herbs include: lavender, rosemary, basil, mint, and bee balm!

What decorative plants also repel mosquitoes?

There are a number of colorful, mosquito repellent plants you can add to your garden including; bee balm, floss flower, scented geraniums, marigolds and lavender. 

How does lavender repel mosquitoes?

Lavender creates an environment that hinders their ability to smell. The lavender oil that causes mosquitoes discomfort also deters other animals such as rabbits or other insects. 

What grass can repel mosquitoes?

Citronella grass is the most commonly used ingredient in mosquito repellents. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden recommends lemon scented plants to repel mosquitoes.

Can catnip deter mosquitoes?

Not only is catnip a favorite of millions of cats around the world, it also repels mosquitoes! Additionally it can make for a great cup of tea too. 

How can I use mosquito repellent plants to keep mosquitoes off of me?

Many of the great plants can be used to keep mosquitoes off of you as well. Simply crush up the mosquito repealing herb of your choice to release the oils. Then rub them onto the parts of your body that may be exposed to mosquito bites. 

Is floss flower pet-safe?

No, floss flowers can be harmful to pets if ingested. Although it repels mosquitoes effectively, it may not make a great fit in your yard if you have outdoor pets. 

As you can see there are many amazing mosquito repellent plants that you can use to keep those little flying vampires out of your outdoor space, so you can get more enjoyment from your lawn! If you learned something new in this infographic, be sure to spread the word! If enough of us use the plants in this infographic, maybe we can repel mosquitoes from our neighborhoods entirely!

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