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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Chula Vista, CA as of May, 2018

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Jg Lawn Services in Chula Vista, CA

Hired 75 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.182 Reviews)

I have been cutting lawns in Chula Vista for about four years now, and have had a great time doing it. I have done a lot of things in my life, small businesses here and there that came and went with the wind, but I am glad that I have been able to open up my own lawn mowing service in Chula Vista.

It is my home after all, and after years of travelling around I am glad to be back. It is kind of funny, you think you wouldn’t miss your hometown, but once you start thinking about what it was really like when you grow up, you start to think about what you can do to go back. Well, for me it was mowing lawns. I am getting closer to retiring age now, so being behind a desk is not what I want to do.

For me, being outside and mowing lawns is a great day. I get to see the city, meet new people, and put in some honest work, the kind that feels good to be tired from after a long day.

I offer all your basic standard lawn care services, so if you need anything done to your yard, you can count on me to give you the best price for your yard maintenance. There is no shame in wanting a beautiful yard, it is your house and you should be proud of every square foot!

I spend a lot of my time mowing lawns in the Rancho Del Rey area, but that is only because people living in the area are hiring me. Really I will go out to any part of the city, you just need to let me know and I will be out there whenever you need me! I can’t wait to meet you!

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Encanto Lawn Services in Chula Vista, CA

Hired 134 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.74 Reviews)

Hi there, I am glad you stopped by my profile! There are tons of great options for cheap lawn mowing in Chula Vista, but I am glad you found my profile! I am just a humble guy looking to make a living, and these days it is through providing amazing lawn care to anyone in the beautiful city of Chula Vista.

These past few weeks have been so life-changing for me. Since I joined GreenPal, the number of lawns I get to mow a week has gone up, and I am meeting so many great people that I would have never met had it not been for my job. Maybe I am just a lawn mower, but I don’t look over the importance of my job just because it isn’t flashy or in a big office.

I am capable of delivering constant quality work. I pride myself in my abilities behind a lawn mower, and I can deliver to you the same quality lawn mowing that you are going to get on the first time every time. There is not flashiness to my company, we just go out and do the best dang job we can.

We keep to this motto even when we fail. If you are not happy with the job we have done, you won’t hurt our feelings telling us so. We guarantee we will make it right as soon as possible. But we have to warn you, in our time on GreenPal so far no one has complained about us. Actually, it is the opposite: our reviews so far have all been very positive!

We go out in Chula Vista all the way to the coast, and that includes Otay Ranch. Distance isn’t much of a problem, so as long as you are in need of some affordable landscaping in Chula Vista, California, I am your guy!

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Kokailia Lawn Services in Chula Vista, CA

Hired 121 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.188 Reviews)

You have probably seen the kind of work I can do without even knowing it. driving by work or visiting the San Diego Wildlife Center, I have done a few parks and homes along the way of every part of the city. if you have ever had your eye drawn to a beautiful home, you were probably first attracted to the clean lawn in front of it, probably subconsciously, but still.

That is because you are dealing with a grass professional. No, I don’t do drugs, I mean the real grass, the soft, green grass that you can enjoy with your family on a beautiful day. That is the kind of lawn care I know I can give you!

I don’t want to just be your lawn mower, I want to be your landscaping professional. I want to be the guy you call when you need a question answered or when you need a good lawn mowing every once and a while. I know that you would probably take care of your own lawn if you had the time, so that is why I am here. I want you to worry about your lawn just enough to call me and forget about it, that’s it.

There are tons of options to choose from, especially through GreenPal, but if you want someone reliable, someone you can trust no matter what day of the week or how soon it can be, I hope you remember my name and give me a call! We work a lot through GreenPal and check our messages every day, so you can expect us to reach out with a great price whenever you decide to schedule an appointment.

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Happy Grounds Lawn Services in Chula Vista, CA

Hired 51 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.78 Reviews)

When I first tried my hand at local landscaping in Chula Vista, CA, I thought I was way in over my head. like a lot of amateurs, I thought starting a lawn mowing service in Chula Vista would be easy, and in a sense I was right.

But where I wasn’t right was that all I had to do was push a lawn mower around and collect a check. Boy was I wrong. Fast forward to three years later and I am still learning new things about grass, especially about what to do after I mow it.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that grass cutting is not really about cutting the grass, it is about poking at the grass to get it to grow back stronger. It sounds weird, but cutting the grass actually forces the plant to put more effort into growing back stronger, kind of like weight lifting.

A successful lawn maintenance man will be able to cut the grass just enough to look clean for the day, but he is also able to make the grass look even better a few weeks down the line, that is the kind of maintenance man you will get when you hire me.

And I am not just talking about neighborhood-pretty grass. Sure, your neighbor’s opinion is important, but I want you to be so proud of your lawn that you will want to show it off to Eucalyptus Park! How does that sound for amazing lawn care? Whether you need a quick lawn mowing or a whole season’s worth of planning to bring your grass back from the dead, I can help you set up a cheap and effective way to beautify your home. A lot of my appointments don’t take more than three hours from beginning to end, so I can fit in your home any day of the week and still be done by the time you get home.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Bobby Stokes Lawn Maintenance in Chula Vista CA
“I live out by Sunny Vista, and fortunately there are a few options for local lawn care in Chula Vista, the only problem I have been having is that some of these companies aren’t very good about time. I have made a few appointments with them where they won’t show up until two days later. And that would be fine, but the thing is that they would not call or anything, so when they did show up to the house I was completely caught off guard. That and one time they demanded I pay them since I had to send them away. I have not had a problem like that on GreenPal so far. I hired an affordable lawn care service in Chula Vista, Ca, and the one time he was going to be late (a whopping five minutes, to be exact) he called me right away. that is the least I can expect from something like that, so I am happy to see you are not just hiring bums and liars. That sounds harsh, but that is what it comes down to.”
Nancy Jarrett Lawn Service in Chula Vista CA
“Yes I do use Greenpal pretty often, but not for anything more than having lawn maintenance in Chula Vista, CA where I have properties. I do everything myself at home, but I saw that you guys had a lot of activity out in Terra Nova, so I had to sign up. I used to have to call every yard maintenance company in Chula Vista, Ca to schedule something every month, but it was just a hassle. I just needing yard mowing in Chula Vista, but they wanted a full deal landscaping job. Said it was going to be upwards of $300 a visit! So when I saw how affordable some of the cheap lawn mowing services in Chula Vista near me were, I took the chance right away. Yes, the app runs smooth, but I mostly use the website while I am at my office. Not that the app isn’t good, it just isn’t that useful to me.”
Bryan George Grass Cutting in Chula Vista CA
“GreenPal has been a great service actually, I was pretty surprised. You all caught up with me on my Google searches I guess, because I was looking for cheap landscaping in Chula Vista, CA for weeks. We just moved into a new house in Harbor Side, and the grass wasn’t that good to look at if we aere being honest. But every other company I talked to or looked up were out of our price range. My father used to be a landscaper for a golf club, so he knows how much a job actually costs and whatnot. When these companies were trying to raise the price on me, I figured we would try one of the smaller landscape maintenance service in Chula Vista, Ca on GreenPal. Turns out I was right! We hired a landscaper and a local lawn mower in Chula Vista that helped us out right away. They were able to get my grass looking completely different in a month or so, so I am pretty impressed. Yes, I would tell my friends and family to use GreenPal, but in truth now I think I would just tell them to call my guys personally. ”
Andrea Schild Lawn Cutting in Chula Vista CA
“I started using GreenPal because I was getting real busy at work, and I couldn’t do it as much as I liked. I figured I could find some local lawn mower from around the neighborhoods, but I went through GreenPal instead, just so I could find someone with the proper business practices. Not that I don’t see the good in having local lawn care services in Chula Vista, CA, I just want to make sure I can trust a company to be at my home alone. I live in Lynwood Hills, so the area isn’t too crazy, but still, it happens you know? I was completely at ease with the affordable lawn mowing services in Chula Vista, California. In fact, we have gotten on terms where he will stop by the house if he is in the area. That is the kind of service I like, and it is nice knowing I can help out my fellow neighbor with a review or two, just to let people know he is trustworthy! ”

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What is it that you are looking for when contracting local lawn care in Chula Vista, CA? Is it someone who can reliably mow your lawn every week, or only when you decide to make an appointment/ do you have a few special projects needing to be done, like a tree removal or a complete renovation of your home?

Whatever it is, we have made it easier to get in touch with the best lawn care services in Chula Vista, California. With GreenPal, you will no longer have to go through archaic means of scratching through phone books or looking for business cards on local bulletin boards. With GreenPal, all your searching can be done with the same internet connection as you would your Snapchat and Instagram.

The very same companies you need to find for lawn maintenance in Chula Vista, CA are also looking for you. Funny how that works out right? Both sides of the market in the lawn care industry, whether client or service provider, are looking for each other for their services. It ha not been until very recently that a platform like GreenPal is able to provide them a great tool for them to connect and contract each other, schedule and pay each other, and keep in communication throughout the week.

We had a feeling something like GreenPal was necessary for our world in 2017. With people with homes and businesses needing yard maintenance in Chula Vista, CA with no contract, people needed a way (at least, needed someone to do the job) to gather all the best options for yard mowing and grass cutting service and put them on one location. That is the problem with a lot of cities and their options for landscaping and lawn care, only a few companies will ever be contacted because of sheer luck or a few advertisements on the sides of their trucks.

But what about the local lawn mowers and gardeners who prefer to work by association with their clients? They are more than capable of providing you with the best lawn mowing in Chula Vista, Ca, just as much as any large-scale landscape maintenance companies in Chula Vista, CA. Plus, they might even be cheaper. So how does someone like you find these tucked away gems working in neighborhoods?

That is where GreenPal comes into play. Because we provide an easier way to contact and meet the best landscaping in Chula Vista, companies both big and small want to join our website. It works both ways!

GreenPal has never made it easier. Signing up could be taken care of in the first five minutes of your lunch break, and requires an email and physical address to get things going. Once we have the residence where you will want your lawn mowing, we use Google Maps to gauge a fair price for the cheapest lawn mowing. From there, companies from the Lower Otay Lake all the way to San Diego Bay (at least for Chula Vista) will reach out to you for their best price.

In a way, GreenPal works off the market principles to give you the best quality and the best price. It is, after all, your choice who you go with, and it is all up to you. We have done the hard work of bringing you all the best options in the area, have given each company the equal opportunity to reach out to clients and bid for their business. That is about as fair as it gets. Each company is responsible for racking up their own reviews, providing a great service the first and every time, and gaining a reputation on GreenPal. It is very possible that a local lawn mower in Chula Vista, CA with little more than a trusty lawn mower could be one of the premiere landscapers near you!

We at GreenPal believe in the power of the internet, but we also understand the consequences that come with that power. That is why we have taken the time to really dig into these companies to ensure of their legitimacy. Each company is inspected closely; we check their relationship with the bank, their business practices, employees, and their equipment. Once we get a good sense that they are in fact a lawn maintenance company in Chula Vista, California, and not just someone who happens to own a lawn mower, they are free to compete for your business and your lawn! In the era of 2017, we believe this is how the service industry, especially lawn care, is supposed to function!

About Chula Vista California

Chula Vista is a city in California, United States.

Chula Vista, California is one of the principle cities of California, and the second largest city in the San Diego metro area. As an additional statistic, Chula Vista is among the top ten largest city in the state, ranking in at number seven for the last couple years, save for a dramatic increase in the population during the early nineties for the southern city of Los Angeles.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Chula Vista is also the top one hundred largest citites in the United States. It ranks as the forty-sixth largest city. one of the most significant thing about the city, especially in relation to the rest of the world, Chula Vista is located just below San Diego, seven miles south. The border crossing in to Mexico is a part of Chula Vista’s city system, making the area one of the richest and diverse economies. The statistics of the diversity of culture in the area, as far as their population is concerned, is among one of complex in the United States.

Besides the diversity of food and custom, Chula Vista is also home to another type of lifestyle. The United States Olympic Training Center is open year-round to athletes training for the grand stage of the Olympics. Because of its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Chula Vista marina, theLiving Coast Discovery Center, and Aquatica San Diego are all located in Chula Vista.

Chula Vista has a history even before history. Before European settlers arrived and wiped out the heritage, wildlife, and plant life that was rich in the area, civilizations as old as the Yuman-speaking people three thousand years before the modern age. They concentrated on the Lower Colorado River Valley, and used the teeming Pacific Ocean ecosystems to feed in abundance. The history of Chula Vista is so dense, however, that one would need an entire treatise on the subject.

Source: Wikipedia

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