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Podcasts For Business Marketing Infographic

Looking for the best podcasts in marketing? Maybe you want something to listen while you are mowing a lawn, or mulching your client's property. Whatever the case this infographic has 30 of the best podcasts for learning about business and marketing. 

Looking for the best landscaping podcasts?

Should I be using digital marketing to get new lawn care clients?

The simple answer is yes. We have a lot of articles on how you can use digital marketing to get new clients. One of my favorites is this one on using LinkedIn to get commercial client leads. But each social media platform offers opportunities for growth when you know how to use them. 

What are the best podcasts for digital marketing?

According to this infographic the top 30 digital marketing podcasts are:

  1. Marketing Over Coffee

  2. Duct Tape Marketing

  3. The #AskGaryvee Show

  4. Content Jam Podcast

  5. Demand Gen Chat

  6. 5-minute Marketing

  7. Marketing School

  8. Marketing smarts

  9. Foundr

  10. The Garyvee Audio Experience

  11. The Craft of Marketing

  12. Moneyball for Marketing

  13. Content Inc. 

  14. This Old Marketing

  15. Growth Byte

  16. The Mad Marketing

  17. Marketing Speak

  18. Marketing Companion

  19. HBR Ideacast

  20. Call to Action Podcast

  21. The Hubcast

  22. Unthinkable

  23. The Growth Show

  24. Content Warfare Podcast

  25. CoSchedule Actionable Marketing

  26. The Business of Content

  27. Search Talk Live

  28. Art of Paid Traffic

  29. Edge of the Web

  30. Tech Funnel

Where can I listen to the best digital marketing podcasts?

According to this infographic you can find most of these podcasts on iTunes. But they may also be available on Podbean, Castbox, and Anchor. 

Look, listening to podcasts while you work is a great way to get two things done at once. Podcasts make it easy to learn new skills, all while you are mowing a lawn

This infographic lists the top 30 podcasts in marketing and digital marketing, making it easy for lawn care professionals to learn about business and marketing while multitasking. It recommends using digital marketing to attract new clients and highlights the availability of these podcasts on platforms like iTunes, Podbean, Castbox, and Anchor for convenient listening

This infographic is brought to you by TechFunnel. Check out our blog for lawn care professionals for more great resources on expanding your business. 

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