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How to Use Linkedin to Land Commercial Lawn Care Contracts (4.5 Tips)

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In this article, you will learn how to use Linkedin to land commercial contracts for your lawn care company.

It's no secret, there are A LOT social media platforms these days. 

But our research has shown that Linkedin can be a great place for lawn care businesses to acquire commercial leads. 

Today, I wanted to share with you the best ways you can use Linkedin to grow your lawn care business in 2021. 

So we reached out to the experts to see what they had to say. 

And while you are crafting your LinkedIn content, you will also want to consider these copywriting tips for lawn care companies

This is what we learned!

How to Use Linkedin to Get Commercial Contracts

Looking to pick up more commercial contracts and work with local contractors? Who isn’t!

Well, there may be no better platform to do so than Linkedin. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin is targeted towards businesses and professionals looking to connect with other business owners. 

For example, marketing your lawn care company on Instagram is great. But you won’t be able to regularly meet business owners and professionals like you can on Linkedin.

Chris Laan from Designer Sheds explains:

“Lawn care professionals can find great B2B opportunities using LinkedIn. I often need a lawn care specialist for certain projects and am also asked by my own clients to recommend someone. When it comes to lawn maintenance there's a lot of misinformation and do-it-yourselfers—an experienced lead on a lawn care project counts for a lot, particularly for the project's appearance.” -Chris Laan from Designer Sheds

Tip #1- Join Contractor and Construction Professional Groups

Like Facebook, Linkedin has groups where you can connect with like-minded individuals. 

Chris suggested that lawn care professionals join groups with other contractors and construction professionals, and use these groups to share your expertise. 

“Look for related industries and answer questions in forums while producing your own helpful content aimed at B2B leaders. Those kinds of relationships are priceless as time goes on, and since you're often catering to the same consumer market, your businesses can grow alongside one another.-Chris Laan from Designer Sheds

Look, I love Chris’s advice. 

While this strategy may take a few months or so to start to pay off. There is no doubt about it, you will eventually find yourself with great local connections that will drum up tons of commercial work

Get this, while I had never considered Linkedin to market my lawn care business. Chris wasn’t the only one to suggest that Linkedin is a great place for finding commercial clients.

James Surrey of Review Home Warranties essentially doubled down on this idea:

‘Keep in mind that commercial establishments utilize lawn care services as well. Businesses with a physical facility may have a lawn that they need to employ a landscaper to maintain.” -James Surrey of Review Home Warranties

Tip #1.5- Don't Limit Yourself to Lawn Care Groups

Don't get caught up on connecting with lawn care groups on Linkedin. While spending some time in those groups may be beneficial, you will be limited in finding new work.

Really put yourself out there and connect with local commercial professionals like general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and the like. 

It's simple if you make connections with individuals that aren't your direct competition. They will more than likely be happy to refer any clients that may need commercial lawn care and landscaping services to you. 

And you in turn can pass on their information to your clients. 

While this sort of networking may be slow at first. It costs you nothing but time, and will really pay off, in the long run, to get you where you want to be.

Tip #2- Target Your Commercial Clients Employees

It’s true commercial contracts come with a lot of perks.  Long-term work, regular pay, and often bigger lawns that pay more per cut. 

And once you have landed a commercial contract, you can also target their employees.

“Often, the business may have individual employees who then seek out the service for their own private residences. In fact, this is actually on the rise given that more people are spending more time at home and therefore more cognizant of maintenance issues like lawn care.” -James Surrey of Review Home Warranties

Pro tip! If you are smart with your marketing, (assuming you want more residential clients) you will have no trouble drumming up work from your client's employees!

Tip #3- Share Your Content and Advice

“The Engagement on LinkedIn is also very strong. People compare LinkedIn to early Facebook in that you can see people's likes and shares and you can post content and people will continue to see it in their feeds for weeks later.” -Dawn Cordeiro CEO of DMC Consulting

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where your posts are quickly lost to the algorithm after a day or two. Posts on Linkedin can stay active for weeks or even months. So when you aren't writing a blog post, consider posting your content on Linkedin.

It’s simple, you get more for your output on Linkedin. 

This makes Linkedin a great place to:

  • Answer questions about lawn care, and business,

  • Post articles offering lawn care advice to commercial establishments,

  • Post before and after photos,

  • And your best lawn care tips.

“It may be surprising but the Lawn Care professional that I have worked with has had the most success and engagement on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place where he has established himself as an expert in the field, sharing articles, tips, before and after photos and more. Everyone he is talking to is a professional and probably has a lawn and a budget for lawn care so they are all potential customers.” -Dawn Cordeiro CEO of DMC Consulting

Tip #4- Don’t Be Afraid to Slide Into Those DM’s

Look, on Instagram and Twitter, sliding into the DM’s may be a bit off-putting. 

But the reality is, on Linkedin direct messages are a great way to directly reach out to new potential clients. 

The professional climate of Linkedin creates a space where business professionals can connect. Even in Direct messages.  

In fact, direct messaging on Linkedin is so prevalent, they sell sponsored messages!

Strike While the Couch is Warm

So what are you waiting for! Strike while the couch is warm! 

Getting new clients online is only getting easier. 

Like James said, more and more people are using online sources to find their services. This includes lawn care and landscaping. So now more than ever is the time to make your business's presence known online. 

As you can see, Linkedin is an excellent and often overlooked social media platform for finding solid commercial leads for your lawn care business. 

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and grow your business! While you are at it, be sure to add GreenPal

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