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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in La Jolla, CA as of Sep, 2019

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M Ike Ashley Lawns Lawn Services in La Jolla, CA

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My name is Mike Ashley, and I proudly operate Mike Ashley Lawns here in San Diego County. I want to provide your home in La Jolla CA with the best-quality lawn service that you can trust.

I have been working for the past sixteen years on various properties around the county, including in La Jolla. I recognize that lawn mowing and other critical parts associated with your lawn care needs are vital to ensure you’ve got the best-looking property in town, but there is much more to my services that you can trust.

I’ve seen various yard styles around La Jolla and elsewhere and have noticed the many issues that people have surrounding trying to make their lawns look beautiful. I recognize that homes in the Bird Rock area often deal with lots of sand and other build-ups that can keep their yards from looking beautiful. Meanwhile, people around La Jolla Mesa have elaborate yards that feature several types of grass and extensive landscapes that curve in many directions.

The things that I have noticed around La Jolla are plentiful, but if there is one thing that I enjoy, it is a good challenge. Fortunately, I am available to help you with resolving any sizeable problems that might appear on your lawn in La Jolla. I offer the best customer service while helping you to analyze everything surrounding your yard. From how well the yard drains to the proper height for mowing grass, I am available to help you with every critical aspect of the lawn care process.

You’re not going to have to worry about me going back and forth from my headquarters to your home when it comes to getting your lawn cared for either. My service truck includes everything necessary for the lawn maintenance tasks you require. I’ll supply the blower, trimmer, mower, aerator, seeder, and anything else needed for the yard maintenance job. The last thing I would want to do is waste your time and make you sit around while I go back and forth getting the stuff needed for the task at hand.

The most important point about what I do is that I ensure that I can make a positive impact on everyone I serve. As a veteran, I understand how critical my work can be for society. I feel that my work in the civilian sector is a continuation of my work in the military in that I’m working to make a difference in the lives of the people I am here to serve. I want to provide you with a full lawn care service that you will appreciate. I do not want to give you anything less but a beautiful yard that will bring about an attractive style that your home will enjoy.

Contact me at Mike Ashley Lawns if you need assistance with your yard care demands in La Jolla CA. I am available to help you make the most out of your lawn. More importantly, I am here to help you see how well your yard will look with the best style around.

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Pro Lawn Care Lawn Services in La Jolla, CA

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Just because you can afford to buy one of the beautiful properties in La Jolla CA doesn’t mean you have all the money in the world for lawn maintenance services. You’ve got to find a way to make the most out of every penny you earn. Besides, those mortgage loan payments you might be making are not cheap. With that in mind, you can reach us at Pro Lawn Care for help with giving your lawn an outstanding look it deserves.

Our team at Pro Lawn Care will help you with identifying how well your lawn looks. We’ll find the best solutions for giving your yard the style it needs.

Do you have a lawn on Muirlands Drive or Fairway Road near the La Jolla Country Club? Maybe you might be wishing that your yard could look as beautiful as the holes at the golf course. We’ll help you identify what needs to be done for your home, whether it entails seeding the space or finding a drainage solution that lets you water your lawn thoroughly. We’ll also help you with mowing grass to a suitable height. Our work at Pro Lawn Care will be effective enough to where your grass will fit in with the rest of the course. Just don’t be surprised if people at the course try hitting any wayward balls off of your yard.

Do you have an elaborate lawn and landscape space in Hidden Valley that requires concrete steps for care? Let us know at Pro Lawn Care, and we’ll find a solution for helping you go far with your work. We can review the landscape maintenance requirements that you might have, including figuring out how well the bushes should be trimmed while removing any old weeds around your space. We’ll ensure that you won’t worry about any surfaces looking unappealing.

We provide yard maintenance all around La Jolla CA, including help for large and small properties alike. We work on both small homes in the Beach Barber Tract and larger spaces in La Jolla Shores alike.

You won’t have to spend lots of money on our lawn maintenance services either. You’ll have enough money to pay for all your other home expenses, what with us offering flexible rates. We will let you know ahead of time what you would spend on services while also charging you only for services that you ask for. We’ll ensure you know what you would expect out of the work we put in and that you’re not getting anything you didn’t request from us. Besides, you should have the freedom to get what you desire from us.

You can reach us at Pro Lawn Care if you need assistance with making the most out of your yard. Our lawn care service is the best that you’ll find in the La Jolla area thanks to the outstanding effort we put in for your lawn every time. Contact us by phone or online to learn more about our services today.

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Kokalia Lawn And Garden Lawn Services in La Jolla, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.82 Reviews)

I’m here at Kokalia Lawn and Garden to help you give your home in La Jolla California the beautiful style that the place needs. My team is here to assist in giving your yard the professional and classy look that a high-end property deserves. You will appreciate what my team and I have to offer for when you need assistance with giving your lawn the beautiful style that the place needs.

I should probably introduce myself and explain what I’m doing here by the way. My name is Glenn Kettler, and I operate Kokalia Lawn and Garden here in San Diego County. I started my company when I was eighteen years old. The business was a side project of sorts while I was working in my jobs in the auto retail and construction industry. But lawn care has always been my top passion, and today I’m thrilled to help people around La Jolla CA and other parts of the county with their lawn maintenance needs.

The most important thing that I want to do is to provide my clients with the respect that they deserve. It’s part of why I always ensure my customers are the ones that make the final decision on what I can do for them. The care that I want to provide is also a crucial part of why I ensure I always offer my clients details on the charges involved for services before I can start working for them.

I’m available to cover residential and commercial properties alike. Maybe you have a hotel near the Torrey Pines course with a lawn or landscape that needs some extra care. I’m available to travel to the area to provide you with the thorough yard maintenance services you require so your property will be more welcoming to its guests.

Maybe you have a property in University City that needs trimming. I’m available to assist you with everything surrounding how well your lawn looks. I can help you with trimming your bushes, edging the grass near your driveway, and removing weeds. Best of all, your property will look clean after I complete the work. You won’t bear with grass clippings flying around your property, nor will you worry about your paved spots looking green after I finish.

You don’t have to hold the budget of the UCSD campus to afford my services either. I am available to help you with mowing your lawn and everything else you require for lawn maintenance needs with values that you can afford. Remember, I am open to help you regardless of what your budget might be.

You can talk with me at Kokalia Lawn and Garden for when you need assistance with giving your lawn in La Jolla CA the outstanding style it deserves. I’m available to help you with everything surrounding what you require for your yard while providing you with the respect you need for when you require quality care services for your property that you can trust.

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Happy Grounds Landscaping Servcies Lawn Services in La Jolla, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.41 Reviews)

The Torrey Pines Golf Course on the northern end of La Jolla California needs to look its best throughout the year, what with so many professional events coming to the area every year. But the people who run the course can afford to spend money on a dedicated landscape maintenance team that works there all year round. You might think that there’s no way how you could afford such a lawn maintenance service at your home in La Jolla CA. But as you will find when you reach us at Happy Grounds Landscaping Services, quality lawn care services are easier to afford than what you might imagine.

We at Happy Grounds know that you’ve got many needs surrounding how well your property in La Jolla looks. That’s why we will assist you with everything from mowing grass to removing weeds and aerating your lawn among other things.

We’ve taken care of lawns around all corners of La Jolla CA. We’ve worked on greens in La Jolla Farms, for instance. Our team has helped with trimming large trees and bushes, cleaning off debris, and seeding lawns to ensure they look beautiful. We have also cleaned off the yards in these areas so every space, including the private tennis and basketball courts, remains spotless.

We’ve also worked on homes in La Jolla Shores that are prone to weeds. Our team has helped with loosening up soil too. Everything we do is about ensuring a yard looks beautiful while also adding a distinct style that makes your property stand out.

You can even talk with us for help if you’ve got a rental property on the shoreline. We’ve handled homes on the Big Rock Reef in the past, and the odds are we’ll work well for your space too.

You can ask us for help at Happy Grounds with any surface you have. We will plan a thorough project for your lawn maintenance needs. Our team will analyze the requirements that your property has and then design a comprehensive lawn care solution that you can trust. We’ll also help you plan the budget for what you’ll utilize when you hire us for help. We will only charge you for the services that you request from us. Fortunately, our services are more affordable than what you might expect out of other places.

The best part of our work is that we focus on providing you with a green yard every time. We know that Torrey Pines is the envy of all homeowners around La Jolla CA. That’s why we always do what we can to make the lawns we care for appear as outstanding as they can be.

You can reach us at Happy Grounds Landscaping Services for all your lawn mowing and maintenance needs today. Get in touch with us no matter where in the city of La Jolla you are located. We want to give your lawn the style you deserve without forcing you to spend more than needed.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Robin Blaine Lawn Mow in La Jolla CA

My home off of Nautilus Street had been bearing with some dead patches on its lawn recently. I asked Mike Ashley Lawns for help with figuring out what the problem was. Mike told me that the issue was that the soil in my grass bed was compacted. He showed me how well the aeration and seeding processed worked, and even illustrated how easy it would be for me to water my lawn after that without worrying about the place flooding. I love how thorough and detailed he was in his effort and that he ensured everything at my place was working well enough.

Samantha King Lawn Mow in La Jolla CA

My rental home in the La Jolla Farms area needs regular mowing and care so I can keep the place looking beautiful for possible renters. Pro Lawn Care has been very effective in letting me know how well my lawn is being handled. I love how the team always sends me notes and photos online showing how well the yard looks after they work on the grass. Their grass cutting efforts have been constructive and are particularly useful for keeping the place looking refreshed. I’ve gotten more clients to my property thanks to the hard work Pro Lawn Care has been putting in for keeping the home looking outstanding.

Ian Williams Grass Cut in La Jolla CA

My apartment complex near the Nobel Research Park is home to plenty of smart minds, but even they don’t know what they can do about making the yards around the place look attractive. But Kokalia Lawn and Garden has done well with fixing up the lawns around the area. The people at Kokalia are handy and friendly while also mowing everything at the best possible height. They’re great with aerating and seeding our many grass beds too. The renters and I all love how well the grass spaces look for keeping the area looking beautiful throughout the entire year.

Travis Baldwin Lawn Maintenance in La Jolla CA

I have been using Happy Grounds’ services for nearly a year now. The team comes to my property near Bird Rock Park twice a month while I travel out to my workplace in San Diego. The team does very well with maintaining my lawn and with mowing grass to the right height. They trim the grass around the driveway and other spaces, not to mention remove the weeds around the place. The team is straightforward in everything they do for me and always lets me know by phone when they are coming. I love how well they care for my space before I get home while also cleaning everything off after they finish.

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Your yard in the La Jolla CA area needs only the best care possible. Seeing how valuable your property probably is, you need to ensure your lawn is cared for right and that the place looks as luxurious as possible. The good news is that there are many lawn mowing providers and other yard care teams around La Jolla CA who are available to help you with your needs. The GreenPal app will help you find the best teams in the area who can assist you with giving your yard the style and look it needs.

The GreenPal app is your ticket to a quality lawn. You can download the app and find information on helpful yard maintenance teams that can come to your property. You can look for help if you’ve got a small house in La Jolla Alta, a beachside rental space in Bird Rock, or a high-end estate in Hidden Valley.

The details you’ll come across when you use the GreenPal app cover everything you require surrounding your lawn. You can use the app to find information on every quality group you could hire. These include many appealing services that can reach properties in Torrey Pines or near the Nobel Research Park among other sites.

You can find details on who is available by providing information on your address in the app. You can list that you are in the Soledad South area, for instance. You’ll find information on teams who can make the trip on I-5 to reach your space.

Each profile you will come across on the app will give you details on who’s available, including points on how well each team can assist you with your lawn maintenance demands. You will also find reviews from real clients who have hired these groups through GreenPal. The information you’ll find out of GreenPal will help you learn more about these entities.

You don’t have to fear hiring some random group that is going to come to your space and not care all that much about serving you. You will only find details on groups listed through various professional organizations when you search for them on GreenPal. These include entities listed with the La Jolla Chamber of Commerce among other groups. The professional help you will get is something your property deserves more than anything else.

You will also have the power to reserve services through the app. You can pay for services through the app too. You could directly reach any of the groups listed with GreenPal as well. Either way, you’ll get specifics on what it would cost for services before you hire someone to help. You will never be surprised over how much money it would cost for you to hire someone, what with you knowing what you need to spend at a time.

You need to ensure you’re only finding the best lawn care providers in La Jolla CA who will assist you with everything surrounding what you require. Download the GreenPal app today to find information on who’s available for all your needs.

About La Jolla California

La Jolla is a city in California, United States.

La Jolla CA is located on the northern part of San Diego. The city is directly on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is a high-end place for people to live in.

La Jolla CA has made a name for itself as having some of the most expensive homes in the United States. Home values are listed at around $2 million on average.

The city is home to many schools, including the University of California at San Diego and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The UCSD campus is known for being the home to the Geisel Library, a large area home to the Dr. Seuss Collection. The collection features many works of art and prose by Theodor Geisel, a supporter of the university better known to the world as the author and artist Dr. Seuss.

The Salk Institute, a center dedicated to neuroscience studies and the review of diseases, is also located in La Jolla. The main headquarters of National University is also here.

The Torrey Pines Golf Course is located in La Jolla. The course is home to various professional golfing events throughout the year.

The downtown segment of La Jolla is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego. The museum is situated in a house that was once owned by Ellen Browning Scripps, a prominent philanthropist.

The Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial is a distinct site in the city. The memorial is home to a cross overlooking the landscape.

La Jolla CA is on land that was once occupied by the Kumeyaay tribe. Mexico partially held the land, but it was incorporated into San Diego County in 1850 after California became a state. The area grew in the late nineteenth century following a sizeable real estate boom.

La Jolla features seven miles of coastline on the ocean. The city is about twelve miles north of San Diego and 40 miles south of Orange County.

The community has a population of 48,000 people. The area also has a warm climate throughout the year with temperatures averaging at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit per year.

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