Save Money and Burn Calories with These Home Maintenance Tasks

Save Money and Burn Calories with These Home Maintenance Tasks

Save Money and Burn Calories with These Home Maintenance Tasks

Look, keeping the house maintained and organized is hard work.

In my experience, it is the last thing that I want to do.

But, I learned something the other day.

Home maintenance can be great exercise, best of all it can save you money along the way.

Check this out, home maintenance can burn those calories quick! 

But, how quick?

Let’s take a look at how many calories each home maintenance task can burn!

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What Inspired this Article?

It’s funny, the other day I was whining about the leaves in the yard that need to be raked up.

So, instead of doing yard work, I skipped the task and procrastinated. Telling myself “Ill do it when all the leaves fall.”

I went to the gym instead and walked on the treadmill for an hour. 

As I'm walking I begin thinking to myself, "how is this any different exercise than raking the leaves?" 

So I began to research the subject, as it turns out, home maintenance can also be great exercise.  It’s just the way we view the chores, in most cases begrudgingly, that is the problem.

If we view the tasks as exercise, then we can kill a few birds with one stone.

  • Keep the house immaculate
  • Stay in shape
  • Save money too. 

Seriously one of the best ways to save money around your home is to keep up on home maintenance. And you get to burn calories too!

If you look at it from that perspective it’s a no brainier!

So here is an illustration that outlines the various home maintenance chores, jobs, and tasks along with the calories they burn while working for 15 minutes and 1 hour respectively.

Let’s break it down:

A person's hand covered in soil, holding a seed packet for 'Purple of Sicily Cauliflower', implying gardening or planting activity.

Burn calories with Carpentry 

Whether it is fixing that broken door in the hall way, or finishing the trim.
Carpentry is a great way to burn those calories.

In fact, the average person will burn about 340 calories an hour. 

Even just a few hours of working on those small projects around the house can really help burn the fat

Clean the Gutters

Though you will only have to clean the gutters a few times a year, it is important to do so.

Cleaning your gutters, can prevent long term damage to your home's roof

But, if thousands of dollars in repairs won't motivate you, maybe the calorie burn will!

Hang the Storm Windows

Look, a great way to burn some calories, and save on the electric bill, is to hang the storm windows. 

In fact, whether you are cleaning the gutters or hanging storm windows. You will be burning around 272 calories an hour.

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Replace your Carpet or Tile Floors 

Get this, you have been staring at the hole in the carpet, or maybe some of those broken tiles for years now.

Think about how much better your home will look and feel after you finally get it handled.

And, you guessed it! Replacing those tiles or carpets can help you burn 238 calories an hour!

Exercise by Painting the Home

Here's the deal, it may not seem like hard work, but painting your home can be a real calorie burner. 

Just 15 minutes of painting can help you burn 68 calories. 

If you break it up, and paint for 30 minutes a day. Over the course of one week you could burn 952 extra calories. 

Best of all, your home will finally be painted!

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Crush the Calories by Roofing

Roofing is one of the most expensive, and dangerous home maintenance tasks there is. 

But, you can save a lot of money if you can do it yourself. As long as you know what you are doing!

If you replace your own roof, you can burn quite a few pounds.

At 340 calories burned an hour, roofing is an excellent calorie burner.

Redo the Wooden Floors

Finished with the carpet? Lets get the floor sander and redo those wooden floors.

If burning 60 calories every 15 mins isn't enough motivation.

Think about how far you will slide on your freshly polished floors in your socks. 

Did someone say bonus calorie burn?

Bury the Calories with Gardening

One of the only home maintenance tasks that I don't complain about is gardening. 

Among my favorite things to do is to find a new place to put a garden bed, and start digging. 

At 272 calories an hour, I am only all the more motivated to do some digging!

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Washing the Fence 

Look, Huckleberry Finn isn't just gonna come by and white wash the fence.

But, if you are here reading this, you now know that you can burn a few pounds a year, just by maintaining that fence yourself!

Do Some Plumbing

If you are looking for some light calorie burn, do some plumbing or wiring. 

Be warned however, that plumbers are renowned for extra pounds on the rear. 

But, even light calorie burning through home maintenance is calorie burn.

Push mow the Lawn

Need to burn the pounds for real?

This one isn't for amateurs. If you really want to burn those calorieslock up the riding mower, and push mow the lawn

Why? Well it is one of the fastest ways to burn the fat. A whopping 400 calories an hour.

If you push mow the lawn once a week, for one hour. That is 20,800 calories a year, or nearly 6 lbs!

A person's hand covered in soil, holding a seed packet for 'Purple of Sicily Cauliflower', implying gardening or planting activity.

Raking the Leaves

Now, if I had just raked the leaves, rather than going to the gym that day, I would have burned a lot more calories.

Seriously, walking on the treadmill I burned only around 200 calories. Where as if I had just raked the leaves, I could have burned nearly twice as many calories. 

With the added benefit of a cleaner lawn!

Shovel the Snow

The coolest way to burn the calories is to shovel snow!

This one is the fastest calorie burners there is. A massive amount of calories. In fact, 576 calories are burned for each hour of shoveling.

So retire the snow blower, and pick up the shovel!


Calories Burned by Home Maintenance Tasks:

Task    Calories Burned per Hour    
Shoveling Snow576 calories
High-intensity winter task
Push Mowing the Lawn400 calories
Eco-friendly, no fuel costs
Roofing340 calories
Avoid professional fees
Raking Leaves272 calories
Double the burn compared to treadmill
Gardening272 calories
Improves home aesthetics
Painting the Home68 calories (15 mins)
Refresh your home's look
Carpentry340 calories
Personalize and repair
Cleaning Gutters272 calories
Prevent water damage
Replacing Floors238 calories
Enhance home value
Plumbing and WiringLight calorie burn
Avoid service charges

Top calorie-torching tasks:

  1. Shoveling snow: 576 calories/hour! Burn off winter blues and those extra holiday pounds.
  2. Push mowing: 400 calories/hour! Ditch the ride-on and get fit while giving your lawn a trim.
  3. Roofing: 340 calories/hour! Tackle this expensive job yourself and burn pounds while saving bucks.
  4. Raking leaves: 272 calories/hour! Skip the treadmill, double the calorie burn, and get a clean yard.
  5. Gardening: 272 calories/hour! Bury those calories while planting seeds of a beautiful garden.

Whats the Bottom Line?

So next time we don't want to rake the leaves, paint the fence, or mow the lawn. 

I suggest we take a look at our belly, and our wallets and get out there and keep the home in top notch shape.

Home Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Lawn Mowing is Exercise


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