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Rejuvenating Your Hedges With Pruning Shears

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

Look, electric hedge trimmers are fast and effective, but they can lead to a lot of damage to trees and shrubs beneath the surface. Simply put, pruning shears “shear”, they don’t really cut. And this harsh shearing action can lead to issues on the inside of your trees and shrubs. But as this infographic explains. Rather than using shears, you can use bypass pruners to get a cleaner cut and maintain a healthier bush. 

How can I use bypass pruners to get a cleaner cut on my bushes?

Bypass pruners, at least when they are sharp, provide a much cleaner cut. This cleaner cut allows the shrub to heal faster after it has been pruned. By simply using pruners over hedge trimmers you can get a cleaner cut resulting in a healthier plant. 

How much of my shrub should I prune?

Look, while pruning 3 to 4 inches into the shrub is helpful, it is not enough to allow sunlight to reach deep inside the bush and stimulate growth. So by punching  well spaced holes into the exterior of the bush, you can allow sunlight to reach deeper and thus stimulate growth and improve the foliage of your shrubs. According to this infographic you should prune back 1/3rd of your hedge every year for 3 consecutive years 

Help! My Shrubs are Overgrown!

Part of our yard clean up tips include regular pruning. Failing to prune your shrubs frequently enough will cause them to become thin and “lanky”. These longer shoots are weaker and make the bush more susceptible to damage in the long run. For example, a windstorm is more likely to knock down or damage a poorly pruned lanky tree. To get them back in shape will take 2 to 3 years before you see a significant improvement. So have patience. 

At the end of the day, proper pruning can mean the difference between a patchy, unkempt lawn and the pristine palace you have always wanted it to be. If you do decide to use pruning shears, check out this article to decide whether you should use gas or electric. And for more info, be sure to check out this infographic by

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