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TRIGGER WARNING! What is the best type of hedge trimmer? {Gas or Battery}

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Looking to whip your hedges back into shape…

But not sure which type of trimmer you should get?

Today, lets take a deep dive into which types of hedge trimmers are preferred among the lawn care pro community.

Should you consider a gas hedge trimmer? Or a battery powered one?

Well, you better brace yourself, cause it’s going to be a bumpy, very opinionated ride. 

Lets get on the road, and see what lawn care pros have to say about which hedge trimmer they prefer. 

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The Great Gas Vs. Battery Operated Debate

Look, one of the greatest debates among the lawn care community is whether battery operated equipment is better than the gas powered competition. 

This is perhaps the only debate in the lawn care community that rivals the great Guard or No Guard rivalry

So as we tread carefully forth, we must carefully consider the pros and cons of each power supply option for the hedge trimmer. 

It's true, and regardless of your overall opinion there are certainly benefits to each source of power. So lets take a look. 

But before you get to far, make sure to read our guide on pruning bushes.

Battery powered hedge trimmer

Pros and Cons of Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

Here's the deal, there are a lot of pros to battery powered hedge trimmers. 

The pros of electric hedge trimmers are:

  • Quieter operation, 

  • No smell,

  • No need to carry around gas.

On the other hand, there are great limitations that electric powered hedge trimmers face. These limitations are:

  • Limited battery life, 

  • Can be more expensive,

  • Less powerful than gas powered equipment.

We will look more at what these pros and cons mean in a practical sense in a moment. But first let's look at the pros and cons of gas powered equipment. 

gas powered hedge trimmers

Pros of Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Hands down, gas-powered equipment has long been the preferred source of power among the lawn care community. And with good reason to.

Some of the reasons lawn care pros may prefer gas powered hedge trimmers include:

  • More power, 

  • Easier repairs,

  • Cheaper, 

  • Indefinite operation with no need to charge a battery.

Of course, not everything is roses with gas powered equipment either. Some of the downsides to gas powered equipment include:

  • Louder operations,

  • Requires gas to operate,

  • And cant be turned on and off as easily. 

Ok, with all of that in mind, what do landscapers and lawn care professionals have to say about which option is better?

Neatly pruned hedges

Which hedge trimmer do landscapers prefer, gas or electric?

Here is where the opinions run deep. Brace yourself!

There is no simple answer to this question, it really comes down to personal preference, and you will see that in a moment. 

Despite the advantages to both, the overwhelming consensus among lawn care pros is gas powered hedge trimmers are superior. With over 85% saying they prefer gas over electric

And less than 15% opting for a battery powered hedge trimmer. Despite the overwhelming amount of votes going to gas powered equipment. Landscapers had a lot of good to say about electric equipment too.

Battery powered equipment is quiter and can give you an early start to the day

Electric Hedge Trimmers Can Give You An Early Start

One landscaper reports using electric trimmers in the early morning to get a head start to the day. Then switching to gas later in the day. Using the electric hedge trimmers allows you to work around noise ordinances and annoying your clients' neighbors. 

some lawn care pros use both gas and electrice hedge trimmers

“I have Both, Depends on the Situation”

Some lawn care professionals simply carry both, and will use one or the other depending on the situation. And it's widley reported that gas powered equipment is preffered fro larger jobs. While electric is perfect for smaller jobs.

Some lawn care pros use gas and electric hedge trimmers

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers Are Better for Larger Jobs

Hands down, gas powered hedge trimmers are more powerful, making them better for larger jobs. You also don't have to worry about having extra batteries while you are on a bigger hedge trimming project. Simply keep gas and oil on hand and you can trim for hours and hours on end. 

Alternatives to Hedge Trimmers

So, being the creative bunch they are. Some of the landscapers we asked had their own interesting alternatives to gas and electric hedge trimmers. 

In fact, 2 different landscapers reported preferring “a vegan” to trim hedges.

And 4 opted to use a “beaver”. 

Both would appear to be rather expensive and impractical tools to get the job done.

On a more serious note, some lawn care professionals simply opt to use manual pruning tools like these to get the job done. 

Pruning with hand tools

Selecting the Right Equipment at the end of the Day

Look, it really does come down to your preferences and what your needs are. Unlike the cut and dry nature of selecting the best weedeater, hedge trimmers are more complex in nature.

For landscapers gas powered hedge trimmers are broadly preferred. But for the average homeowner or a lawn care professional that rarely prunes hedges, an electric hedge trimmer will do the trick. 

Despite the overwhelming consensus that gas powered is preferred over battery in the lawn care community. Keep in mind part of that comes down to the stigma many landscapers have toward battery powered equipment

It’s true, battery powered equipment has come a long way, but it still doesn’t completely par up to traditional lawn care equipment. And even when or if it does, convincing the lawn care community is a different challenge all together.  

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