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The Benefits of a Healthy Landscape (infographic)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • November 21, 2021

Look, we all know that a healthy landscape can look great, but there are many other benefits to proper landscaping as well. From health benefits, property value improvements, and quality of life. This infographic by the National Association of Landscape Professionals covers many of the benefits that healthy lawns can bring to you. 

How can a manicured lawn improve my health and safety?

According to this infographic, there are several aspects of a healthy lawn that can improve your health and safety. These benefits include reduced crime, improved quality of life, reduced stress, and even improved attention and memory. Additionally, a well-maintained lawn can keep pests including mice and fleas at bay. 

What are the environmental benefits of a well-maintained landscape?

Some of the benefits of a well-maintained landscape include less noise, cleaner air, more oxygen production, wildlife habitats, and protection from local water sources. And get this, well-placed trees can reduce heat in the summer, and provide sunshine in the winter. Always be mindful of the impact of your landscape on the climate of your home. 

Will a healthy lawn help me keep pests away?

Yes of course. A well-thought-out and maintained landscape can keep mosquitos at bay, fleas far away, and even keep rodents like mice out of your home. Ticks, termites, and ants are also controlled when the lawn is maintained and managed well.

How do I maintain a healthy lawn?

Look, maintaining a healthy lawn is a full-time job, and there is a lot to learn. That is why we always recommend hiring a lawn care pro to help you manage everything that your lawn needs. Even if you only hire them part-time, and do the rest yourself. Or of course, you could put the children to work! Just remember to practice safety tips when children are doing yardwork. For example, children should be at least 16 to use a riding lawnmower.  

At the end of the day, caring for a healthy lawn takes a lot of time and dedication. It also helps to develop a good plan before you ever install your landscape. Either way, if you need help handling all of the tasks you need help with on your lawn. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the lawn care pros at GreenPal. And until next time keep your lawn growing well! And why not reach out to us on social media and tell us what you think!

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