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Tips for Removing Snow After a Storm

Snow is a natural part of winter in many parts of the country. But it’s impact can be serious, and should be managed properly. So, what are the best methods for removing snow, and why is it so important? This infographic tells us what we need to know. 

How much snow on the ground does it take to cause problems?

While bridges can be impacted by minute amounts of snow, the real problem begins when ½ an inch or more starts to accumulate. At as little as one half inch of accumulated ice, roads become slick, branches of trees begin to break, and even power outages can occur. 

What are the best tools for removing snow?

Of course the standard snow shovel does a great job at removing fresh snow. But when ice accumulates, you will need to employ an ice chisel. Or of course you can use sand for traction on ice, or salt to melt the snow. 

Is salt damaging to sidewalks and walkways?

Yes, the overuse of salt may be damaging to walkways. Cement and stone can be damaged by the use of salt to melt ice and snow due to the expanding and contracting the salt causing existing cracks to get larger. 

How cold is too cold for using salt to melt snow and ice?

Sodium chloride will melt ice so long as the air temperature is over 20 degrees. Whereas calcium chloride salt mixtures will work in temperatures as cold as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Sand can work to provide some traction at any temperature, and can help melt the ice some as well. 

What are some tips for removing snow efficiently?

Here are a few things to keep in mind about removing snow. One, remove the snow quickly before it hardens into ice when possible. Two, abide by local regulations as some cities. Three, require snow to be removed within 24 hours. Four, keep salt melting chemicals away from plants and the lawn.  Five, be proactive in removing snow as well as salting and sanding to reduce your liability. 

Snow is great in many ways, especially if you have children that enjoy to play in it. But one thing is for sure, not removing snow and ice properly can lead to huge problems, very quickly. If you need help removing ice and snow from your property, don’t hesitate to contact one of the snow removal pros at GreenPal.  Infographic is by Ameriprise Home and Auto Insurance. 

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