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Pro Tips for Snow Shoveling! (Infographic)

Look, even if you hire a snow removal pro, you will likely need to move some snow on your own from time to time. This infographic shows different techniques for removing snow, the various tools to do it, and other awesome info on snow removal! So once you have winterized your lawn care equipment and it's time to shovel snow, you will be ready! Sound like a plan? Then let’s jump in!

What type of snow removal equipment should I get?

For most people, the easiest tool to use to remove snow is a snowblower, but that is likely more than most people need. Your second-best bet would be to get a very good snow shovel with an ergonomic design that can help you avoid bending over while removing snow. The best shovel would be one you can push like a plow, so you don’t have to remove the snow scoop by scoop. 

What are some patterns for removing snow from the driveway by shovel?

If you have snow on your driveway and you are going to remove it by shovel you have 3 techniques to choose from. The fishbone, the zig-zag, and the flip-flop. Each pattern has uses for specific conditions. Refer to the infographic for the pattern references. 

How much does snow weigh?

Look, snow is heavy. Just like water. How heavy?  A 20 by 30-foot driveway with 6 inches of snow (600 cubic feet) weighs 35,000 pounds! Talk about a workout! Each snow shovel scoop removes approximately 15lbs of snot. So when you can push snow, rather than lift it, you can save a lot of extra work. 

What are some tips for removing snow?

Look, as with all things, it comes down to safety first. You want to stretch and warm up before you begin your snow-flinging adventure. Be sure you drink plenty of water and remove snow as it falls to lower the amount of work you will need to do in the long run. 

Snow removal is a part of life in many parts of the country. If that is the case where you are, you will want to use this infographic to simplify the process. This infographic was created by check them out for more great info. Be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family so they can remove snow more effectively and safer. 

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