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Trimming a Tree vs. Removing a Tree: The Benefits fo Tree Care Infographic

Sometimes it can be tempting to simply remove all of the trees that surround your house to avoid potential issues. But things are not that simple. Trees offer many benefits you may not have considered. And more often than not, trimming a tree, is better than removing it.

What purpose can trees serve in the landscape?

Trees offer shade in the summer, and can help keep your home cool. Trees are also excellent at decreasing erosion. They also help clean the air and the water surrounding your home. Finally, neighborhoods with trees are more attractive, and often worth more. 

Which is more expensive: removing a tree or trimming it?

Trimming a tree is often much more economical than removing them entirely. Plus you still receive the added benefits of having a tree on your property. According to this infographic, having a manicured tree can also improve property value. 

Why is trimming trees important?

Trimming your trees is critical for your safety, and protecting your home. Any branches that hang over your home, rest on power lines, or are otherwise an issue, should be pruned. By trimming them. You reduce the chances of issues down the road. Much like pruning crepe myrtles, all trees should be properly manicured.

When should you remove a tree?

Sometimes trees simply need to be removed. Especially if they have been neglected. According to this infographic. A tree that is over 50% damaged should be removed. Furthermore if there are vertical cracks or rotting, the tree should likely be removed. 

Pruning and trimming your trees is more than just looks. An asymmetrically cut tree can be unbalanced. Meaning that it is more likely to topple, or fall over. 

Is fungus a sign of rot in a tree? 

Fungus at the base of a tree, can actually be a sign of internal rotting in the tree. These mushrooms at the base of the tree, are a fruit of a much bigger fungal network which has likely taken root inside of the tree itself. 

What are the best practices for planting new trees?

Always plant a tree a good distance from your home. Planting a tree too close to your home, or other trees can increase the risk of damage or issues down the road. Also, space trees far enough apart so that they have space to grow.

Your Green Pal's "Trimming a Tree vs. Removing a Tree: The Benefits of Tree Care Infographic" offers vital insights into tree management. Trees enhance landscapes by providing shade, reducing erosion, purifying air and water, and increasing property value. Trimming trees is more cost-effective than removal and is crucial for safety and property protection. Pruning helps avoid future issues by managing branches that could pose risks. Removal becomes necessary when a tree is over 50% damaged, shows signs of vertical cracks, rotting, or fungal growth, indicating internal decay.

This infographic does a great job at showing the importance of trimming trees and when removing them may be the best option. For more information on tree removal, check out AKA Tree Removal

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