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When To Apply Fall Fertilizer By Grass Type

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 14, 2022

Most people don’t know this, but each type of grass will need a fall fertilizer application at a different time. So when is the optimal time to fertilize your lawn? Whether your lawn is St. Augustine or fescue, this infographic tells you what you need to know!

When is the best time in fall to fertilize centipede grass?

Centipede grass should be fertilized in August if it’s even needed. Centipede grass rarely needs fertilizer, and when it does it doesn’t require very much. 

When should I apply fall fertilizer on my St. Augustine?

St. Augustine does best with an August, or early September fertilizer application. If your St. Augustine grass is growing yellow. It is likely you will also need to do an application of lime too. 

When do I fertilize my Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass does best when fertilized in Early September. Additionally, Bermuda greatly prefers alkaline soil and lime should be applied annually. 

When is the optimal time to fertilize my Bahai grass?

Bahai grass should be fertilized in late August, and much like Bermuda, it should also get an application of lime. 

When should I fertilize my ryegrass or fescue?

The fall application of fertilizer for ryegrass and fescue is the same. And is most effective when applied in September through October. Lime application is recommended for fescue, by ryegrass will not likely require it. 

When should I apply my Bluegrass fall fertilizer?

Bluegrass should be applied from September through October. It is also recommended that you apply lawn lime too. Titan grass also has the same requirements. 

When does Zoysia grass require fertilizer in fall?

Zoysia grass does best with an early September fall application. Like most other grasses, a lime application in the fall is a good idea. 

When should I fertilize thermal grass?

Thermal grass does best with a September and as it tolerates a wide range of Ph, lime applications are unnecessary. 

This infographic by Safer does an excellent job of breaking down the best time of year to apply fall fertilizer. Be sure to share it with your family and friends so we can all have greener lawns this fall!

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