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Abcd Lawn Lawn Services in Long Island, NY

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There’s no telling what the weather will bring to your Long Island home. Hardly anyone in the area was prepared for Hurricane Sandy a few years back, or Bob or Gloria before that. But there is always going to be a potential for your yard to be hurt by significant weather concerns, whether they entail extreme snow or tropical cyclones. You can reach us at ABCD Lawn if you need assistance with restoring the quality of your yard after a dramatic weather issue comes by.

Our team at ABCD Lawn can assist you with all the outstanding cleanup efforts you might require surrounding your home in Long Island. We can help you with cleaning up all the tree branches and leaves that fell on your lawn during a storm. We can also remove any excess bits of sand that might have blown on your yard if you are near the shoreline.

Our services at ABCD Lawn go well beyond the cleanup process. You can also contact us for help with all the essential lawn maintenance services you may have. You can talk with us about everything from lawn mowing to reviewing and planning an irrigation system. We can also help with sprucing up your landscape, including with cleaning up the bushes and other features all around.

You can also talk with us at ABCD Lawn about planning a new yard. We can help you with the design process based on how you’re going to produce an outstanding landscape, among other features. Our careful approach to your yard is critical for ensuring everything is planned out well. More importantly, you will never have to worry about whether it might be difficult for you to care for your yard and resolve any concerns you have surrounding the surface.

We can help you with your yard no matter where in the Long Island area you are as well. We’ve been helping people around the Brooklyn and Queens areas for a while, but you can also reach us if you have a property a little closer to Fire Island among other places off the beaten path. You can even contact us if you have a commercial property near the Islip airport or another site that is a little further off from everything else in the region.

The best part of what we offer is that everything involved for your yard will be planned out with care. We recognize that many things are surrounding your yard that can change. We’ll make sure that whatever it is you want to handle is planned well to where your yard can continue to look brilliant and unique.

You can trust us at ABCD Lawn when you are looking for a sensible solution for your yard maintenance needs on Long Island. Our team is ready to help you with all the unique yard care services you require. You can reach us today to get a free review and estimate for what you need surrounding your lawn care efforts.

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Qcs Llc Lawn Services in Long Island, NY

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The distinct beauty of Long Island makes it one of the most popular places in the country for people to visit. It is no surprise that so many people on Long Island have rental properties. But these properties need to be maintained well enough if people are going to be encouraged to rent these properties out for a weekend or longer for a vacation.

You can reach us at QCS LLC if you have a rental property or any other bit of real estate on Long Island and you need assistance with your yard maintenance efforts. Our team at QCS will check on everything surrounding your hard and how well the surface can be maintained. The best part is that you don’t have to be present at your home to take advantage of what we have to offer.

We recognize that every rental property on Long Island has a distinct design. Go to New Suffolk, and you will find plenty of beautiful features with large yards and carefully planned landscapes. Go a little further inland towards Riverhead, and you’ll find a few homes that are smaller in size but still made with beautiful natural green surfaces. We know that each of these homes has unique standards for care, which is why we will always ensure that your yard is maintained with care and control.

Our experts at QCS cover all the exclusive services you might require. We will help you with everything from lawn mowing to weed removal to irrigation planning. You can even talk with us about repairing any features around your irrigation setup. The careful approach that we put into handling your yard is something that you deserve to note.

You can schedule times for your yard maintenance needs based on when people may be at your property. But don’t forget, we can also help you here at QCS even if you do not have a rental property. You can reach us for help with all the individual care needs you might have as well. You never have to worry about the complicated or difficult things surrounding what you might work with or how you’re going to move forward with your effort.

The considerations that come with maintaining your yard will vary based on your location. That’s why we will ensure when planning our efforts that you are only going to be charged for what is necessary. Our work ensures that you’ll be charged based on what is right for your home and how well it needs to be cared for. The best part of this is that we are fully flexible over what we can do for caring for your property and ensuring the surface continues to look appealing.

You can reach us at QCS LLC the next time you need someone to help you with maintaining the general quality of your home on Long Island. You can ask us for help whether you’ve got a rental property or a personal home that you live in.

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Dick's Landscaping Lawn Services in Long Island, NY

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Long Island is home to some of the most beautiful places in the state of New York. It is no surprise that people who visit the island often stay at rental properties. They want to get a little closer to the heart of the island. There are many appealing rental properties around all parts of Long Island, including various properties in Montauk and Amagansett.

Anyone who has a rental property in any of these cities on Long Island will need to find someone who can help with all the outstanding yard maintenance needs one has. A rental property that is maintained well enough will be more appealing to the public. Fortunately, you can reach us at Dick’s Landscaping if you need someone who can help you with maintaining your lawn.

But what if you’re in another state and you can’t reach your rental property? You can ask us to come to your home at a time of your choosing. We will come to your home at the right moment based on when there are people at your property. We can do everything in between clients at your property to lawn mowing to hedge trimming to grass edging. We can also remove weeds and power wash surfaces around your home.

You can ask us to send images of your property to you after we are finished with the work at hand. We will provide you with enough detail on what is happening with your property. You’ll see that your rental home will be ready for use by anyone who wishes to come along to rent it.

There’s no need to worry about how far off your rental property is from the rest of Long Island either. We’ll come to your home even if you’re at Water Mill or Sagaponack or another one of those cities that are a little further to the east on Long Island.

Of course, we do more than take care of rental properties at Dick’s Landscaping. You can reach us if you have a home of your own that you already live in while on Long Island. You can also contact us if you have a commercial property that requires an extra bit of help and maintenance. Our team will check on the quality of your yard and find a suitable solution for your lawn maintenance requirements. You can even talk with us if you have an in-ground pool at your property. We will cut your grass well without risking any bits of grass slipping into your pool.

The rates we charge at Dick’s are also flexible and easy to review. You’ll never have to worry about spending far too much on services when you reach us for assistance. We never charge hidden fees or bring up any other surprises either.

Our team at Dick’s wants to provide you with everything you require for your home on Long Island. Whether you’ve got a traditional home or you have a larger rental property that you’re trying to make money off of, you can reach us for assistance.

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Santos Landscaping Lawn Services in Long Island, NY

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Every property on Long Island deserves the best care possible, and this is especially the case for commercial sites. We know that there are many excellent properties on Long Island that serve people in many ways. We at Santos Landscaping have seen everything around Long Island, from the craft breweries of Brooklyn to the classy bed and breakfast sites of Montauk.

We know that a commercial site with a well-kept lawn will be easier for people to trust. No one wants to go to a property that is covered in weeds and unevenly-cut grass. People only want to go to places where they can feel comfortable. We at Santos Landscaping want to ensure that your commercial site is groomed the right way.

We can schedule a regular mowing plan for your space. We can get the lawn cut every week or two depending on weather conditions and how well the grass is growing. We also offer on-demand services for people who need them a little sooner, not to mention for when people need extra help with cleaning off their yards after major storms.

You can trust us with your commercial or residential properties. We do well with large yards a little further out on Long Island, including those near Fire Island. But we can always work with smaller features around the Islip airport if necessary too.

Our lawn mowing and landscape maintenance services are beneficial, but you’ll appreciate the assortment of other services we have to offer too. You can ask for help with planting new trees around your property as desired, for instance. We can plan new trees based on how well they may grow and how they might look when compared with everything else around your property. Our team will see that what you’re working with where you are is cared for right and that it all looks unique.

You can also ask for help with removing weeds from your yard. There are so many types of weeds around Long Island that you might not know how to care for them without possibly putting your yard at risk of further harm. We will assist you in reviewing all weed types from your yard, including dandelions, chickweeds, quackgrass, crabgrass, lambsquarters, bindweed, and anything else that might grow around your yard.

The rates we offer for services are easy to afford too. You will not have to worry about spending far too much on services because we will adjust our charges based on what your yard requires. We know that not every yard in the Long Island area requires the same services. Therefore, you should not have to spend the same amount of money like everyone else, especially when you don’t need as much help as other people do.

You will love how we at Santos Landscaping can assist you with maintaining your yard and giving your place the help it deserves. Contact us to learn more about how well our team can help you with your lawn maintenance requirements.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

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Mary Harris Yard Mowing in Long Island NY

Everyone at ABCD Lawn was friendly and careful when it came to caring for my yard. The team talked with me about what I could do for my rental property in Riverhead and saw a few opportunities for grooming my trees. I was told about the risk of rot around my trees and about how well the rot can be controlled. The best part was that the team was relatively helpful and knew about what I needed for caring for my site. They were positive and careful with everything and made sure my yard looked beautiful before they headed out.

Julio James Yard Cutting in Long Island NY

The friendly people at QCS reached my home in Calverton the other day to help with restoring the yard, which is a huge thing for me. I love that the team was able to reach my home and that they didn’t have any problems with getting out here. But what also helped was that the team was comprehensive in what they were doing. They assisted me with everything from mowing the lawn to removing the dandelions that were building up around the place. The careful work that they put in at QCS was critical in helping me keep my home looking outstanding.

Gerald Kroon Lawn Cutting in Long Island NY

The people at Dick’s reached my home in Southampton not long ago and did well with cleaning up the yard and with mowing the surface. They also helped me with removing weeds around my trees. I thought that those growths near the bases of my trees were simple sprouts that naturally appear, but it turns out that’s not the case. The team talked with me about how dangerous those weeds were, and they helped me with cleaning them out. They have not returned, and my tree is still healthy. I didn’t know until then that my weeds to be treated without just pulling them out.

Jason Fair Lawn Cutting in Long Island NY

I needed to hire a few people with caring for my yard near Aqueduct, especially since I am too busy working at the nearby racetrack throughout the week. Santos Landscaping has done well with taking care of my yard, but the best part of what the team offers is that they provide a detailed approach to what they can do. I love how friendly the team is and how well they can check on all the features around my yard. I would highly recommend them to anyone on Long Island who needs a little extra help with taking care of their lawns.

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The beauty of Long Island, NY is that it is a place that includes many diverse settings. On the eastern end, you’ll come across picturesque villages like Ponqogue Beach or Quogue. Go west, and you’ll find prominent cities like Bethpage and Wantagh, not to mention the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. Every part of Long Island is unique, but one thing that each place on the island has in common is that they all require unique yard maintenance services.

Whether it’s a rental property in Montauk or a craft brewery in Bushwick, you’ll need to see how well the grass around your building is cut. But you might not have much knowledge as to what you should be doing here. That’s where we at GreenPal can come in handy. Our app is here to give you great ideas on who you can hire the next time you need someone open to assist you with many of the unique yard care functions and other points you might need help with.

You can ask us at GreenPal to assist you with finding a quality yard maintenance team on Long Island. We have a full listing of lawn mowing providers that you can search for on the GreenPal app. Each group included on the app will help you with many things that you might need assistance with surrounding the quality of your yard and how well the surface looks.

You’ll find plenty of lawn care providers on GreenPal regardless of whether you’re in Quogue, Quiogue, or any other city on Long Island. The thorough listings on the app ensure you’ll have more control over whom you are hiring and how you can get someone to come to where you are to provide you with the best possible services.

You can pay for services directly through the GreenPal app. You can also switch between providers on the app in moments. The simple arrangement of the GreenPal app ensures you’ll never struggle with getting your work handled through the app.

Each of the lawn mowing providers listed on the GreenPal app has been fully certified for services through the Long Island Chambers of Commerce organization. The entities here will work for people around all parts of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and will never let you down. More importantly, these are teams that have been trusted by people around Long Island for years, so you’re not going to run into any questionable groups when working on finding someone through GreenPal.

Download the GreenPal app to find lawn care providers on Long Island near you. You will appreciate the hard work that the teams featured on GreenPal have to offer regardless of where on Long Island you may need assistance at. You’ll find plenty of friendly faces who are available to help you with all parts of your yard when you use the GreenPal app to find teams that are right for you and available to assist you with many things surrounding what you require.

About Long Island New York

Long Island is a city in New York, United States.

Long Island NY is an island in the New York City area. The island is formed off of New York Harbor and Manhattan Island and moves out towards the Atlantic Ocean. The New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens can be found on the western end of Long Island. Nassau County is on the western part of the island, while Suffolk County takes up the central and eastern ends.

Two major airports, the LaGuardia and JFK airports, are both on Long Island. The MacArthur Airport in Islip also provides year-round flights to various cities on the east coast like Philadelphia, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

The Hauppauge Industrial Park is located in the village of the same name in the central part of Long Island near Islip. The park has offices for more than 1,300 companies.

The North Fork region on the northeastern part of Long Island is a prominent site for viticulture. There are more than 30 vineyards in the area.

There are five colleges and universities associated with the State University of New York on Long Island. These include Stony Brook University and SUNY-Old Westbury. St. John’s University is in Queens with a graduate campus in Oakdale. The New York Institute of Technology has a campus in Old Westbury and another in Islip.

The Lenape people first settled long Island. Henry Hudson landed at the area in 1609. English settlers formed the town of Southold on the eastern end of the island in 1640. British forces captured the island in the early part of the Revolutionary War, but the area was given back to the Americans in 1783 when the war ended. The island remained rural until the late nineteenth century. The 1883 construction of the Brooklyn Bridge helped link the island to the rest of New York. The population grew further in the 1940s and 1950s thanks to increased suburban development with GI Bill support.

Long Island links to Manhattan through the Brooklyn Bridge, the Queens Midtown Tunnel, and the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge among other sites. I-678 and I-295 also link the island to The Bronx.

Long Island has a population of approximately 7.9 million. About 2.5 million people on Long Island live in Kings County, which is where Brooklyn is located. Some of the largest cities on Long Island include Long Beach, Oyster Bay, and Hempstead in Nassau County. Suffolk County is home to cities such as Islip, Brookhaven, Montauk, and the Fire Island region.

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