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Which is better planting seeds or laying sod?

This is an age-old question. Is it better to lay sod for your lawn, or to start your lawn from seed? Well, this infographic covers a lot of what you need to know. Here are the most important things to consider when it comes to making the decision on how to start your new lawn. 

Which is cheaper? 

When it comes to seed vs. sod, hands-down starting from seed is much much cheaper. Additionally, starting from seed is much less labor-intensive at first. 

Which is a faster way to create a new lawn?

Hands down, sod is the fastest way to get your new lawn going. While it is much more expensive, sod can give you instant results that will require less maintenance over time. 

Which requires less maintenance?

When it comes to maintenance, starting a lawn from seed is much more labor-intensive. For one, you will need to weed regularly, as well as water on a schedule. Additionally, you may need to sow seed 2 or 3 more times to get a perfect full lawn. 

Which is better for controlling weeds?

Sod is the easiest way to control weeds. Think about it. You are starting your lawn from scratch, instantly. Your sod will quickly establish itself and it will be very difficult for new weeds to come in and disturb your new lawn. 

What is the biggest downside to sodding?

Sod varieties are very limited, so you won’t be able to have the wide range of options that seed would offer you. Additionally, sod is much more expensive and labor-intensive at first.

What is the biggest downside to starting a lawn from seed?

The biggest downside to starting from seed is the time that it takes for the lawn to establish itself.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. As you can see from this infographic, there are plenty of benefits for each method of establishing a new lawn. For more info check out Pennington. Be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family on social media. 

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