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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Terrytown
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Terrytown, LA as of Mar, 2019


Lakeview Weed Whackers Lawn Services in Terrytown, LA

Hired 96 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.44 Reviews)

Stop! Don’t read anymore after the next sentence! We are the best option for yard maintenance in Terrytown, LA. Okay, that’s all you need to know, proceed to asking us how low our prices are.

I said low, because we area cheap lawn mowing service in Terrytown, Louisiana. If you have a second and if you didn’t listen to me after I told you to stop after the second sentence, let me tell you why we are the best.

The quality and service we offer really is priceless. Unlike a lot of landscaping companies in Terrytown, LA, we do a lot more than just cut your grass. that is a rookie mistake, in my opinion, and cutting the grass is only the first step in lawn care.

You will never see us call ourselves a lawn mowing service in Terrytown. We prefer the term the best lawn care in Terrytown because that is what we do. We take care of your lawn. That means a lot more than cutting, by the way. We actually make sure that the grass is growing right in conjunction with mowing your lawn. That is so you can understand that cutting grass is all just to make the grass grow back stronger than ever. We do this for all parts of Terrytown, some parts of New Orleans too.

Although we aren’t exactly in Terrytown, we make trips out there all the time. That is one of the main reasons why we chose to list ourselves as a lawn mowing service in Terrytown, La. We might as well be a part of Terrytown to be quite honest, our base of operations is so close to Tall Timbers-Brechtel that we are pretty much a part of Terrytown. And, as far as time goes, we provide so much cheap yard maintenance in Terrytown, LA that we asked GreenPal to list us in the area.

Thanks for checking out our profile, and we look forward to meeting with you.

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Clean Cut Lawn Services in Terrytown, LA

Hired 136 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.193 Reviews)

Whether you need a one-time lawn mowing or a dedicated lawn service team for your home, I hope you consider us for anything yard maintenance related. If we can provide you for any type of lawn service for you, we would be really happy.

We would be happy for a few reasons. For one, if you hired us that would mean you trusted our experience enough to work on your home, that is a big deal. The other reason is that we would know for sure that another lawn is under our close supervision to become one of the many lawns in Terrytown that is receiving genuine lawn care.

Sure, there are tons of companies that provide you cheap lawn mowing, but how many of them actually want to see your lawn look better? See, that is our end goal. If we can make your lawn look good by the end of the season then we have done our job. Just cutting thegrass isn’t enough, it is the combined effort of watering, providing the right soil, and pruning the grass (i.e. grass cutting. I know, right? What a concept!) all of this so you can enjoy your grass in the best way possible.

We have a combined experience of over twenty years, something that very few companies who provide lawn maintenance in Terrytown, La can say. That is because most of us come from a background in landscaping, one of our guys actually coming straight from a city job working the Westlawn Memorial Park.

The worst thing you can do is hire someone who is not fit to handle your lawn. I am not talking about con men, I am talking about the people who think they can buy a mower and call it a business. If you are ready for a professional to handle your lawn, then I hope you will consider our company!

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Diamond Cutz Lawn Services in Terrytown, LA

Hired 232 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.114 Reviews)

There is not much to our lawn mowing. If you call us we will be there bright and early ready to take on any challenge you have for us.We have been a part of the lawn care industry here in Terrytown for over three years now, and every year we learn something new.

That is kind of the reason we got into lawn care in the first place. It was something that seemed so easy to do yet something people don’t want to do. I get it, most of you all are too busy with other important matters, but for me as a man in my age, something like taking care of your lawn is something I can learn to do on my spare time. Which I do, as a matter of fact!

My wife thinks I am crazy because of all the magazines we get for lawn and landscaping delivered to the house, but I don’t think so.

After all, People magazine is right in the same stack. When I started taking local yard maintenance in Terrytown, LA seriously, I could not believe how much learning was involved, but I stayed true to the course and now I am a professional for ya!

So if you are ready for a great experience and a lawn as freshly cut as the Alexas Gardens Apartments and the like, you know where to find me!

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Geaux N Green Lawn Services in Terrytown, LA

Hired 91 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.87 Reviews)

There is nothing better than having someone take care of your lawn for you. I know the feeling, and if I could run my own local lawn mowing service by having other people do it for me, well shoot, you know and I know I would be the happiest man alive.

But, until I can find some help, it is my job and goal to give you that feeling. Don’t feel too bad for me, I love lawn mowing. It feels good being outside, after all, it was just how I was raised.

We offer services for every kind of cheap yard maintenance in Terrytown, LA you could want, even if that means having giant animals shaved out of your hedges (I have never done that, but if you want me to I will go buy the book on how to do it).

WE service all parts of Terrytown and most of the New Orleans area, but if you live out towards Gretna and all that then I hope you understand to give us some time getting over there. We want to get there safe and on time, so we may have to reschedule your appointment that you wanted with a different

Thanks for checking out our profile, and we look forward to meeting with you.

We can also help with out with Lawn Mowing Service in New Orleans, La and Grass Cut in Kenner, La

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Carl Hooper Lawn Care in Terrytown LA
I have to say I am pretty impressed. With the way the website was laid out, I wasn’t sure if this was an app that just worked in certain places or across the nation. Not that I would use it anytime else than contracting my lawn maintenance in Terrytown, La. I am just saying, a lot of the times I will come across an app that works only in major cities, so I am glad to see you guys are looking out for the smaller towns. I have contracted for lawn mowing in Terrytown about five times now, two of the times from the same guy and the next ones different yard maintenance companies. I am not picky, I just like to see the difference between the competitions. Just the way I think, I guess. Yes, I would definitely tell my friends and family about GreenPal, I even told a few people at Thomas Jefferson High School, they seem to be lacking as far as landscaping in Terrytown, LA. Yes, I would say I am pretty satisfied with the website, the only thing I would ask for an update would maybe be the amount of reviews the actual affordable lawn mowing services in Terrytown, La get.
Will Rogan Lawn Care Service in Terrytown LA
I started looking online for local lawn mowing in Terrytown, LA after my husband complained about not having enough time to do the yard mowing. It seemed like an easy enough thing to look for., but I was kinda wrong. I didn’t know how many companies weren’t on Google if it hadn’t been for you guys. Actually, I was ready to pay almost double of what I would have been paying if I didn’t sign up for GreenPal, so if anything you guys are directly responsible for the money I saved. What is more, I am happy that the companies you hire are respectable. There were some people on Craigslist that I could not even think about hiring. Just in my area near Kate Middleton Elementary I found three local lawn mowing services near me, I was pretty impressed by that. Yeah absolutely, I think you guys are doing a great job with the website, no problems at all.
Marcos Dubose Grass Cut in Terrytown LA
You guys take the cake as far as yard maintenance goes. You would not believe the crap I have dealt with trying to find local landscaping in Terrytown, LA on my own. If it isn’t one thing it has been another. There was one point where I couldn’t get a cheap lawn mowing in Terrytown, La to save my life, and I mean that as far as the idiom will allow. I hired a cheap landscaper who claimed he was one of the maintenance guys for the golf club and the Cedarwood Apartments, and when I asked for proof he sent me a couple pictures. They looked legit, but it wasn’t until he destroyed my bushes that I realized they probably weren’t by him. The straight lines and the perfectly square bushes? Yeah, he got that picture off of the internet, if you can believe that. Yeah it has been easier to contract local lawn care near me, but in the end I am just glad there is an opportunity to review these companies so they can’t get away with crap like what I went through, that is probably the winning trait.
Cassie Sorano Lawn Mowing in Terrytown LA
Man, I cannot believe something like this could really take off! I shouldn’t be too amazed, I guess, especially after apps like Snapchat have made it big. But really, I am pumped you guys have this going for people like me. I have been hiring for local lawn mowing near me around Gretna Headstart School, but it hasn’t been for my yard specifically. I actually use the website to contract landscape maintenance in Terrytown, LA for all parts of New Orleans. Our leasing agency has so many properties all over the city that it is hard to keep track of which ones we have already cleaned up. It used to be my job to find local lawn maintenance in Terrytown to make it cheaper, but you would not believe how often I spent on the phone trying to talk to companies. It just wasn’t working out. And then you guys come along and tell me how I can do it all from the website. Let me tell you, you guys have saved me so much work!

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Welcome to GreenPal, your number one internet platform for contracting local lawn maintenance in Terrytown, Louisiana!

Unlike traditional methods of contracting local lawn care, especially in small suburbs like Terrytown, GreenPal helps you connect with all the options for cheap yard maintenance in Terrytown, from the smallest of the small lawn mowrs to bigger, more corporate landscaping maintenance companies. We did this for a ton of reasons, but there are a few problems we believe should not exist in 2017.

To start, all the founders of GreenPal had a similar career prior to working in the technology industry. In fact, you could say that the very idea of GreenPal was born from our shared experience. Before we started this service, we were all actually working in lawn mowing in our towns. We used the money to pay for college, and our success as a lawn mowing service was directly proportional to the number of lawns we were able to mow every week.

Which makes sense, right? If a lawn care company has plenty of grass to cut, then it follows that they would be successful, right? Right, and when we ourselves as an affordable yard maintenance, we could not be happier when we were able to find people who wanted lawn mowing. But during the times when it seemed like everyone in town wanted their grass to grow? Let us tell you that those times were tough.

It was during those times that we could have really used GreenPal. We were just a couple of guys looking to mow lawns, but in the days prior to the internet, that meant a lot of walking and talking to as many neighborhoods as possible. We imagined a service that would be able to connect clients and landscapers, all at once.

Now, we have the technology to just that! With GreenPal, not only will you be able to find the best price for cheap lawn mowing in Terrytown, Louisiana, but you will be able to have your pick as to who you do business with. We have done the hard work of finding every small business near you, all the way east from the Westbank Expressway.

What is it you need done in your lawn? Do you need a spring cleanup from the long winter of dead grass? Need a new strategy to bring back that same dead grass from the dead and begin the slow process of regrowth? Or do you need a dedicated lawn mowing service in Terrytown, LA with no contract to take away the burden of lawn care away from you?

Whatever it is, know you can find what you are looking for on GreenPal. With so many options from people around the city, there isn’t one single yard maintenance job that you will find unfulfilled from a lack talent in the city. We think you will find the opposite actually, with all the local yard mowing in Terrytown, LA that needs to be done, there are too many companies that are springing up to meet the demand.

That is why we dedicate a bulk of our time to vetting the cheap grass cutting in Terrytown from the professionals. We aren’t daft, we understand there are free options to post for grass cutting in Terrytown like Craigslist, but there are so many chances for scammers to score that it practically isn’t worth it.

GreenPal takes your privacy very seriously. In order to ensure that every landscaping company in Terrytown is as legit as they say, we ask them to go through a hard and rigorous interview process that proves to be a test of durability. Unlike many other peer-to-peer services, we ask for our companies to submit the usual information like business credit and accreditation with the state as an LLC or sole proprietorship. On top of this, we ask for every company to provide for us a copy of their clients’ list and a few pictures of their equipment. This might seem like not a big deal, but when it comes down to it, a lawn mower’s equipment is just as important as the man himself. If someone tells us they are the best landscape maintenance service in Terrytown, LA and they send us pictures of one push mower, we can probably guess they aren’t there to do good.

We do all this to save you money, but we also do this to protect you. We understand that lawn care is pretty serious business. You are inviting a stranger to your home after all, probably during a time when you won’t be there. That is good news for scammers, and they will take any opportunity to get that chance in their hands. On that final note, signing up for GreenPal is easy and takes less than ten minutes. The most you will need to sign up is an email and a physical address, if only to estimate what the cost of a lawn mowing is. This is how lawn care is supposed to be!

About Terrytown Lousiana

Terrytown is a city in Lousiana, United States.

Terrytown, Louisiana has made a name for itself as a small, census-designated city a part from Jefferson Parish. Officially known as a suburb in the New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner metro area, the city boasts a meager population of only twenty-three thousand, at least as far as the census goes. One of the bigger claims to fame Terrytown can claim is its innovative and futuristic home design. The prime developer Paul Kapelow (coincidentally the one who named the city after his daughter Terry Kapelow) designed homes with strange qualities to them.

To start, the plumbing in the houses was built only on one wall. That was a strange concept to have in the sixties, and the developers used this quality to market the homes and attract attention to the area. In a bit of commercialist history, Terrytown is the area that is home to Oakwood Center, a huge shopping mall that rests on the west bank of New Orleans.

Other than a few prominent celebrities in the government sector, Terrytown has a quiet, respectable reputation in regards to the widely expanisve and intricate history of New Orleans. The community was developed in the sixties to accommodate while migration from the city center. As it happens with most cities burgeoning with new migration from other cultures, a majority of white citizens not wanting to coexist with anyone but their own race demanded help from the government for new housing.

And, as it happens with most city governments, money was allocated to help the white population have an new home. The suburban, neatly ordered community of Terrytown was thus created, allocating funds that originally went to the downtown area and city center to the new and expensive home development. This lead to a drought of funds left for those minority communities left in the city center, which lead to poverty and crime rising. While some believe it is only by hard work and grit to own a home in Terrytown, in truth subliminal red tape and bureaucratic paperwork kept many minority families from having a home in Terrytown.

Source: Wikipedia

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    Back yard is fenced in and there's a few fruit trees and many shrubs in the front and back yards.

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