Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Baton Rouge, LA as of Apr, 2023

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Layman Lawn Mowing Lawn Services in Baton Rouge, LA

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There aren’t many people in the Baton Rouge area who enjoy mowing grass. The grass cutting task entails plenty of physical effort and analysis to ensure everything is done well the first time around. Many people in Baton Rouge might think that they know how to mow their lawns, but they don’t know what they are doing. The great news is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can handle your yard well enough when you reach us at Layman Lawn Mowing for help.

Kevin Layman and the rest of us at Layman Lawn Mowing can assist you with all the needs you may have for your yard. We have been serving people in the Baton Rouge area for years, and we know what it takes to give a yard in the city the best look possible.

You won’t wait all day for us to reach your home in the Baton Rouge area. Our headquarters is out of the Woodlawn Acres area near Shenandoah. We can make the quick trip down the highway to your home in the city. You can even ask us for help if you’re up north in Scotlandville.

Our lawn mowing service concentrates on several steps to ensure your yard receives the best care. We will figure out the appropriate height for your grass based on the type of grass you have and how well it grows. We can also adjust the height based on the time of year that you need help. Every yard has specific mowing standards, but we’ll work alongside whatever your property requires.

We at Layman Lawn Mowing can trim the hedges around your yard as well. We can cut even the most detailed bush at your yard to the appropriate size or shape that you request. Our work will ensure that your bushes look their best without interfering with your doors, windows, or other nearby features. We’ll also trim everything to keep random branches from getting in contact with the sides of your house.

You can ask us to aerate your yard as well. Aeration ensures that your grass will stay healthy and can handle rainfall. Aeration is critical for homes in the Autumn Run or Gardere areas among other sites near the Mississippi River. We want to ensure your yard can handle any rain event that arrives, including rain that comes from tropical systems.

We will remove weeds from your property as well. Our weed removal service will clean out dandelions among other annoying growths. We will dry out the areas where the weeds are to ensure the seeds and roots will die off and not be at risk of growing further.

You can contact us at Layman Lawn Mowing for help with all your yard care needs today. We want to give you the support you deserve when making your yard look more attractive. The work we provide will ensure there will be no problems coming around your lawn in Baton Rouge.

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Wiley Lawn Care Lawn Services in Baton Rouge, LA

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One of the greatest risks that you’ll have involving your lawn in Baton Rouge entails flooding. There is always the risk that your property might flood, especially if you are close to the Mississippi River. The potential for tropical systems to arrive in Baton Rouge can be high throughout the summer and fall. You’ll still experience plenty of rainfall even if no hurricanes arrive at your property.

The good news is that our team of experts at Wiley Lawn Care can help you with ensuring your yard is safe from flooding threats. We provide several services dedicated to ensuring your yard not only looks its best but will also be safe from excess water. You will need to keep your field protected if you want it to stay green and beautiful for years to come. Our work will help you reach your goal.

Our work is suitable for homeowners around all parts of Baton Rouge, but it is especially critical for people near the Mississippi River. Homeowners in Scotlandville, White Plains, and other areas near the river should contact us for help with their lawn needs to ensure that their drainage-related issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

Our lawn mowing service will ensure that your lawn stays safe. Mowing will ensure your yard stays healthy while keeping your soil from being at risk of becoming compacted. Regular mowing also stimulates a healthy sense of growth in your yard, thus protecting the quality of your grass.

We also provide an aeration service that you can hire a few times every year. The core aeration process entails removing plugs from your yard. The work loosens the soil and facilitates the growth of new grass. Your yard will not be likely to flood thanks to how fresh the ground is at this point.

The drainage features around your yard should also be noted. You might require a new drainage layout around your yard to make it easier for your grass to take in water. We can install a new drainage layout at your yard to facilitate how well your turf can handle the water. Any existing arrangements around your yard can also be fixed as needed. We want to ensure that this critical part of your yard is ready for whatever might occur where you are.

Our work at Wiley Lawn Care is available for homeowners around all corners of Baton Rouge. We are based out of the Woodlawn area and can reach your property no matter where it might be in Baton Rouge. You will appreciate the thorough work that we can offer for your home.

You can ask us at Wiley Lawn Care for help with improving upon how well your grass can look. Our team can reach your home and plan a free no-obligation estimate to figure out what you might benefit from the most. You can trust us when it comes to giving your yard a look that it needs.

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Greener Pastures Lawn Services in Baton Rouge, LA

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It seems like all the neighborhoods in Baton Rouge look alike. The houses in Zeeland are similar to what you might find further east in Wickland Terrace. The properties are often similar because of how so many construction companies have worked on many developments around the region. But while these homes might look the same, their yards will always be different.

What works for a lawn in Wickland Terrace may not be right for one in Zeeland. There might be differences in how well the soil feels or the grass types in the area. It might be difficult for you to figure out what is appropriate for your lawn maintenance needs. But you don’t have to worry all that much, as you can ask us at Greener Pastures to help you with all your grass cutting needs.

We at Greener Pastures know what it takes to ensure your yard in Baton Rouge receives the help it deserves. We have noticed how well many yards near our headquarters in the Avalon area can grow. Some yards grow a little faster than others. More extensive residential lawns might have an easier time building up than smaller patches of grass near a business site.

You can never tell what will happen with your yard in the city. That’s why our experts at Greener Pastures can take a careful look at everything around your lawn to figure out what might work best for your property. We will come to your home or business site and review how your grass is laid out based on how firm or soft the soil is, whether the grass is taking in enough water, and how much shade is in the area. All of these factors can directly influence how well your grass can grow.

We can mow your yard with the best equipment around. We use electric mowers that were always clean off before we start working. Each cutting blade will be sharp and ready for use before we begin. We keep everything maintained to ensure your grass won’t experience undue stress during the mowing effort.

You can ask us to reach your home for regular mowing every few weeks as necessary. You also have the option to contact us on-demand for whatever you request. We offer affordable rates for single-use and regular contract services. Your price will vary based on the size of your yard, but you’ll find that it won’t cost as much to hire someone as you might assume.

Don’t forget about the many other services we have to offer at Greener Pastures. You can ask us about aerating your yard, removing lawn pests, and trimming your landscape features. We can talk to you about all of these and more before we start working.

You can reach us at Greener Pastures for help with your lawn care needs today. We will provide you with a comprehensive approach to lawn mowing that ensures your yard will look beautiful for years to come.

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Lawn Brothers Lawn Services in Baton Rouge, LA

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You will find many beautiful lawns around the Baton Rouge area. The State Capitol Park features several beautiful yards that surround the state government complex. Tiger Stadium on LSU campus has a brilliant Bermuda grass lawn that catches the eye of the college football world many times every year. Don’t forget about the smaller parks around Baton Rouge, like the City Brooks Community Park.

Have you been trying to find a way to make your yard look as beautiful as one of these lawns in Baton Rouge? You can ask us at Lawn Brothers to help you with your lawn maintenance requirements.

Our team at Lawn Brothers has its headquarters near Monticello and Merrydale on the northeastern end of the city. We have seen many outstanding lawns in the area, and we can help you with resolving many of the problems you might have for your yard.

We can cover every need you have for giving your yard a green look you’ve always wanted. You can contact us for help even if you are a little further out in the Old Jefferson or Shenandoah area.

Our lawn mowing service will work on all parts of your yard. We will trim the grass around your yard and edge the ends of your property. We’ll ensure that every part of cut to the same height all around.

We always maintain our mowing equipment to ensure it will trim your grass well enough. We will clean up our mower before we start working on your yard. A clean mower will have an easier time trimming grass. There won’t be lots of obstruction within the mower caused by old bits of grass being stuck in there. We’ll also check on the quality of the blade to ensure there’s no problem with how well it can cut through the turf.

We will also groom your landscape features. We can trim your trees, bushes, ornamental grasses, and other things around your property. We can also clean out the leaves, branches, and other things that land in your garden bed.

You can ask us to aerate your yard as well. Aeration helps with removing old plugs from your yard while loosening the soil. The work is vital for keeping your yard from flooding during a storm. You can ask us to add new grass seeds to your yard during the work process.

Our work is guaranteed to provide your yard in Baton Rouge with the best style you can request. We can come to your property at the start to inspect your yard and figure out what services you will require. We can provide you with a free estimate for what we can do for you. The best part is that our services will not cost more money than you might expect.

Contact us at Lawn Brothers for help with your lawn care needs today. We will ensure that your lawn maintenance work will go forward and work well.

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Philip Stark lawn service in Baton Rouge LA
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Layman Lawn Mowing knows what works for my lawn at Laurel Estates. They always get the lawn cut to the best possible height. They even trim the ends of my yard to the same height as everything else, not to mention they don’t leave lots of stains or scratches around my yard. They clean up the grass when they finish too. The thorough work that they provide for my yard ensures I’ll get the assistance I need every time. The people here are always supportive of my requests for help. I feel that everyone in the city could benefit from what Layman can do.

Doris Strauss lawn service in Baton Rouge LA
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Wiley Lawn Care has been very helpful in giving my yard the help it deserves. They work at my home in Greendale every few weeks to not only get the lawn cut but to also check on how well the soil is working. They test my soil on occasion to ensure the pH is under control. They always clean out the weeds that develop here too. They have been very effective in confirming my yard won’t wear out, not to mention the people clean up all the stuff that they clear off of my yard when they are finished. They are very thorough in everything that they can do for my property.

Delores Bonds grass cutting in Baton Rouge LA
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The people at Greener Pastures respect all the needs I have for my yard. They are very helpful in managing everything from mowing my lawn in Merrydale to removing weeds. They come to my home in Merrydale when they say they will too. I’ve had to wait far too long for so many other service providers in the area, but the experts at Greener Pastures always show up at the correct times. It is great to have people in the area who respect my time while also providing the best results. I would recommend Greener Pastures to anyone who needs help with their lawn care needs.

Jeffrey Eddleman lawn service in Baton Rouge LA
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Lawn Brothers has given my home in Carrington Place the help that I have been requesting for years. I’ve had a rough time trying to keep my yard looking beautiful. My grass usually becomes brown and discolored after I finish mowing. I have never been able to cut it well, but the people at Lawn Brothers have done much better than what I have all this time. They always cut the grass evenly, plus they are very careful when moving up and down. I notice that their mowing equipment is much better at the task than what I’ve been using.