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What is the best commercial string trimmer on the market?

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Upgrade your lawn care with the top-rated commercial string trimmer! An instructional image illustrating step 3 in gardening: 'Spread the Fertilizer on the 100 square ft area. Rake lightly but not disturb the smoothness layers of the soil.' with a diagram of a bag of fertilizer on a plotted area.Looking for a new commercial string trimmer?

Well, I imagine you are looking to get the best bang for your buck when investing in your lawn care equipment!

If so, good news! We asked over 1000 landscapers what their favorite string trimmer was, and the result is clear.

And at the end of the day, one brand stood tall about the rest!

Want to find out what the favorite weed eater among lawn care pros is?

Then keep reading!

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What to Look For in a Commercial String Trimmer

It's no secret, there is a huge difference between selecting a weed eater for your own personal use, than when you are looking for one to use commercially. 

While a Ryobi 4-cycle Expand-it may be an excellent choice for the average homeowner. 

When it comes to operating a professional lawn care company, you likley want to consider something else.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a commercial weed whacker. 

 1. Get a Straight Shaft (Never Curved) 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing a string trimmer is to go with a curved shaft. 

There are a couple reasons straight shafted string trimmers are much more effective than curved trimmers for commercial use.

Curved Trimmers are Shorter

Curved string trimmers are shorter by design. Unless you are 5 feet tall, or have a small space to manage. A curved string trimmer will likely cause you to hunch over, and cause long, painful days.

Curved Trimmers are Less Dynamic

Unlike a straight shafted trimmer, curved trimmers are not as dynamic. 

Though they may help you maintain a more level cut, they are more limited. 

For example, curved trimmers can not be easily turned on their sides to edge, or get in tight spaces.

Trust me, stay away from any curved weed whacker if you really want to weed eat like a pro!edging with commercial string trimmer

 2. Go with Gas! 

It's true, battery-powered tools have come a long way, BUT when it comes to commercial lawn care operations, they are not up to par. 

Always stick with a good ole' 2-stroke or 4-stroke weed eater. Either of these will be a better option than the current battery-powered options. 

 3. Single Purpose or Multi-tool String Trimmers? 

Look, this one really depends on how your business is set up. 

If you are Looking for The Best of the Best

If you are looking for a trimmer that can help you knock out 10 lawns or more in a day. You really should stick with a solid shaft string trimmer and stay away from the multi-purpose weed whacker designs.

Think about it, you are going to be using your trimmer a few hours everyday. The more efficient the weed whacker is, the more time you can save on each lawn.

Learn how to: Make Your Weed Eater String Last Longerlawn care pro with commercial weedeater

Multi-purpose for New Operations

On the other hand, if you are just getting started with your lawn care or landscaping business. And you are looking for a low-cost multi-function tool, then a 'multi-tool' string trimmer may be a good temporary option. Especially if you want a tool that can be used to clear brush and do regular weed eating on the same day. 

For my first year of operation, the multi-tool Ryobi helped me get off the ground allowed me to offer a wider range of services until I was able to focus solely on lawn care.stringing weedeater head

 4. Get a Trimmer that can Handle .095 String 

Personally, I mostly use .095 string. 

Here's why .095 string is light enough to not be too much, but strong enough to take on some pretty thick grass. Additionally, with proper handling, it is thick enough to edge when needed.

In my experience, if you need anything thicker you can either use a metal blade, or you simply need a different tool. 

What string trimmer brand is the best?

Well, we polled over 1000 landscapers, and the winner was VERY Clear.

As you can see from the results below, there is one obvious winner!

Here are the results:

survey of lawn care pros on best commmercial string trimmer

Honestly, I was shocked by how much the winner stood out from the rest. 

Over 50% of lawn care professionals opt for Echo brand string trimmers. 

And no, this poll was not sponsored by Echo. 

Based on the response from lawn care pros here is what we learned about why they prefer Echo trimmers.Echo voted as best string trimmer for commercial use

Why Lawn Care Pros Love Echo String Trimmers

So why do lawn care pros rave about Echo trimmers? 

Well, I will let them explain.

Let's see what they had to say!A testimonial by Emily Bennett on lawn care pricing, mentioning a $60 per hour rate and factors that affect pricing.

 Starting is a Breeze 

Sheli Groat from Groat Mowing and Snow in Otho, IA told us that here Echo trimmer always starts when she needs it too!

She also mentioned that the bump feature always works properly!

In my experience, the bump feature is typically the first thing to fail. So that is certainly an important feature to look for in a commercial weed whacker.

The cover of 'The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden' by Roy Diblik, which presents a strategy for creating beautiful, low-maintenance gardens.

 Fairly Priced and Reliable 

Michael Sterba of Murfreesboro, TN said he likes Echo because they are fairly priced and very reliable!

It's true, Echo's pro string trimmers are very affordable.

A dynamic image of colorful koi fish swimming in a pond, representing an aquatic scene with a variety of koi patterns and colors.

 Less Down Time 

Troy Mosley of Mosley Lawn Service in Tulsa, OK said that he prefers Echo's weed whackers had 0 down time during the entire season!

Jim Mullins - Exceptional Lawns testimonial graphic praising Echo model SRM-3020 trimmer.

 All Around Beast 

Jim Mullins of Exceptional Lawns says that his Echo string trimmer "is just a beast"! 

He particularly recommends their SRM-3020 model which starts at $399. 

Additionally, he also reiterates Sheli's statement that they are very easy to start. string trimmer head

Other Notable Weed Eaters to Consider

Again, this post is not sponsored by Echo, and I would like to suggest other trimmers you may want to consider. 

 1. Husqvarna's Pro Line of String Trimmers 

Husqvarna is on par in many ways with Echo, and Stihl. Honestly, it is difficult to say which brand is truly better across the board. 

I have had nothing but great experiences with Husqvarna's pro line of trimmers. In fact, they last years with little maintenance. The one downside I would have to say is the poor quality of the trimmer head. The bump heads of their weed whackers deteriorate rather quickly. 

With that being said, Husqvarna's 324L is a good option if you are looking for something a little cheaper, with a quality build.

 2. Stihl's Pro Line of String Trimmers 

Stihl trimmers are the second choice among lawn care pros when it comes to commercial string trimmers. 

Here's the deal, Stihl offers a great line of gas-powered products. Although I have never owned a commercial Stihl trimmer, I do prefer their chainsaws far beyond any other brand I have tried, and based on that I would assume their weed whackers are a great option too. 

If Stihl is your only option, you can rest assured that you are going to get a great product. Check out the Stihl FS 460 C-EM.

 3. Ryobi Multi-Use Weed Eater 

Look, people can say whatever they want. Let's face it, not everyone can afford a $400 weedeater for their business.  

In fact, the first lawn care tool I owned was the Ryobi expand-it with the string trimmer head, along with the metal blade head. And it did what I needed it to do until I was able to take my lawn care business to the next level. 

Additionally, the Ryobi trimmers offer the ability to use .095 size string, for about $200. Seriously, if it's all you can afford to get your business started...

There is no shame in doing what you have to do! 

The Bottom Line on Choosing a Commercial Trimmer

At the end of the day, the lawn care professionals have spoken. Echo is the champ!

However, that is not to say that other brands are not also worth testing out. 

The most important thing is that you know what you are looking for in a string trimmer.

Ideally, you want a straight shafted gas-powered weed whacker, and is able to handle .095 sized string.

Until next time, check out our lawn care pros area for more information. 

Here is one of the many great articles you will find there; Copywriting Tips for Lawncare Professionals.

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