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Lampton Lawncare Lawn Services in Paragould, AR

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At Lampton Lawncare, we're all about keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. With our help, we'll not only beautify your backyard, but we'll also save you money. Hire our team for affordable and quality lawn care for your property.

How Regular Lawn Care Can Save You Money and Time

By hiring Lampton Lawncare for routine lawn maintenance, we help you save money and time. Here are some of the reasons why we're the best choice:

  • 1) Prevent Costly Repairs

We know a busy life makes it harder to maintain your yard. But not giving it attention can lead to costly repairs in the future. For instance, an overgrown yard can damage your sprinklers, or not tackling patchy spots can lead to expensive resodding. We help you prevent these issues from the start.

  • 2) Easier Lawn Maintenance:

With the right treatment plan, it gets easier to maintain your yard over time. When neglected, it's harder to manage the weeds, overgrown grass, and other issues that commonly plague lawns. With routine maintenance, we keep your property looking good and keeping it that way.

  • 3) Boost Curb Appeal and Property Value:

Have you ever seen an ugly lawn in a real estate listing? You might gloss over a nice green lawn, but an ugly one always stands out. We help improve your property's curb appeal to also increase your home's value.

Expert Support For All Your Lawn Care Needs

Lampton Lawncare provides affordable lawn care services in Paragould, Arkansas, and Greene County. From local neighborhoods like Gainesville and Centerhill to properties near Reynolds Park, we've been serving the area for over 10 years.

We're now proud to serve other cities as well, including Jonesboro, Arkansas.

If you want to learn more, check out our profile page.

Hire Lampton Lawncare for quality lawn service in Paragould today. 


Blue Line Lawn Services in Paragould, AR

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A great-looking lawn is a year-long job. We know it can be rough keeping things in order. At Blue Line, we offer the helping hand you need to maintain the look and feel of your outdoor space. Best of all, we do it for budget-friendly prices. Get 15% off your first order when you hire us.

A Full Suite Lawn Care Solutions For All Your Outdoor Needs

Your grass type might differ from your neighbors. So, the way you treat it needs to be different. That's why our company creates a tailored plan to address its needs, soil conditions, and more.

With our plan, here's what you get:

  • We use grass-specific fertilizers that help your grass grow faster and healthier
  • Prevent weeds before they sprout (weed control)
  • Alternate mowing patterns and cutting height to promote better grass growth
  • Nourish your soil to prevent decay, thin spots, and dead grass
  • Patch up balding spots
  • Use the right seeds for your lawn
  • Mow, feed, water, and do everything your grass needs to thrive

We do it all for you. From grass mowing to trimming to weed control, we'll keep your property in great shape while also fixing any problems you may have.

We offer lawn care services per visit or long-term lawn maintenance packages. Pick the option that best suits your budget and needs.

Serving Clients In Paragould

We serve customers in Paragould, Arkansas, and Greene County. We're proud to help customers in Bentonville, Arkansas, too!

From Bradford Terrace to Pecan Grove, we will help you no matter what neighborhood you're in. This includes serving customers near places like the Greene County Fair and other popular locations in the city.

If you want to hire a top-performing company with years of experience and high ratings, consider hiring us.

Hire Blue Line for quality lawn care in Paragould. 


All Star Pro Lawn Services in Paragould, AR

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Tired of spending your weekends and free time tending to your yard? Don't waste another weekend mowing the lawn. All Star Pro will do it for you. Not only will we mow your grass and trim the hedges, but we'll also take on your other landscaping chores like weed eating and fertilizing. Pass all your yard work to our team of trained experts so you can kick back and relax.

In-Depth Lawn Maintenance For Better-Looking Grass

Fertilizing. Grass cutting. Weed removal. With our full lawn service solutions, we'll do it all. Here are some of the treatment options we offer:

  • Get slow-release granular fertilizers to improve grass growth, thickness, and color
  • We'll promote healthy roots for thicker grass
  • We'll block out and remove weeds without the harmful chemicals
  • Lawn mowing services that promote better grass growth
  • Turf aeration services allow your roots to absorb nutrients and prevent water runoffs
  • Soil amendments to balance healthy PH levels

Wallet-Friendly Services For Everyone's Budget

We know lawn care can be expensive, but not when you hire All Star Pro.

So, get affordable lawn care services in Paragould, Arkansas, and Greene County by hiring us today. We have served customers in Silverwood, Carriage Hills, and other local communities. We're also proud to serve Sherwood, Arkansas.

Whether it's mowing the lawn or feeding your grass proper fertilizers, we'll keep your landscape green and healthy all season.

Visit our business page to see our services, prices, and recent projects. Some were done near Harmon Park.

Hire All Star Pro to transform your lawn today. 


Burdess Lawn Care Lawn Services in Paragould, AR

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Everything your lawn needs to thrive! We go beyond just mowing grass or edging your property's corners. We enhance, improve, and maintain so that your grass shines and flourishes, all without squeezing every dollar out of you. For trusted and professional services, hire Burdess Lawn Care.

A Plethora Of Treatment Options

We provide a range of lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Weed eating
  • Hedge trimming
  • Leaf blowing
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Overseeding
  • Sodding
  • Topdressing
  • Dethatching
  • Grub control
  • Pest control
  • And more!

We also offer gutter cleaning and pressure washing services all year.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our services are available for businesses, industrial properties, and residential properties. We offer contract-free services for one-time or recurring jobs. Our prices range between $43 for simple lawn mowing services to $110 for complete seasonal maintenance.

Who We Serve

We help customers in Paragould, Arkansas, Greene County, and even Little Rock, Arkansas. We have served residents in Centerhill, Crawley Ridge Hills, and even near properties like the Paragould Country Club.

We are a licensed and insured company with over 100 positive reviews. For nearly 8 years, we've been the go-to provider for our community. If you want a prompt, professional company that works hard for you, we're the no-brainer choice.

Hire Burdess Lawn Care for quality lawn service in Paragould today. 

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Don't miss your chance to hire Lampton Lawncare. They book up quickly! They're one of the best lawn care companies near me. I hired them for lawn mowing services and basic yard maintenance throughout the year. They've exceeded my expectations and have done a terrific job in my backyard near Bland Park. You won't go wrong hiring this incredible business.

Misty Swanson yard mowing in Paragould AR
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I found Blue Line on the GreenPal app. I found them after doing a search for lawn mowing services near me. I got their bid on the app and decided to hire them on the spot. They showed up the next day and did a fantastic job for me. My property near Paragould Junior High School is in the best shape it's ever been, and it's all thanks to the hard-working staff at Blue Line.

Edith Williams lawn mowing in Paragould AR
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I highly recommend you hire the pros at All Star Pro. They've done a great job in my yard near the Greene County Public Library right off Meriweather Lane. They are friendly and always show up on time. Their prices are great. One of the best things about them is that I never have to worry about being forced into a contract. Highly recommended!

Laura Steele lawn maintenance in Paragould AR
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Do yourself a favor and hire Burdess Lawn Care. They are extremely knowledgeable. They know what they're doing, and I can see why so many people have rated them with five-star reviews. Thanks to them, my lawn near the 8 Mile Creek Trail is in the best shape it's ever been.