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9 Powerful TikTok Strategies to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

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Beyond dances:
9 TikTok strategies to grow your lawn care business and gain clients!The cover of 'The Everything Lawn Care Book' featuring colorful illustrations of a person mowing the lawn, spreading seed, and the joy of a well-kept garden.Like it or not, TikTok is a great platform to market your lawn care business for a few reasons.

For one, lawn care is a very aesthetically pleasing business, and TikTok users love good aesthetics and #satisfying content.

In fact, lawn care and landscaping content frequently goes viral on TikTok!

It's true, TikTok can be a really great investment for spreading your companies brand awareness, and generate more client leads

If, you know how to use it.

Lucky for you, we reached out to the marketing pros, and asked them "how can lawn care professionals use Tiktok to market their businesses?"

Here is what they had to say, including the 9 strategies they crafted! 

Why Lawn Care Pros Should Consider TikTok

“According to a recent study, TikTok has over 400 million users and is the fastest-growing mobile social media platform. This means that if you're an aspiring landscaper who's looking for new ways to promote your services there are some huge opportunities out there just waiting for you.” 
Bryan Philips, Head of Marketing at MotionMarketing

Seriously, I get it. TikTok may seem like an app for children, and perhaps it used to be.

Yet, now TikTok has evolved into a place where almost anyone can get millions of views by creating unique content. And this of course includes content revolving around lawn care and gardening. 

It’s true, whether you are cutting a lawn, remodeling a landscape, pruning some bushes, or fertilizing a lawn...

TikTok users want to see your work!

Below are 9 tips from marketing professionals with examples that you can use to create content that will generate leads

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 1. Use Time Lapse Tips 

“TIME LAPSE, TIME LAPSE, TIME LAPSE. Landscaping is all about CHANGE. From past to future.. From old to new. Time lapse is MADE for this. Start with five second resets and just set up the camera then go to work. Just make sure you have a full battery on your phone when you start.”
Peter Shankman Founder of 

Look, time lapses truly are a great way to utilize TikTok as a lawn care pro. 

One reason lawn care always appealed to me was how much an hour or two can impact a lawn. And if you are like most lawn care pros, you know the feeling

Here's the deal, other people want to see that same impact too. And you can show them easily with a timelapse. You are already going to do the work, why not set up a camera and record yourself to show off your business?

 2. Start a Challenge or Leverage Existing Ones 

“Challenges are highly popular on TikTok and serve as a brilliant strategy to drive instant attention. Lawn Care is directly related to lush green grasses and an element of cleanliness. So, you can start a trend with a hashtag that goes something like #MowItDown or #MowYourGarden. If this idea isn’t attractive enough, leverage an existing viral challenge. For example, WipeItDown is a highly popular challenge that you can use to add mileage to your business. Prepare a strategy of how you can blend in based on your business style. Keep it entertaining and you’ll surely see some good results.”
Dave Nilsson, Founder and Director of 
Converted Click

I can already hear your blood boiling from watching this #challenge video above. But, the numbers speak for themselves. 

The video is as funny, as it is infuriating. 

The bottom line is the #challenge videos can work. You could use your Linkedin network of lawn care pros to challenge them to make better stripes than you. Or see who has the best rig set up.  

Seriously, if you are already connected with other lawn care pros with service areas outside of your own, collaborate with them to launch a #challenge that you can both benefit from.

 3. Target “Lockdown Gardner's” With "How-to" Content 

“As a marketer and gardener(hobby) myself, I believe most people have turned gardeners in the lockdown season, hence, this is the best time to grab their attention through TikTok and promoting your business.”
Igor Avidon Founder at 
Avidon Marketing Group

"Dedicating a team to create quick and small how-to gardening and lawn care videos will ensure people watching you more and visiting your website for further details."
Igor Avidon Founder at 
Avidon Marketing Group

It's true, there are more homeowners and renters home than usual with the lockdowns. As a result, many have turned to lawn care and gardening and are looking for great tips. 

This is a great time to show off your tips and advice on lawn care and landscaping. Which can help build your brand's authority. And when people finally return to work and need to hire a lawn care pro

They will know exactly who to turn to. YOU!

Igor adds a final point about how to sell your audience your services as your channel grows.

“After you have gained a good number of followers and their attention, chances are they are interested in your page and will not mind a product or service demo. Thus, use TikTok as your ideal place to demonstrate what your business offers in the most unique way possible and give them a quick hint of who you are and what you do.”
Igor Avidon, Founder at Avidon Marketing Group

Seriously, you can keep it simple too. 

Look, this simple video by @tarheelfarmer showing how to tie up the tail of a ratchet strap generated 100,000+ views in only a few days. 

 4. Use the Hottest Songs 

“I work a content creation position for Zing Agency and many of our landscaping clients find value from creating TikToks videos. When it comes to TikTok, it is important to keep up with trends as they are changing daily. One of my best tips for staying relevant, whether you are a lawn care company, hair salon, or professional dancer, is to take advantage of the trending songs and sounds.”
Laura Brown , Content Manager at Zing Agency

This video probably took more than one go to get this perfect, but all in all, it may have taken 10 minutes to create

And although this video only has a little over 3 million likes, it has been viewed over 20 million times! This same user @aldrichlandscape has several other videos with millions of views as well.

Perhaps you are seeing by now why TikTok is a great place for lawn care professionals to get their name out there. 

With a little creativity, a little bit of time, and a good shot. You can get more views on TikTok, than any other platform.

 5. Comment and Engage 

"For companies, especially lawn care, you must first study the platform and the business aspects of TikTok use; this will help you to be more clear about the usage of TikTok. Engage with influencers and ask them to use your hashtags, this will promote your business growth. Another powerful way I've seen for marketing on TikTok is user-generated content - fresh, original and authentic. Create images, GIFs, and videos with embedded links to landing pages, or launch hashtag challenges.”
Joby Antony, Senior Manager 
Reachout Suite

Engaging with influencers is a great way to get your videos out there. If you do a good job, you may just catch local influencers attention more easily. 


It's simple, the duet feature allows you to duet another TikTok. As in the video above which got over 100k views.

Duets are an excellent way to leverage successful content or get noticed by bigger channels.

“The most important thing is you should comment, like, and engage with other accounts and videos you like.”
Joby Antony, Senior Manager 
Reachout Suite

This video could not be much simpler. A  shot that probably took a minute to take, slowed down with a song over top and engaging with the comments left by viewers. Made this video go viral. 

Bringing in numbers that a small-time lawn care company could have never afforded to get only a few years ago.

 6. Before and After 

“An idea I would incorporate to promote a lawn care company on TikTok would be to do some dramatic shots of the lawn before it was cut and overlay it with dramatic, gloomy music, and then have the video transition into a much more compelling narrative as the grass is being cut, with the music lightening up as well.”
Thomas Jepsen, CEO of 
Passion Plans

Look, just as with marketing your lawn care business on Instagram. Before and after shots are a tried and true way to show the value of your work.

While before and after photos can show your results...

A video timelapse of your work that shows your progress as it happens, tells a story to the viewer

Influencing them on a much deeper level. 

You can also share your TikToks on Youtube and other platforms as well to maximize your input.

 7. Sell Them on Your Companies Value 

“When advertising your business, you’re not selling them your products or services, you are selling them value. You are selling them their wants and needs, and if you own a lawn care company that very well fits the description. Do you just offer the regular lawn maintenance services? Record your staff cutting the lawn as time lapse and add a background song that matches the speed of the video with a catchy caption. Do you offer more detailed manicured lawn care?

”Tiktok is all about visual content, so take advantage of that and show the best part of hiring you. This doesn’t just include before and after shots. You can take this to a whole new level and record quick funny videos of what your clients COULD be doing instead of taking care of their own lawn by hiring you. Remember, you are selling value, and showing your potential clients how you can save their time is one of the best marketing strategies you can use.”
Abby Herman, Director of Strategy Snap Agency

Abby is hitting on an important point that many marketing experts suggest, but many companies, including those in the lawn care and landscaping industry miss. 

Selling clients on the value of your services by reminding them that they could spend more time with their friends or family if they hire you to handle their outdoor needs. Is a great method for convincing clients that are sitting on the fence to jump over to your side

And like Abby said, you can make it funny too. This is actually a strategy I have yet to see implemented by a lawn care company on TikTok. So if you aren't sure where to start with creating content on TikTok... 

Seriously, consider creating comedic videos of what your clients "could be doing" while you mow the lawn.

 8. #Satisfying 

“From my experience, one of the best ways lawn care companies can promote their business on Tiktok is by showing quick compilations of what I would call "satisfying" edging, sweeping, leaf blowing, and mowing. A specific example would be showing the before shot of a slightly overgrown sidewalk and then a shot of your company perfectly edging the grass."
Josh Bateman, Founder of Prince Gardening

"This type of stuff can really go viral and it's incredibly simple for a business to start doing it. Simply ask a customer who has a very healthy lawn or great landscaping if it's ok if you film the job for social media and show before/after photos."
Josh Bateman, Founder of Prince Gardening

Hands down #satisfying is where the money is at for lawn care companies. 

Most of the videos on this list are categorized as #satisfying and the results speak for themselves and all point to one thing. 

People love lawn care content! 

 9. Consistency and Research 

“It is easy to become discouraged and want to give up posting content after one or two videos that have flopped. Not everyone will become viral after a few posts. Find ways to incorporate video recording into your day – whether it’s attaching your phone to a tripod and recording a job from start to finish, or taking a few quick pictures to create a video with your before and after pictures. Consistency is key!”
Victoria Tsai, Creative Director at Daggerfinn,  

It's true, as with marketing on any other platform, marketing on TikTok is all about consistency. 

if you keep up with some of the trends, and always aim to improve the quality of your content. Going viral on TikTok with great lawn care content is almost a guarantee

But in the meantime, be sure to incorporate the other social media platforms to grow your clientele, and take your business in the direction you want to go.

The Bottom Line on Using TikTok to Get more Lawn Care Clients

TikTok is a fantastic platform to market your lawn care business, and here's why:

1. Time-Lapse Tips: Showcase the transformation of a lawn over time with captivating time-lapse videos. Highlight the impact your work has in just a few hours.

2. Start a Challenge: Create engaging challenges related to lawn care or collaborate with other lawn care professionals to boost your reach and visibility.

3. Target "Lockdown Gardeners": With more people gardening during lockdowns, share valuable how-to content to establish your authority and gain future clients.

4. Use Trending Songs: Stay current by incorporating trending songs into your videos. This keeps your content fresh and appealing to a wider audience.

5. Comment and Engage: Interact with influencers, use the duet feature to collaborate, and engage with your audience's comments to increase your TikTok presence.

6. Before and After: Showcase the dramatic transformation of lawns before and after your services, providing visual proof of your expertise.

7. Sell Value, Not Just Services: Highlight the value of your lawn care services by emphasizing how you can save clients time and effort, using humor when possible.

8. Satisfying Content: Share satisfying videos of your lawn care work, such as edging, mowing, and leaf blowing, which resonate well with TikTok users.

9. Consistency and Research: Stay consistent in posting content, even if you don't go viral immediately. Continuously improve your content quality and leverage other social media platforms.

TikTok's visual nature is perfect for showcasing your lawn care work and attracting potential clients. So, go ahead and leverage these strategies to grow your lawn care business on TikTok!

If you are a lawn care professional, people want to see your work! It's simply ascetically pleasing to watch a lawn or landscape come together. 

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