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99+ Side Hustles, Gigs and Apps To Make Money During Covid-19


99+ Side Hustles, Gigs and Apps To Make Money During Covid-19

Looking for some gigs to get your side hustle on?

If so, this is your go to resource for finding the best apps and websites to make money.

It's true, many Americans are now out of work due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, as many as 26 Million Americans have filed for unemployment since the shutdown began.

Fortunately for you, in the modern era, there are now countless applications and websites ready to help you start making money!

Covid-19 pandemic or not, these side hustles can help you keep the bills paid, or put some extra cash in your pocket.

Working Your Side Hustle Through A Pandemic

Whether you were temporarily laid off, your hours were cut, or you simply want to pick up some extra cash on the side...

There are countless side hustles and just as many apps and sites that can help you find work.

Whether you are looking for work as a freelancer, a handyman, or simply want to make money driving for a living. 

Here are 99+ of the best apps, sites and side hustles to help you start finding work today. 

Best Delivery and Driving Side Hustles

Of all of the side hustles that you can make money with during the Covid-19 outbreak, delivery and driving apps may be your best bet!


Here's the deal, there are 2 reasons driving and delivery services are a sure bet. 

ONE- There are a lot of applications that can help you make money driving.  

TWO- Now more than ever, many people are avoiding leaving their homes during the pandemic. 

And, let's face it, who wouldn't want to get paid to drive on their own time?!

Best of all, you can work on your schedule!

Types of Driving Side Gigs:

Look, even if driving passengers around during a pandemic isn't your thing. There are other ways to make money driving as well!

There are 3 types delivery side hustles you do to make money:

  1. Passenger Services- Deliver people from one destination to another.

  2. Food Delivery- Bring food, groceries and even basic necessities straight to the people that need them.

  3. Shipping- Some applications even allow you to assist in the shipment of items much like USPS, or FedEx.

Get this, companies like HyreCar let you get your side hustle on, even if you don't have a car!

Here are some of the best driving and delivery apps to make money:

  1. Lyft- Make money driving passengers.

  2. Uber- Make money driving passengers. 

  3. HyreCar- Rent a car and drive passengers.

  4. Postmates- Deliver take-out food from restaurants, and convenience stores.

  5. DoorDash- Deliver take-out food from restaurants, and convenience stores.

  6. Instacart- Get paid to deliver groceries.

  7. Uber Eats- Deliver take-out food from restaurants.

  8. Grubhub- Deliver take-out food from restaurants.

  9. Caviar- Deliver take-out food from restaurants.

  10. JoyRun- Deliver take-out food from restaurants.

  11. Shipt- Get paid to deliver groceries.

  12. Rinse- Pick up and drop off laundry for homeowners.

  13. Alfred- Run errands for busy clients.

  14. Saucey- Deliver alcohol to clients for money.

  15. Amazon Flex- Get paid to deliver Amazon orders to customers.

  16. Deliv- Deliver goods locally.

  17. Deliveroo- European based food delivery service.

Home Maintenance Service Applications to Start a Side Hustle

If there's one thing we know at GreenPal, it's home maintenance apps. After all, GreenPal is a great place to find lawn care near you!

But there are others too! 

Find Home Maintenance Side Gigs

If you have home improvement skills and need to find work for your side hustle. You can find new business with apps like Thumbtack, TaskEasy and Takl. 

Whether you are great at interior, or exterior painting, you can hang doors, or clean gutters. You can bet that someone near you could use your skills

Pandemic or not, people need to keep their homes in order! Meaning that there is almost always work near you.

You simply have to find it!

Even better, home maintenance can be great exercise!

Find Lawn Care Side Gigs

If you are looking to start a lawn care side business and mow some lawns, there are a few great applications where you can find lawns in your area, and make money. Assuming your state doesn't go "full Michigan" and ban lawn care in response to Covid-19.

GreenPal, Lawnstarter, and Lawnlove are 3 great applications to pick up lawns to mow near you. 

Here are some of the best home maintenance apps to make money:

  1. GreenPal- Find lawn care gigs near you.

  2. Lawnstarter- Find lawn care gigs near you.

  3. TaskEasy- Find lawn and home repair gigs near you.

  4. Lawnlove- Find lawn care gigs near you.

  5. Takl- Complete small jobs and household chores for your neighbors.

  6. Thumbtack- Advertise your handyman services.

Teaching and Tutoring Side Hustles During COVID-19

COVID-19 shut down schools across the nation, and many teachers were left without work.

However, the good news is: the internet has many great opportunities for teachers. Especially since many parents and children are turning to the internet to get their education.

Meaning, there is plenty of work available for those who can find a niche online!

The next two teaching and tutoring money making side hustles have been suggested by experts.

Pro Side Hustle Tip #1: Start an Online Course

"If you're an expert in your field, consider starting an online course! While it may take some time to film and edit your online course, you'll never have more time than you do right now!"

"Once you have your video assets, you can use a platform like Teachable or Thinkific to easily upload your videos, format them into lessons, and begin marketing and selling your course!" -Meg, Founder + Hiring Manager of K9 of Mine

Pro Side Hustle Tip #2: Consult College Students

"Squired, is a college consulting platform that connects students applying to competitive universities with mentors who have been through the process themselves, to offer help and advice with the college application process. Mentors offer essay editing, feedback, interview prep, and guidance through a 2-way approval scheduling system over video chat, offering students world class application advice no matter where they live, which school they go to, or who they know."

"Mentors earn money on their own schedule, setting broad working hours (such as 5-7pm weekdays) that students can book and have the option to accept or reject each booking. As traditional tutoring services have shut down due to COVID, we see a significant move online, particularly through video services that can offer the same personal touch. This move online has meant that our Mentors can work from wherever, and whenever they want." -Alex Thorburn-Winsor, Cofounder of Squired.co

Those are two great suggestions for out of work teachers to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There are many more opportunities as well!

Here are some of the best teaching and tutoring sites to make money online:

  1. Squired.co- Consult college students for money.

  2. Teachable- Sell your own course online.

  3. Thinkrific- Sell your own course online.

  4. VIPkid- Teach children virtually on your own time.

  5. Education First- Help people learn English.

  6. CourseHero- Get paid to tutor students online.

  7. Magic Ears- Teach Chinese students English.

  8. Verbling- Teach students language lessons.

  9. italki- Teach students language lessons.

  10. VerbalPlanet- Teach your peers another language.

  11. Preply- Teach Preply's audience of more than 150,000 students.

Survey and Consumer Feedback Sites to Make Money Online

Since the days of dial up internet, and searching for CD's to add more time to your internet connection, online surveys have been a great way to make money!

Since those days, a lot has changed. But surveys and consumer studies are in demand now more than ever. 

Check this out, because COVID-19 has made meeting in person difficult, focus groups have moved online. 

Meaning you can participate in focus groups that may not have been previously available for you!

Pro Side Hustle Tip #3: Participate in Focus Groups

"FindFocusGroups.com is a site that helps people find and participate in paid focus groups. Because of the Corona outbreak all traditional in-person focus groups have been moved online. As long as people have a computer at home they can get paid for their opinions without leaving their house. This is a really simple, fun, and safe way for people to make extra money online." -Danny DiGiovanni, Founder of FindFocusGroups.com

After checking out the site myself, I have to say it is worth checking out! There are a lot of great focus groups to participate in. 

And they pay pretty well!

Here are some examples of the focus groups you can find on the site include:

  • Online focus group about smartphones- Pays $125 - $225 

  • Online focus group about your TV viewing habits- Pays $125

  • Online study about how Coronavirus has affected your lifestyle- Pays $325

Here are some of the best survey and consumer feedback sites to make money online:

  1. FindFocusGroups.com- Get paid to participate in focus groups near you and online.

  2. Respondent- Participate in one on one interviews, and complete surveys.

  3. Swagbucks.com- Take surveys for money.

  4. User Interviews- Participate in consumer studies for cash.

  5. Springboard America- Participate in high paying surveys.

  6. Survey Junkie- Take surveys for money.

  7. Prize Rebel- Take surveys and complete other tasks for money. 

  8. WhatUsersDo- Participate in user experience testing.

  9. UserFeel- Participate in user experience testing.

  10. Enroll- Test websites before they get published.

  11. TryMeUI- Test UI for cash.

  12. UserTesting- Participate in user experience testing.

Care Giving Side Hustle Jobs

Look, despite the pandemic, life continues on! As a result, there are folks who still need their dogs walked, need their homes cleaned, or even need their houses or children watched. 

If you know where to look, you can find plenty of work helping your neighbors take care of their daily needs!

Apps to Find Babysitting and Elder Care Gigs:

People who babysit, or care for elders are needed now more than ever.

It's true, with covid-19 closing down schools, demand for babysitters is at an all time high!

In fact, demand for caring for both the young and old is a great way to help out your community and make some extra side cash.

Some great applications for finding work are SitterCity, Honor, Helpr, Care, and ConnectRn. Each of them can connect you with the people who need care the most!

How to Start a Dog Walking Side Hustle:

If you love animals, and want to start a pet sitting, or dog walking service, you can find people in need of your services near you with Wag, Barkly and Rover.

Of course you can go old school with some flyers at your local convenience store to find clients. But why not consider finding clients from the comfort of your own home?!

Here are some of the best list of care giving side hustle jobs:

  1. Sittercity- Find people near you in need of childcare.

  2. ConnectRN- Nurses can connect with nearby facilities in need.

  3. Honor- Find care giving work near you.

  4. Care.com- Find care giving gigs near you.

  5. Helpr- Help working parents care for their children.

  6. Wag.com- Watch and walk dogs and other pets for cash.

  7. Rover.com- Watch and walk dogs and other pets for cash.

  8. Barkly Pets- Another great dog walking app for those looking for a sweet dog walking side hustle.

Best Sites to Make Money Online with a Freelance Side Hustle

It's no secret, freelancing is in! 

Both Freelancers, and freelance gigs are in high demand, and no pandemic can stop that! 

As a result, there are many online market places to find work in almost any field you want. 

Which Freelance Gigs Pay the Most?

According to Invoicely, these are some of the top paying freelance gigs:

  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Internet Marketer
  • and Translation

Pro Side Hustle Tip #4: Try GigSmart for Freelance Work

“GigSmart is a staffing app connecting individuals looking for work with companies that are hiring. Our app is unique in that it uses skills matching to connect skilled Workers to local, hourly Gigs seeking certain skills."
“We’ve seen COVID-19 impact our user base in a variety of ways, from the industries we are serving to the number of users signing up for our platform. If you’re looking for immediate work opportunities in your area, download a Get Gigs account and setup your Worker Profile so you can start applying to hourly gigs or part-time and full-time jobs that are hiring right now."

- Jenay Sellers, Director of Marketing at GigSmart.com

List of freelance apps to get your side hustle on:

  1. GigSmart.com- Find local hourly work across 3,000 skills.

  2. Hired- Help people find employees, and get paid!

  3. StitchFix- Start a side-hustle as a virtual stylist.

  4. DroneBase- An site for certified drone pilots to get paid.

  5. FixThePhoto- Get paid to Photoshop pictures.

  6. Rev- Transcribe audio to text.

  7. Scribendi- Proofread and edit documents.

  8. Proofreading-Services.com- Tutor English students, and proofread documents.

  9. Scribbr- Proofread academic level documents.

  10. Fiverr- Offer a unique service to Fiverr's community.

  11. Upwork- Find freelance gigs in Upwork's online marketplace.

Sites that pay for Translating Online During a Pandemic

Do you know a second language? Then this side hustle is for you!

In the ever expanding global market, translators are in demand, and likely will be for years to come. 

Whether you want to translate live conference calls, transcribe videos, or even translate books and documents. You better bet that you can find plenty of work translating languages!

Best of all, there are plenty of great apps that make the process of finding the work easy!

Here are some of the best translation apps to make money online:

  1. Translators Cafe- Find translation jobs from clients around the world. 

  2. ProZ- Find translation jobs from clients around the world.

  3. Gengo- Translate text for money.

  4. Unbabel- Translate one of 28 languages around the world. 

Customer Service Sites to Make Money Online

With cellphones, and the advent of applications, so many jobs can now be done from home.

Get this! You can pick up a side job as a customer service representative either online or on the phone. 

With apps like Crowdio and NexRep, you can help companies troubleshoot issues, and make sales from home.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about all the social distancing rules, because you are at home!

Here are some of the best customer service sites to find a side gig:

  1. Crowdio- Get paid to provide live chat customer support.

  2. Loan Signing System- Help clients find loans.

  3. NexRep- Provide phone customer support and sales services for companies.

Property Rental Apps to Make Money Online

Look, if you have an extra room for rent, or are going on vacation, you can rent your property and make some extra cash on the side!

Covid-19 or not, folks need a place to stay. Of course, you may have to take some extra precautions to prevent the spread of disease. 

However, the pay off can be extraordinary.

Here are some of the best apps to make money with real estate on the side:

  1. BGE- Notaries can get paid to notarize documents.

  2. VRBO- Rent your room or home to travelers. 

  3. Airbnb- Rent your room or home to travelers.

  4. Trip Advisor- Rent your room or home to travelers.

  5. Home AwayRent your room or home to travelers.

Side Gig Apps for Making Money Moving and Manual Labor

Moving and manual labor gigs are a great way for anyone with some extra time and some muscle to make money on the side!

Whether it's helping your neighbors move across town, helping someone deliver and load some furniture into their home, or even helping a family move into another state. 

There are countless items that need to be moved, and a nearly endless demand for movers, and manual laborers! 

Your only challenge is finding the work! Fortunately, many thoughtful site and app developers have already handled the job for you. 

As long as you have some good PPE, and some extra muscle, you can help your neighborhood keep on moving forward, even through Covid-19.

Check this out, with Truxxit.com, you can rent out your truck, and muscle, and help folks near you move!

Pro Side Hustle Tip #5: Rent Your Truck for Cash!

"For anyone who own a pickup truck or van, driving for a truck-sharing service like Truxx (Truxxit.com) is a good way to make money. Truck-sharing is similar to popular ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber, however their networks consist solely of drivers with pickups or vans. Services like Truxx help users move items too big for their cars. Driving for a truck-sharing service has distinct advantages. Not only do you get to make your own schedule, but you earn more per job."

"With an average job landing at $85, drivers earn more per job and don't have to endure the high volume hustle to make good money. I hope that is useful. More about Truxx: Truxx is a popular truck-sharing service and the first to build a national driver network. Truck-sharing works similarly to popular ride-sharing apps like Lyft or Uber however our driver network consists solely of drivers with pickup or vans. Truxx helps users move items too big for their car." Carlos Suarez, co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, Truxx

There are other great apps and sites to help you find moving and labor gigs near you.

Remember to always follow the best practices of business.

Here are some of the best moving and manual labor apps to make money:

  1. Truxx- Get paid to drive your truck and help people move. 

  2. YourMechanic- Make house calls to fix cars and trucks.

  3. Bellhops- Help people near you move.

  4. TaskRabbit- Run errands and make deliveries for cash.

  5. GoShare- Rent your truck or van by the hour.

  6. Handy- Find cleaning and handyman services near you.

  7. Wonolo- Get connected directly with side-hustle gigs near you.

  8. Dolly- Earn cash with your van or truck helping people move.

  9. Buddytruk- Help neighbors pack and move across town.

Make Money with Mystery Shopping Gigs

Mystery shopping is a fun way to make extra cash on the side.

Literally you get paid to go shopping and talk about your experience!

Granted, mystery shopping may not be an option right now in many parts of the country during the outbreak.

But, if the option is available where you live, mystery shopping can be a great side hustle to earn that extra cash!

Here are some of the best mystery shopping apps to make money:

  1. Field Agent- Perform "top-secret" side hustles near you.

  2. Gigwalk- Complete mini-gigs with your smartphone.

  3. BestMark- Find mystery shopping gigs near you.

Random Gigs to Make Money During Covid-19

We could, in no way, shape or form, sort all of the applications and websites you can use to make money in one place. 

So, alas, we have a collection of random side hustles you can do even during the Covid-19 pandemic!

From being an inspector for insurance companies, to helping hunt down low airfare, and even giving psychic readings online.

There are so many interesting side hustle apps for you to explore in your spare time and keep the cash flowing while society deals with the current Covid-19 crisis.

Get this, one site, Stringr, helps you connect with news and media outlets to help them get the footage they need.

Pro Side Hustle Tip #6: Get Paid to Shoot Video for the News

"Videographers who have been laid off or are low on their usual commercial or entertainment work have been turning to Stringr for gigs - essentially transferring their video skills into journalism skills for steady work."

"Based in New York City, Stringr has built an international network of over 100,000 freelance professional videographers who can be deployed locally at a moment's notice to provide footage for newscasters."

"These videographers are offered assignments based on news demands and broadcaster requests, and then upload their footage into the Stringr digital platform for use worldwide. Not only is the footage used by large broadcasters like CNN and Fox, content is also distributed by the Google News Initiative, reaching 75% of all American homes. Videographers get paid when their content gets picked up for use and earn even more if the footage goes into syndication." -Heath Fradkoff, Communications Stringr

Here are some of the best random sites to make money:

  1. Stringr- Get paid to record video for news and media outlets.

  2. MovieExtra- Find movie extra gigs.

  3. WeGoLook- Get paid to check out items for the buyers that want them.

  4. OnSource- Complete photo inspections on damaged vehicles.

  5. Job Spotter- Get paid to snap pics of help wanted signs.

  6. Purple Ocean- Earn money giving physic readings.

  7. FareFetch- Perform searches on flights, and help clients find the best deals!

  8. Zirtual- Find work as a virtual assistant. 

  9. Foap- Make money selling your photos online.

  10. Adobe Photo Stock- Sell stock footage and videos.

  11. Shutterstock- Sell stock footage and videos.

What's The Bottom Line on Making Money During Covid-19?

It's no secret, times can be tough when half of the country shuts down due to a pandemic.

Fortunately, as you can see, there are a lot of websites dedicated to facilitating the relationship between workers and the people that need them.

Even if one site or application doesn't help you find the work you need, you may find that another is right up your alley. 

If we missed your favorite side hustle app or website, let us know on social media!

And if you find this guide helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and family!

Check out the full side gig infographic.

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