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The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide Infographic

This infographic is the go to resource on how to take care of your lawn like a pro! From seasonal maintenance, to the best mowing practices. This ultimate lawn care guide has it all! 

What is the best time of year to aerate the lawn? 

For the best results you should aerate your lawn twice a year. Once in spring, and once in fall. Preferably in March and October. 

How tall should I mow the grass? 

According to this infographic, it’s best to mow your grass higher rather than lower. This is because taller grass can retain water better, and keeps the soil cooler. Cooler soil helps your lawn be more drought tolerant. 

Why is aeration important?

Aerating the lawn helps water, nutrients and even air circulate down into the plant's roots. This practice helps build stronger roots. When done in combination with overseeding, aeration is one of the best ways to green up your lawn. 

What is scarifying? 

Scarifying is the process of removing thatch from the lawn, thus it is also known as "dethatching". Thatch is the buildup of dead plant matter which begins to build up in the lawn. When thatch builds up too much, it can choke out the grass. By removing thatch you allow nutrients to once again reach the most important part of the grass, its roots! 

How much water should I use in my lawn? 

For best results you will want to water at least 1 inch in sandy soils, and a half inch in clay soils. Be sure your lawn receives water every other day.

Should I turf my lawn? 

You should consider turf if you want to get a perfect lawn fast. Turf works best for lawns that need severe repair. Or lawns where pets and children often go, and regular seeding of the lawn is impractical. 

How often should I fertilize the lawn? 

There are lawn care professionals that suggest that you apply fertilizer up to 10 times a year. However, for most lawns 2-4 applications of fertilizer a year is more than sufficient. See infographic for more information. Don’t forget to get rid of the weeds as they appear in the lawn! Weeding is an essential part of lawn care, and must be practiced to get the ultimate lawn! 

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