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Are all lead generation sites the same in the lawn care industry?

Finding lawn care work and finding lawn care clients is important to running a successful lawn care company. Fortunately, there are many applications that can help those in the lawn care industry find lawns near them. This infographic shows a break down of 6 of the best lead generation apps for lawn care professionals to find jobs. 

Is Home Advisor worth the cost?

For lawn care professionals, the most expensive application for lawn care leads is Home Advisor. Which costs $288 a year, and $7-$28 a lead. As far as the lawn care community is concerned, Home Advisor is not a good application for lawn care professionals. Is 

Task Easy a good application for finding lawns to mow?

Task Easy has a lot of benefits for lawn care companies looking for new lawns to mow. The application offers 24/7 support, no sign up fees and a nationwide presence. The one downside is that lawn care professionals do not get to set their own prices. Prices are set by an algorithm. 

Is GreenPal a good app for finding new lawn care clients?

GreenPal allows homeowners to connect with local lawn care providers. GreenPal offers free lawn care bids to homeowners who get to pick their favorite provider. GreenPal also facilitates payments to the lawn care provider. Eliminating invoicing. The only downside is that their service is not available everywhere. 

Is Lawn Starter worth the time?

Lawn Starter offers a nationwide presence, and no sign up fees for lawn care providers. They also offer a vendor support line 7 days a week. The only downside for lawn care providers is that the pricing is set by an algorithm and not set by the lawn care provider. 

How is Thumbtack for finding new lawn care clients?

For lawn care providers, Thumbtack offers a listing service similar to Craigslist. However Thumbtack charges $4-$8 per lead on average. However they do offer 24/7 phone support. The biggest downside is that you pay for a lead, whether or not you get the job. There is no guarantee of work from leads. 

Is Lawn Love good for finding work?

Lawn Love allows lawn care vendors to find work near them. Lawn Love offers a nationwide presence, and fees are paid by the homeowner. The biggest downside however, is that Lawn Love favors the homeowner, the one paying fees. As a result they may require up to 24 pictures to receive payments. 

Which lawn mowing lead application is best for finding work?

This infographic really breaks down the pros and cons of each of these lawn care lead generation applications. The best one for you greatly depends on your preferences and goals. Some lawn care pros use 2 or even 3 of the applications on this list to build their client base. If you found this infographic useful. Share it with your social media, we would appreciate it!

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