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Why do Americans Love their Lawns?

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • January 24, 2022

It’s no secret that American’s love their lawns. But why? Well, beyond creating a greener planet. This infographic explains what Americans love their lawns so much, and where the tradition stems from. 

What percent of American landowners say that upkeep of their lawn is important?

81% of Americans say that upkeep and maintenance are an important part of caring for their property. In fact, 88% of Americans have a lawn. 

What area of the country do the most people have lawns?

The southeast is the most lawn-rich area of the country with 91% of homeowners owning a piece of land. As opposed to the west coast where only 85% have a lawn. 

What do Americans like to do in their lawns?

This may not be much of a surprise, Americans love to relax in their lawn. Other activities Americans do in their lawn include BBQ’s and outdoor activities with their children. 

What are the main reasons American’s take time to care for their lawns?

42% of Americans like to care for their homes because it shows pride in their home, 16% say that they are creating a relaxing space and 15% do so to keep up their property value. 

What do homeowners look for when hiring a lawn care professional?

Most homeowners say that price is the most important factor they consider when hiring a lawn care professional. 68% of homeowners say they look for a high quality of work. With women saying that price is more important, and men saying the quality of work is more important. 

Look, the simple fact is that American’s love their lawns, and this infographic shows us exactly what Americans love their lawns so much. This infographic is from Love Your Landscape. Visit them for more great lawn care info. In the meantime, stay tuned for more great infographics and articles. 

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