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Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principles (An Illustrated Guide)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

Florida is a unique climate, with unique people, and a unique set of landscaping traits that make it one of a kind. But how can you work with the unique, tropical climate of Florida in your landscaping? Well, this infographic has a few great tips you may want to consider. 

How can I make a Florida-friendly lawn?

If you live in Florida and want to protect the environment around you will want to; attract wildlife, fertilize appropriately, water effectively, manage yard pests responsibly, mulch, protect the waterways, prevent runoff, recycle, and put the right plants in the right place.

How can I water my lawn effectively in Florida?

No matter where you are, there are a few tips you can use to save water in your lawn. For one, water in the early morning for optimal results. This practice will allow water to absorb into your lawn before it evaporates in the sunlight. You also want to water for longer, but less frequently. Watering 2 inches twice a week is better than watering a half inch every day. 

Why is frequent watering bad for my lawn in Florida?

Watering too frequently can result in small, shallow roots that can cause the grass to be more impacted by drought or disease. 

How can I protect Florida waterways? 

If you have a waterfront property, you will want to help protect the waters by preventing run-off, as well as avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and overusing fertilizers and instead using organic lawn care alternatives

How does mulch help the environment?

Mulch helps retain water in the lawn and will even keep the ground cooler which can protect your plants. It also prevents runoff. So, if you use fertilizers, they will be less likely to run-off. Keeping more of your fertilizer where it belongs, in your lawn. Fertilizer runoff can cause deadly algae blooms

At the end of the day there are a lot of ways you can protect Florida’s natural environment. This infographic was made by the University of Florida

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