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Horizon Lawn Care Lawn Services in Cullman, AL

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Can your lawn use an upgrade? Horizon Lawn Care can make that happen. We're pros at fixing bare spots, getting rid of weeds, and transforming ugly messes into a green paradise. We have over 10 years of experience under our belt and a list of hundreds of positive reviews. We're the company to hire when you need quality yard work for an affordable price.

Transforming Outdoor Space

From fixing bare spots to adding seeds to improving grass texture, our staff does it all. Here are some of the steps we take to transform your landscape:

  • 1) Lawn Mowing Services

The most obvious one; grass cutting. For your grass, we cut at about 2 and a half inches to promote better grass growth and keep it safe from damage.

  • 2) Weed & Grub Control

Weeds drain the nutrients away from your grass, while grubs cause unnecessary mayhem. We'll prevent or get rid of them and other invasive plants for good.

From early spring, we use pre-emergents to prevent weeds hitting the germination stage. After the growing seasonthough, we start attacking them on the spot while using a premium herbicide.

  • 3) Fertilization

We use high-grade lawn fertilizers during the year. We recommend you start a fertilizing routine early. We apply slow-release fertilizers that lasts for several weeks. This allows your grass to absorb nutrients better and stay healthier longer. For most cases, we add them every 5 to 7 weeks depending on the condition of your soil.

  • 4) Aeration

Your soil becomes compacted over time. If you don't deal with it right away, you can cause your soil to harden, which prevents your grass and roots from absorbing crucial nutrients like water and air. Our aeration services give your soil some literal breathing room to soak up fertilizers and water without any hassle.

We offer a vast collection of services that are tailored to your specific needs. Grow greener and weed-free grass with our help.

If you're not sure what treatment is right for your yard, we'll help you pick one out. 

Quality Yard Care Backed By Hundreds of Positive Reviews

Horizon Lawn Care offers affordable lawn care services in Cullman, Alabama, and all of Cullman County. Whether you're in Catona, Terri Pines, or right by the Cullman Wellness & Aquatics Center, we're here to serve you.

Visit our business page to get more information and look through our recent projects.

Hire Horizon Lawn Care today.


Ct Media Group Lawn Services in Cullman, AL

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What's the point of a backyard if you can't even enjoy it? If the yard work is too much to handle right now, the pros at Ct Media Group can help. From spring cleanings to extensive resodding, our entire menu of lawn care services is perfect for every problem and budget.

What Can A Healthy Lawn Do For You?

Here are some of the benefits of a healthy outdoor space:

  • Keeps Your Property Cooler

When sunlight beams into a surface like concrete, the heat is absorbed and released, making the area much warmer. When sunlight beams into your grass, it acts as a sort of heat reservoir, cooling the area and even dropping the temperature slightly. A healthy lawn plays a huge role in keeping your property cool.

  • Limit Allergy Attacks

Invasive plants such as weeds or dandelions exude heavy amounts of pollen. They're especially strong in the spring and early summer. Thick and healthy grass can act as a barrier against and trap pollen while sparing your sinus in the process.

  • Promotes Peace Of Mind

A clean, trimmed, and manicured yard can make you feel comfortable, which in turn makes you feel at peace. Try sitting in a muddy, weed-filled, pest-infested lawn. The difference is unmatched. A healthy lawn is not just something nice to look at; it plays a role in your mood and well-being.

  • Improved Flood Control

Are puddles forming on your property? A properly maintained landscape can actually prevent flooding, puddles, and runoffs. All while being able to soak up excess rainwater.

  • Boosted Property Value

It goes without saying a nice-looking lawn can boost the value of your home or commercial property. Keeping your grass, bushes, and plants in good condition matters.

A healthy lawn doesn't have to be a dream. At Ct Media Group, we can give it the attention it needs to look good and stay that way. Not only will we spruce up its appearance, but we'll also strengthen its roots to combat weeds and tackle common issues like grass disease.

Let's help you build the best-looking version of your outdoor space.

High-Quality Yard Maintenance For All

Get affordable, quality, and trusted lawn care services in Cullman, Alabama, and Cullman County by hiring us today. We have served our local community for years and have earned hundreds of five-star reviews in the process.

Whether you're in Catoma, Simpson Creek, or any neighborhood in the area, we can help you.

We'd like to invite you to our business profile. You'll see our list of services and the work we've completed in the area, including near Sportsman Lake Park.

Hire Ct Media Group for affordable lawn service in Cullman. 


Precision Lawn Lawn Services in Cullman, AL

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Thanks for considering Precision Lawn. We know you're thinking of hiring other companies, so we appreciate your time. As one of the leading lawn care companies in the area, carry ourselves with the highest level of professionalism. From grand outdoor makeovers to simple grass-cutting jobs, our company has done it all. Now, we're ready to help you.

Laundry List Of Services For An Affordable Price

As our company grows, so has the number of employees we've hired and our offerings.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressures washing
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed control
  • And much more!

Choose any of the above! Get support on an ongoing basis, or hire us on a hectic weekend for a one-time yard mowing job. Whatever you need, we got your back.

Affordable Lawn Care Deals For Cullman Property Owners

Precision Lawn provides many affordable lawn care services in Cullman, Alabama, and Cullman County. 

We offer plenty of flexible landscape maintenance services for every budget and need. You can also get one of our three lawn care packages. For instance, our yard maintenance package includes lawn mowing, weed control, leaf blowing, and other services.

Visit our business profile for more details. It also displays our customer reviews and recent projects in neighborhoods like Baldwin, Catoma, and other local communities. Let's not forget the work we've done near places like Larkwood Falls.

Consider hiring the pros at Precision Lawn.


Perkins Lawn Service Lawn Services in Cullman, AL

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Have those online DIY videos left you confused? Do you hate tending to your yard every weekend? Has your property turned into a hot mess? As you already know, caring for your patch of land is not all sunshine and rainbows. It takes more than just mowing and sprinkling water to keep it in good shape. Let our experts at Perkins Lawn Service help.

Complete Lawn Care Services

We don't just cut grass. We perform every kind of job that promotes healthier and thicker grass growth. We also give your grass with the nutrients to stay healthy, ward off weeds, and thrive regardless of the season or climate.

We accomplish this by:

  • Feeding your grass proper nutrients.
  • Applying pre and post-emergents to fight off weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants.
  • Using safe and effective grub control solutions to fight off those nasty grubs that cause bare spots on your lawn.
  • Patch up those balding areas while reseeding them with premium Alabama grass-specific seeds.
  • Combining premium-grade fertilizers with highly sourced grass seeds to promote healthy green grass in record time.
  • Cutting your grass at a specific height to avoid scalping and ripping it from its foundation.

That's just scratching the surface! If this sounds like something you're looking for, consider hiring Perkins Lawn Service.

We perform quality services to customers in Cullman, Alabama, and Cullman County. From Moncrest to Holloway to properties near Town Square Shopping Mall, we got you covered.

Enhance. Improve. Maintain.

Get all the lawn care services you need by hiring our team today. We offer a plethora of options for every budget. We have the knowledge and tools to handle almost anything you throw at us.

Our prices start at $45, but it all depends on what you need and how often it needs to get done.

Our customer service staff is available to answer all your questions beforehand. You can also visit our business profile as well for more information.

When you're ready to transform your outdoor space, Perkins Lawn Service can help. 

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