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Gem State Services Lawn Services in Meridian, ID

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One thing you may notice when taking care of your yard in Meridian is that you might have a turf bed that is different from what you might find in another part of the city. Meridian, like many other cities in Idaho, is home to lawns that feature many grass types. We at Gem State Services can care for whatever grass is at your property.

We know that the grasses around Meridian tend to grow quite well throughout the year. Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass are among the greens in the city that can grow in cool conditions. Our work at Gem State Services will help with caring for any of these features no matter how difficult they might be.

All grass types grow different from one another. Some forms of grass need to be cut a little lower than others, while some might stand to grow a bit. We will figure out the best height for mowing before we start working on your yard. This part of the lawn maintenance task entails ensuring the lawn will stay healthy, not to mention the bed won’t be exposed to where weeds could develop.

We can work for your yard regardless of its size. We can work on smaller yards in Heritage Commons, but we can also handle some of the most massive ones around the outskirts of town.

All the work we provide at Gem State Services will ensure your yard stands out, but we don’t stop there. You can also ask us about our landscape maintenance service. We will trim all your bushes, trees, and other decorative features around your yard, and even clean up your garden bed as necessary. You can ask us to prune new trees to ensure they grow evenly.

Our experts will check on all your landscape features before we start. While many homes like on Pine Street look the same, that doesn’t mean their trees and bushes are going to grow the same. We’ll figure out how well your property’s features are growing, so we can resolve whatever concerns might come about when maintaining your yard.

We will keep everything around your yard in Meridian looking its best. You won’t have to wait all day for us to show up to your yard. Our team works out of the Harris Park area near the Ridenbaugh Canal. We can access any neighborhood in the Meridian area without delay. You can schedule us to arrive at your property while you are out at work or school too. We believe that all homeowners in Meridian should have access to the best yard maintenance services.

Our experts at Gem State Services are here to assist you with building the best lawn you can have in Meridian. Contact us at Gem State Services today to schedule an appointment for services. We want to give you the help that your yard deserves when it comes to restoring its appearance and offering the best look around.


Tailored Turf Lawn Services in Meridian, ID

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It is often difficult to figure out what needs to work when caring for a new yard. The point is true about homes throughout Meridian, Idaho. With there being so many new homes around the Meridian area, you’ll find plenty of newly planted sod beds around the city. New homes around Raven Hill and Havasu Creek, among other neighborhoods, often have unique yard maintenance needs that must work.

Our experts at Tailored Turf are available to help you with maintaining all of the unique needs you might have for your yard. We will check on everything surrounding how well your yard is growing and devise a plan for work that fits your needs.

Our team works out of the Tenmile Creek area. We aren’t too far away from the Lakeview Golf Club. We have taken inspiration from the golf course when it comes to our lawn care work. We know that the course and the lawns around here are relatively new. We’ve seen how they have evolved, and we recognize what it takes for them to stay looking green. We want to bring our experience and expertise to your property in Meridian, especially if you have a newer home that needs extra yard care.

We can help you with checking on your irrigation system if you have one. We recommend you water a new turf bed a few times every week. The work keeps the soil moist and less likely to become too hard.

We can also add new seed to your yard at various times throughout the year. We can aerate your yard to improve upon how well the soil can take in the new seed.

The regular lawn mowing service we have to offer will be to your advantage as well. The best way to handle your yard is to ensure it is cut about six weeks after it has been installed. We can come to your yard to help, provided that it is safe to cut the new grass. We’ll check on how well the soil is functioning and see if we need to remove anything.

We at Tailored Turf can work with an appropriate mowing pattern depending on how well the grass is growing. We will cut everything evenly to ensure the grass will not be at risk of wearing out or experiencing any fatigue.

We can do all of these things and more here at Tailored Turf. You’re not going to end up spending more money on services than what you might expect. We will charge you only for the services that you ask us to complete. We will talk with you about what you might spend on our efforts before we start as well.

Ask us at Tailored Turf for help with mowing your lawn in Meridian today. We can help you if you’ve got a new turf bed at your property, or if you have an older property in the area. We would love to provide your yard with the best possible help in Meridian.


5 Star Lawn Care Lawn Services in Meridian, ID

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One of the best parts of many lawns around Meridian is that they can handle drought conditions well. The fescue, ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass yards around Meridian are capable of resisting drought conditions without a problem. But even then, the grasses can still be influenced by how hot or cold the weather can be. You’ll need to ensure your yard is groomed to where the grass is at the right height. The grass must be to the best height so it can handle hot or cold conditions depending on the time of year.

Our experts at 5 Star Lawn Care will help you with mowing your lawn to the best possible height. We will ensure the lawn is cut accordingly based on how high or low it should be, the grass type you have, and many other factors.

We can work on all yards in the Meridian area from Sheridan Place to Chamberlain Estates. We recognize that each neighborhood in the area is different in many ways. Some sites have lawns with lots of curves, while others are on a slope. We can work with the appropriate cutting motions and patterns for any yard you have, regardless of how well it is built. Our plans will ensure that every square inch of grass is cut, not to mention everything will be trimmed to the ideal height.

You can also ask us to add a new grass seed to your yard. We can aerate your yard beforehand, as the work makes it easier for the seed to enter the turf bed. We recommend contacting us for a seeding service during the fall or late summer. It is easier for the seeds to germinate then.

We can help you with any bushes or trees you have around your property. We can care for all your landscape maintenance needs, whether they entail trimming your bushes, cutting overgrown vines, or cleaning up your garden bed. Our experts at 5 Star Lawn Care will clear out all of these features. We’ll also clean up all the branches, leaves, and other things that are left behind after we finish. Our work ensures your grass bed will look clean while giving the turf receives the sunlight it needs.

We are available for homeowners throughout the Meridian area. Our headquarters is not too far from the Meridian Speedway and Storey Park. We will access your property at the precise time that you ask us to arrive. Once we arrive, we’ll work to make your turf bed looks more like Storey Park and less like the worn grass bed on the inside part of the speedway.

All of us at 5 Star Lawn Care are here to help you with improving upon how well your lawn in Meridian will look. You can contact us at 5 Star Lawn Care today to learn more about what we can do for your yard. We can plan a free estimate at your property to identify what would work best for your lawn.


Dad Cares Lawn Care Lawn Services in Meridian, ID

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We at Dad Cares Lawn Care are parents who understand how important it is for our families to have beautiful lawns. A clean, well-cut, and peaceful lawn in Meridian is a sign of comfort. Everyone deserves to live with a yard that has a striking look that stands out.

We know what it takes for homes in Meridian to receive the yard maintenance support they need. Our experts at Dad Cares Lawn Care will support each lawn as if they were out own lawns.

The work we provide takes inspiration from the beautiful suburban lawns around Meridian. Our company works near the Ustick Elementary School campus. We know that the yards around here look quaint and green, not to mention they add to the beautiful appeal that makes Meridian one of the top places for living. But you don’t have to be near Treasure Valley or Grenadier Way like we are to enjoy a distinct yard. You can ask us to reach your home anywhere in Meridian.

We will come to your property and provide a thorough check of how your turf bed is growing. You can ask for a free estimate to identify what works for your property. We can work on any yard in the city, including some of the compact fields in the La Mirada area. The work we provide ensures that you’ll have a provider that you can trust for your yard care needs no matter what they might be.

Our experts will find out what works best for your yard in Meridian before we start working. You might have soil that is compacted and needs to be loosened. We can aerate your yard to clear out the backup before it can get worse. The work is particularly critical for the spring season when rain can become more of a risk.

Perhaps you have weeds around your yard. We can remove all those annoying weeds and clear out their seeds so they will not be likely to grow once again. We can also add new grass seed to any places where the growths used to be. The most important part of our work is that we will not use any potentially dangerous chemicals that might hurt people near your yard.

All of the things that we will do for your yard at Dad Cares Lawn Care will work to provide a clean and thorough look all the way through. The best part is that our team at Dad Cares will provide you with an affordable rate for services. We’re not going to make you spend more than what you can afford on lawn maintenance services here at Dad Cares. You may be impressed with how much you would spend on services when compared with what others in Meridian might charge.

You can reach us at Dad Cares Lawn Care for help with all your yard maintenance needs today. We will help you here at Dad Cares Lawn Care with whatever it is you need for keeping your yard looking its best.

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Richard Washington lawn service in Meridian ID
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Gem State Services is very respectful of the things that I need for my yard. They are cautious when mowing my lawn in Haven Cove every few weeks. They determine how high my yard should be according to the time of the year they help. They know that the best height for my grass will change throughout the year. They always check on how well it grows and identify the best plan for mowing before they start. I haven’t had any problems with weeds or other growths around my yard, thanks to the work that they put in.

Jeanette Hernandez lawn cut in Meridian ID
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I don’t have much time to mow my lawn in Sienna Creek on my own, as I spend a good portion of my day traveling to and from work. The Tailored Turf professionals always do their best when caring for my yard while I am away. They reach my property at the time I ask them to appear. They cut the grass and clean up after they finish. They even clean off the grass clippings from my driveway. They also help me with trimming some of the more difficult places around my lawn. The grass is always evenly cut when they finish.

Jonathan Cook yard cutting in Meridian ID
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5 Star Lawn Care is a great company that understands what my yard needs. The team at 5 Star Lawn Care comes to my yard every month to cut the grass and to trim the bushes near my windows. They always cut everything to the best height possible, not to mention the bushes look uniform and well-organized all around. The team here is very respectful of the unique needs I have for my yard in Kingswood. I would recommend the people at 5 Star to anyone in the city who needs extra help with their lawn care needs.

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Dad Cares Lawn Care has been accommodating in ensuring my yard stays looking its best. The people here know what my yard in Fall Creek needs every time they come over. They know how high the grass should be based on the specific time of year. They also know what my yard requires based on how much rain has come along recently. The team always ensures that my yard receives enough care, but they don’t charge me anywhere near as much as what I’ve spent on other lawn care services in the past from other providers.