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How to Landscape Your Inground Pool

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

Looking for the perfect tips for landscaping your in-ground pool? No one wants to wreck their perfect in-ground pool with poor landscaping choices, so use this infographic to be sure you follow the best landscaping practices for your pool. Without further ado, let's jump right in, but try not to do a belly flop!

What is the goal for landscaping your in-ground pool?

It is important to recognize why you are landscaping your pool. And for most people, it's a matter of privacy, minimizing pool debris, and low maintenance. A mixture of these 3 factors should be kept in mind when considering your pool's design. 

What are the main design aspects of a pool's landscaping?

Well that depends. You will need to choose your theme. There are 3 main themes for a backyard pool. These are the tropical palm-based style, a modern cleaner look, and of course a xeriscaped desert style. Xeriscaping is a great low water landscaping method.

What sort of mulch do I use around a pool?

Again, you want to be sure that the material you use is not easily moved by the wind. As a result, a classic shredded mulch or pine needle mulch is preferred. You want to avoid sand unless you don't mind sweeping your deck and pool often. 

What type of soil should be used around a pool?

Like any other landscaping feature, a top-soil and compost mixture is preferred. You simply want to be sure that your plants are in a healthy mix, with plenty of nutrients. 

What sort of plants should I use around my pool?

One thing is for sure you will want to avoid barberry and hawthorn or anything sharp like hollies or junipers. Instead use evergreens like arborvitae, long-blooming flowers, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. 

What other tips should I keep in mind while landscaping?

Be sure to soak the ground before removing weeds, Use plenty of potted plants, and good lighting to highlight your pool's key features. 

For more great pool landscaping tips, check out Swim University, and see what they say. Until next time, feel free to share this infographic with your friends and family. See you next time! 

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