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Need to burn off a few pounds? Do it with home maintenance

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Need to burn off a few pounds? Do it with home maintenance

Burn Calories by mowing your lawn by GreenPal

Top to Bottom Home Maintenance Weight-Loss Plan

If you are looking at improving your home, you can begin at the top and work your way down to the bottom. By doing so, you will not only improve your home, but you will begin to lose a lot of weight in the process.

  • Let’s begin with the roof. If you are doing roofing, you are going to burn 340 calories in the process every hour. That is over 1,500 calories just for six hours of work. Not too bad.
  • Heading down, you can begin cleaning out the gutters. An easy task, but you are going to burn about 272 calories every hour by doing so.
  • Now that you are done with the gutters, you can begin to hang storm windows. The storm windows will burn 272 calories every hour as well.
  • Heading farther down, you can begin to work on the wiring and plumbing of the second and main floor. This will take you several hours, and that will burn 136 calories every hour.
  • Now that you are done with what is in the walls, you can lay down carpet, or remove it. Doing that is going to burn 238 calories per hour.
  • Heading farther down, maybe even out onto the deck, you are going to sand the floors. That is going to burn another 238 calories every hour.
  • Lastly, you hit the dirt outside, and here if you are working on a garden, or digging holes for plants, you can burn 272 calories every hour.
  • Other activities like raking leaves and mowing the lawn will burn 384 calories and 400 calories every hour. Throw in painting the outside of the house, and you have a further 272 calories burned every hour.

It doesn't take much to burn a lot of calories, but with some work around the house, you can burn plenty. 

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How to Burn Calories by mowing your lawn by GreenPal

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About The Author

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