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Realtors and Property Managers….help with lawn care has arrived

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Realtors and Property Managers….help with lawn care has arrived

Real estate professionals and property managers carry out a multitude of “behind the scenes” tasks, tasks occasionally be taken for granted by individuals looking to purchase or rent a home. For real estate professionals, staying current with real estate laws, tracking trends in the market, generating leads, marketing, coordinating open houses, and closing of properties, are duties these pros have to perform for multiple clients on a daily basis. Needless to say, property managers are responsible for keeping property owners and tenants satisfied with the condition of the properties managed. This job involves maintaining the dwelling units and grounds, arranging any and all repairs, and making renovations for anywhere from a few homes to multiple commercial properties.

With so many moving parts in these professions, coordinating any services needed at properties can be a logistical nightmare. For example, what do realtors do when they have a last minute showing and need the yard mowed in? How do property manager’s deal with hiring multiple lawn care guys and keep up with when services are due and how much is owed? Luckily, there’s help to take care of lawn care tasks out there! Whether you are needing the grass mowed in Antoich, Tn or needing lawn care in Orlando, Florida, GreenPal is here to help.

GreenPal makes finding lawn care easy by connecting homeowner’s with prescreened lawn care professionals. Users list a lawn, review the bids, and pick a GreenPal—all from their computer or mobile device. More importantly, for realtors and property managers, GreenPal’s new Enterprise dashboard having several different properties mowed can be easily managed from one hand held device. Difficulties on last minute mowings and keeping tabs on lawn care completion are things of the past. This multiple property feature has been integrated to GreenPal with realtors and property managers in mind—making your life easier.

We do the vetting—GreenPal takes the time to ensure that every lawn care professional using the platform owns commercial grade equipment, shares valid references, and provides pictures of past work. GreenPal also takes the time to interview each and every future vendor personally before approving them to use the system. This allows GreenPal to better understand if said vendor will be a good fit for the platform and to ensure every lawn care pro knows what is expected from each and every mow.

We make the scheduling easy—At the touch of a button, realtors and property managers are able to pick the day a yard needs to be mowed and also add appointments for multiple properties. Adding any appointments will automatically populate into the chosen vendor’s calendars informing them they have a lawns to mow, thus, eliminating wasting time calling around to ask whether or not vendors can mow a property. GreenPal’s Enterprise dashboard makes it easy to toggle among all of the different properties allowing you to manage each one separately—all under one account.

We make paying very easy—Upon completion, the chosen vendor will send a time-stamped photo after the lawn has been mowed informing the realtor or property manager that work has been completed. Great, however, prior to GreenPal, paying your lawn care pro could be just as frustrating as finding a new one. No more leaving a check under the mat for a lawn care professional. With the touch of a button, GreenPal safely ensures that a customer only pays after each mow—no more confusion on what property has been serviced or which vendor needs to be paid. Thanks to the platform, gone are the days of sending a check or meeting up with your lawn guy for payment.

GreenPal’s Enterprise dashboard aims at alleviating the frustrations of finding a reliable lawn guy, the confusion of scheduling with various properties, and the complexity of paying multiple vendors for different properties. By using GreenPal’s Enterprise platform, you can rest assured that your time can be spent on more important aspects of growing and maintaining your business.   

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About The Author

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