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Juan's Landscape Lawn Services in Harvey, IL

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Every lawn care project in Harvey requires the right tools for the job. But not every yard maintenance company in the city is prepared for what may come about. Our team at Juan’s Landscape is different, as we always focus on completing the job right the first time around. The thorough support that we provide ensures your yard receives the help it deserves.

Juan’s Landscape is a local company devoted to serving homes and businesses around Harvey by supporting their lawn care needs. We operate about a block north of the Little Calumet River in the northern end of Harvey.

Our workers know that every property in Harvey could be seen by hundreds or thousands of people every day. People might see your yard while traveling on the Metra Electric line every day. Perhaps you have another property on 159th Street or another of the busy commercial roads in the city. Whatever the case may be, we at Juan’s Landscape will see that your yard receives the help it deserves.

Our experts at Juan’s Landscape can cover all your lawn care needs. We can start by mowing your grass. We use simple and effective lawnmowers that will not tear up your grass bed. We will regularly sharpen our blades to ensure a clean cut every time. You won’t see lots of stains all around your yard either, as we will clean off the mower after each mowing task. You’ll find many grass types around Harvey, and it can be annoying when they mix. We’ll clean our mowing equipment to ensure this hassle doesn’t become a problem.

We will also edge the grass around your driveway, your patio, and other places that a mower cannot reach. We will edge all of these features to keep your yard looking clean and fresh all around.

We will blow off all the grass clippings from your property after we finish. We’ll clean them all off and also remove any grass stains from your driveway or fence.

Our landscape maintenance service will also ensure your trees and shrubs remain beautiful. We can shape your bushes and other features. We will also identify weeds and other unwanted growths and remove them without hurting any parts of your lawn or landscape.

We also provide a winter service where we can clean off your yard and de-ice your driveway. You can hire us to remove snow from your landscape, your sidewalk, and your trees. We’ll ensure the snowfall where you are isn’t going to add lots of weight around your property.

We at Juan’s Landscape are here to give your yard in Harvey the best lawn in the city. You can reach us by phone today to schedule a time for a free estimate. We are available throughout the week, and you’ll never have to pay for any of our travel expenses. We want to be there for your yard, no matter how minor or elaborate your lawn maintenance plans are.


BJ's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Harvey, IL

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You can trust the work of BJ’s Lawn Care for your property in the Harvey area. BJ Schmidt and the rest of the team here at BJ’s Lawn Care will ensure you have the support you need for your yard. We love covering yards throughout Harvey, and we’re able to serve you with everything you may require for your property.

Our yard maintenance professionals at BJ’s Lawn Care can serve you with a thorough year-round effort. We will work on everything from mowing your lawn in the summer to cleaning snow off of your yard in the winter.

Our landscaping service will provide your yard in Harvey with the best decorative look around. We can work on your yard by trimming the bushes and edging the shrubs near your property. We will clean up all the leaves, branches, and other forms of debris that remains in the work effort.

You can ask us about installing a new stone layer or border around your landscape. We can also supply you with a groundcover material for your garden bed. We can provide fresh soil, pine straw, or whatever else of interest to you.

Our work efforts include a full aeration service where we remove plugs from your yard, thus reducing soil compaction. We can complete the aeration process a few times every year.

All of these services cover homeowners around all parts of Harvey. We can also work on lawns in Phoenix and other small communities throughout the Harvey area. You will not have to spend any extra on travel charges.

We at BJ’s Lawn Care can also help you with your commercial property. Businesses on Wood Street and other roads around Harvey have yards that need extra care. We can arrive at your business site before you open for the day. We’ll trim your grass and other landscape features. We’ll see that your bushes don’t crowd your windows and doors. We will clean everything we leave off before your customers and other workers can arrive for the start of the day. We’ll see that everything for your business is ready before it opens.

We appreciate having the opportunity to serve home and business owners around Harvey. Our customers love us for how prompt we are and for how we always serve their needs. But the thing people love about us the most is that we won’t compromise on quality, nor are we going to make people spend more money on services than what they can afford. We will always be upfront over how much it would cost to hire us for work. We don’t want to surprise anyone, which is a real change when you consider how many other businesses in Harvey operate.

You will enjoy how our team at BJ’s Lawn Care can assist you with all your yard maintenance needs. You will appreciate having the best lawn in Harvey, thanks to the work we can provide.


Ray Kays Lawn Service Lawn Services in Harvey, IL

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Have you considered the many intricacies that go into your yard in Harvey? You’ve got many things that will impact how lawn grows. The quality of your soil, the grass type at your property, how much shade your yard receives, and how often it rains can all play their parts. But it’s not easy for people to find information on what they can do for their yards on their own. You need a talented lawn care business in Harvey that knows what’s right.

That’s where we at Ray Kays Lawn Service come in handy. Ray Kenny and the folks at Ray Kays will give your yard the help it needs with growing and looking its best.

Every yard has specific needs that require attention. A lawn on the Dixie Highway would have plenty of trees that need extra care. Yards near Phoenix and other commercial centers have smaller grass beds, but they can also become compacted if they don’t receive enough care and attention. Our work will check on what makes your turf bed tick. We’ll find a plan for work that fits your needs after we start working.

We’ll start by checking on how well your soil feels. We can test the ground, plus we can aerate the turf bed. Aeration will loosen your land, as it can become compacted from all that foot traffic over time. The aeration effort will allow water and oxygen to enter your turf, not to mention it can promote the growth of new grass leaves. You can ask us about adding new seeds to your yard during the aeration process as well.

We will also note how well your grass is growing and find a plan for mowing. We’ll record the appropriate height for cutting and how well a mowing pattern can come about in our work. Our team uses quality electric mowing equipment, not to mention we always keep our mowers clean.

We will also sharpen our mower blades before each task. The cutting blade in a mower can become dull after a while, what with it going through plenty of thick grass leaves and occasionally coming across small leaves. A rough cut will harm your grass and create an uneven trim. By keeping everything sharp, our team will ensure your yard doesn’t experience lots of fatigue.

All of the work here at Ray Kays Lawn Service will see that there are no issues with how well your yard looks. We also work with some of the most affordable rates for lawn care service in Harvey. You can ask us about what we charge before we start. We can also plan a suitable rate schedule based on what fits your plans and what you can afford to spend.

We will provide your yard in Harvey with all the care it deserves. You deserve the best possible lawn in Harvey, and we at Ray Kays Lawn Service will take care of it all for you.


Dependable Lawn Care Lawn Services in Harvey, IL

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Thank you for considering us at Dependable Lawn Care for your yard maintenance needs in Harvey. We are available to serve homeowners in Harvey and other parts of Cook and Will Counties. You can ask us for help with your home or business property, including support for removing snow or ice from your area.

We have been serving homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area for more than thirty years. We focus on a simple approach to landscape maintenance that entails providing tailored programs to each of our clients. Every landscape and yard is distinct in some way, and this point can especially be valid in Harvey. From the open yards up north near Thorntown Township High School to the tree-laden paths down south near Barack Obama Elementary School, lawns around Harvey are different in many ways.

We provide a thorough yard care effort for all homes in Harvey. We can start by mowing your lawn every week. We can schedule a specific time every week for service, although we can also adjust that timeframe depending on the weather conditions in the area and how wet or dry your yard can become. We’ll trim your lawn every week and edge the ends every other week. Don’t forget that we’ll clear out all the old clippings after we finish.

We also offer a commercial lawn care service for business properties, multi-family residences, and more. We can fertilize your turf, remove weeds, and edge and trim all your landscape features. You can ask about scheduling a time for services that fit the needs of both you and whoever else is at your property.

We’ll also help you remove snow from your yard during the winter season. We can plow your sidewalk, driveway, and parking lot. We use different trucks, blowers, and other items that may work depending on the size of your plot of land.

We serve commercial yards on Maxwell Street and other critical business routes. You can ask us to arrive before your customers and employees arrive. We are very flexible over when we can come and serve your lawn maintenance needs.

Our work at Dependable Lawn Care is all about quality, but it’s also about value. We want to provide you with a rate for services for your budget. You can ask us about what it would cost for services before we start. We can let you know what it costs for specific tasks. You will only spend money on what you request us to complete at your yard, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the help you’re looking for without worry.

Our efforts at Dependable Lawn Care are all about giving your yard the care and support it needs. You can request a free estimate by contacting us at You can also reach us for services by phone. We would love to hear from you about what you’re looking for regarding your property.

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Juan’s Landscape has helped me with my yard even as my budget tightens. I haven’t had as much work as of late, so it’s hard for me to pay for some of my expenses in East Hazel Crest. But the team at Juan’s Landscape was more than happy to help me with finding a suitable plan that works for my budget. They were able to provide a service that offers plenty of things for me, from mowing my lawn to shaping my bushes. They let me know what it would cost before they started, and it turned out that it was a rate it could afford.

Jimmy Potter lawn service in Harvey IL
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BJ and everyone else at BJ’s Lawn Care was very kind and supportive of my yard maintenance needs. It takes a while for me to travel from my home on 155th Street to the Loop for work, so having someone who can serve my lawn helps. They arrive when I am out at work, and they let me know when they start and finish. They clean up after they finish cutting the grass. The people here always respect my needs and are never overly rough. They take their time when caring for my yard.

Kristen Ainsworth grass cutting in Harvey IL
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I haven’t had as much success in caring for my yard on Robey Street myself, but the people at Ray Kays Lawn Service have been more than capable of supporting me. I used to mow the lawn myself, and I always seemed to kill off a few parts of the grass. But the people at Ray Kays have cut everything without hurting a single bit of grass. My yard isn’t growing lots of weeds, not to mention the lawn is green once again. I appreciate how well the people at Ray Kays have been serving my yard.

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lawn-maintenance-in-Harvey-IL cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Harvey-IL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Harvey-IL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Harvey-IL lawn-care-services-in-Harvey-IL

I haven’t had the time to mow my lawn on 167th Street since I had an injury a while ago. I had to hire a lawn mowing company to assist me with the work at hand. The people at Dependable Lawn Care were more than happy to serve my yard. They were very prompt in coming over, and they also cut the lawn to the correct height. They produced a mowing pattern that looks beautiful and even, and the grass hasn’t been crushed or flattened from the mower. The work they provided was complete, and I am glad that they were able to do things right the first time around.