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Sprinkler Secrets: Ways to Conserve Water with a Sprinkler System

Look, saving water is more important than ever. Of course, there are ways to help your lawn survive a drought, but saving water in the first place is a good way to prevent some water shortages. This infographic from the EPA shows some great ways to save water in your lawn this summer!

How many gallons of water do people use to care for their lawns a day?

This is shocking, but 9 billion gallons of water are used for residential use every day. Most of this is used for caring for our landscapes. So needless to say, there is a lot of room for cutting down on water usage.

What are some ways that I can save water in the lawn?

Apart from regular lawn care (i.e. aeration, de-thatching, fertilizing etc.) keeping your grass longer helps the lawn retain water. 3 inches is generally a good height to leave your grass at for it to get optimal water retention. 

How can I see if the lawn needs to be watered?

It’s simple, step on it. If it springs back up, it doesn’t need more water today. However, if it lays flat it likely needs water. 

Tune-up Your Sprinkler System 

Get this, one broken sprinkler head can waste up to 25,000 gallons in a 6 month period. That is $90 or more per leaking head. Be sure to keep your irrigation tuned up to cut back on your water usage. 

What is the best controller for saving water with my sprinkler system?

When you purchase a controller for your sprinkler system, look for the WaterSense Logo. This logo means the controller meets EPA standards. These controllers can save up to 15% of the water you would have used. This means a savings of nearly 8,800 gallons!

If you are looking to cut back on water usage in your landscape, look no further than this great infographic. Be sure to share it with your friends and family so we can all work together to cut back on our water usage. 

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